Bleach Pen TeeShirts

Have you ever pinned this?

When I first started on Pinterest, this was one of the first things I remember pinning. HOW CUTE ARE THESE?  So this summer, while vacationing in Newport Beach, CA., I planned on making this for one of our daily crafts.

I picked up our teeshirts from Kohl’s ($7.99) and the bleach pens from Wal-Mart ($3.19) and we were ready!

You will definitely need to put something inside your shirt so that the bleach doesn’t bleed through to the back of the shirt.  We just used the plastic Wal-Mart bag and that worked just fine.

On our laptop, we pulled up multiple pins on Pinterest of different designs that we could copy.  Everyone decided on their design and we were off.

The first mistake that we made was that we didn’t shake the Bleach Pen before we used it.  If you don’t do this, then the first squirts of bleach comes out real runny and bleeds into your teeshirt fabric.  Darn Number One!  Even though this was a mistake, the design that we made this mistake on turned out okay.  It almost looked like it was intentional!  Phew!  Dodged a bullet on that one!

We totally free handed our designs by just looking at the samples on Pinterest and gingerly applied the bleach to our shirts.  It only took 20-30 minutes before it looked ready (we peeked and looked on the inside of the shirt) and then we went to wash off the bleach.

Second Mistake.

When you wash the bleach off, it kinda comes off in blobs.  I was the first one to wash my shirt off and I didn’t watch to make sure that the bleach blobs washed off quickly and some of the blobs settled in another area of my shirt and just for those few, quick seconds, it made little bleach dots on my shirt. Can you see them on the right?  Darn Number Two!

After seeing my mistake, everyone else did a great job at washing their bleach off with no further casualties.

Look how cute my daughter’s sun came out!

This is a GREAT craft for teens and I think even younger children could do this pretty easily.

Thank you “Show Tell Share” for a REALLY FUN PIN!

This Pin Rocks!



  1. Bernice Reed says:

    So excited that I just found your site!!!! It’s great and I look forward to your daily emails coming. Though I am a lifelong crafter, I search pinterest every day for new ideas. I love to change mediums….cookie pins may become clay items or be cut from wood, cards can become the basis for ornaments or wall hangings. I love to look at things for what they can be instead of just what they are. Sharing makes crafting more fun!

  2. Hi, thanks for the tips! But can you tell me how to wash off the bleach carefully to avoid mistake number # 2?

    • Hi JB! The first time around, I just pretty much put the whole teeshirt underneath the faucet which I think was what caused the blobs to settle on other parts of the shirt. When I did it again, I just washed small areas at a time and carefully watched where the bleach blobs were floating. Hope that helps! Deb – The Oldest

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