Oven baked eggs?


I’ve been married awhile. A long while.  32 years as a matter of fact.  And there are certain things that I have around the house that I don’t realize are equally as old.  UNTIL I SEE SOMEONE ELSE’S STUFF!

Take cupcake pans for instance.  I didn’t really realize how old my cupcake pans were until I read about this pin.  AND SAW THE  PANS.  They were totally probably bought  just for the  blog post because I don’t want to admit that other people have lovely kitchens with beautiful lovely cupcake pans just laying around in their beautiful, lovely cupboards.  {{total cupcake pan envy}}

The proof is in the pan:This did bring back a memory that happened just recently.  A couple of months ago, my youngest daughter and I were at my future daughter-in-law’s bridal shower.  As I sat there and looked at all of the fresh, new, clean items that she was receiving, I was thinking that people who have been married awhile should have a “freshen things up  shower”!  And kind of mumbling under my breath, I whispered to my daughter…”I need a shower.”  She looked at me with an absolute horrified expression and said “Mom!!  You didn’t take a shower this morning?!?!”  Why would she say such a thing to me when she knows darn well that I take a shower every single day?



So on to the “pin”!  After reading a fabulous blog post on The Burlap Bag, with my old cupcake pan in hand, my eggs entered the oven.  Now the cleanliness of my oven is another story and we’ll deal with that later.

After baking at 350° for the half hour as directed, I then removed the eggs and deposited them in the cold, ice water.

Now it came time to peel the eggs.  Supposedly the shell is supposed to come off amazingly well and you end up with perfectly smooth eggs.  Mmm…didn’t quite happen.   I did have two eggs that came out like this:

Don’t worry. The original post said that sometimes you get little brown spots when you bake these and they are okay.

But the majority of my eggs came out like this:

All in all, this was a fun alternative as a “one time” try.  But since I have the same results as when I boil the eggs (I also put them in cold water after boiling) I would probably not do this again but that’s okay.  Sometimes it’s alright to do things the old fashioned way.  Kinda like me.  And my cupcake pans.

Sorry to say but for me…This Pin Flopped!



  1. Haha. I will need to get you new cupcake pans!

  2. That’s funny about the shower comment because I always tell my hubby we should divorce and remarry so I can get new towels!!

  3. I’ve been married 22 years and I agree, we should start a new trend. We could call it a “You’ve made it this far” refreshing bridal shower.
    I love your blog and you Pinterest boards! Thanks for sharing, I’ve always wondered if these things really work.

    • Angie…I’m with you! I love your idea of a “You’ve made it this far” refresher shower! One of the first things that I would ask for? New kitchen towels! Thanks for stopping by. Deb

  4. Angie,
    I just found your blog and it is interesting. Thank you for trying out stuff you see on Pinterest. I wonder whether this method of cooking eggs resulted in fewer cracked egg shells. I’m thinking Easter egg decorating…

  5. Angie! So glad you found us! I have to admit I didn’t have one egg crack as sometimes happens when boiling. I think it would be a great method for Easter eggs. Good thinking! Deb

  6. I try giving my In-Laws new towels, frying pans and cookie sheets. At least my mother-in-law uses them, but my father in law-nope they stay packaged and shoved away somewhere. We will probably find them when he is dead. I like to give practical gifts during the holidays-what else do you get someone that already has and gets anything-but they can use a bit of the everyday things replaced sometimes.

    • Hi Patty! So can I be one of your in-laws?? What a thoughtful gift to give…I would LOVE it! New dish towels? Heaven!


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