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Grilled Malibu Chicken

Ever wonder how long the restaurant Sizzler has been around? Not really, well I’m going to tell you anyway. Since 1958. Dwight D. Eisenhower was in his second term as the 34th President of the United States. A 14-year-old Bobby Fischer took the United States Chess Championship. “Gigi” won the Academy Award for Best Picture. The […]

Hurricane Vase

I love the Fall, the cooler evenings, crisp cold air and being able to wear “layers”. The best part of Fall….. the  COLORS. We live at the base of the Sierra Mountains about an hour from Tahoe. I LOVE seeing all the leaves on the trees and all over my lawn. Time for soup, football and […]

Welcome Guest Basket

I love having guests stay in our home. I love the food, conversations, games and laughter. We are fortunate to have family and friends stop by and stay on a fairly regular basis. For years I’ve told myself I’m going to get organized and make a “guest” box with everything I need for overnight guests. Towels, shampoo and conditioner, […]

Ziploc Bag Packing

This is one pin I was really excited to try. But first I have to laugh at the difference between boys and girls. Laurie’s picture is full of pink, ruffles and pearls. Thank you Laurie from Tip Junkie for this great pin. My picture is all boy, grey, blue, red and bold stripes. This was a trip we took to Utah for our daughter’s graduation from […]

Martha Stewart’s Mac & Cheese

Who doesn’t love a great pan of macaroni and cheese? This was another of the “hard” foods to give up going GF.  So I went on a quest looking for that “perfect” recipe. I must say that Martha doesn’t disappoint on this one. This makes a TON of mac-and-cheese. Even with our family (5) we still had plenty of leftovers. Which […]

Clean your toilet with Coke?

Spoiler Alert! Just wanted to “alert” you that after reading this post, it may “spoil” your appetite.  We are going to be talking toilets ladies!  Now there are some fun ways to clean a toilet out there on pinterest – the majority of them being with vinegar and baking soda. But I was really intrigued […]

Ruth’s Diners Mile High Biscuits

When my family was younger, my children thought that family dinner was meant to be eaten in the car.  I mean with all of the taxiing around for dance lessons, singing lessons, cheer, church, ASB, sports, show choir etc., we were always catching a meal on the run!  Okay, so maybe I am exaggerating just […]

Pear Pancetta Crisps With Goat Cheese and Honey

Pear Pancetta Crisps With Goat Cheese and Honey Goat cheese is not something that I have tried myself or given to my family. So I thought this pin would be a good chance to expand our culinary palates. Everyone in our house LOVES pears and LOVES bacon. Since we all have a sweet tooth I […]

Bleach Pen TeeShirts

When I first started on Pinterest, this was one of the first things I remember pinning. HOW CUTE ARE THESE BLEACH PEN TEESHIRTS?  So this summer, while vacationing in Newport Beach, CA., I planned on making this for one of our daily crafts. I picked up our teeshirts from Kohl’s ($7.99) and the bleach pens from Wal-Mart […]

Spiral Hot Dogs

Who doesn’t go through the summer without having a barbecue? My son got married on Aug. 17th and with the many family and friends that were here to celebrate his upcoming marital bliss, (marital bliss….is that an oxymoron?  Not even going there!) a barbecue seemed just in order.  What a better time than to try […]