Clean your toilet with Coke?

Spoiler Alert! Just wanted to “alert” you that after reading this post, it may “spoil” your appetite.  We are going to be talking toilets ladies!  Now there are some fun ways to clean a toilet out there on pinterest – the majority of them being with vinegar and baking soda. But I was really intrigued with a pin that I saw that would be even easier than that.  Cleaning your toilet with Coke!  What could be easier than that?

After reading the oh-so-not-complicated directions on wikiHow, my coke goes into the basin.  In the original instructions, it said to leave for an hour but for “extra cleaning power” leave overnight.  Once again.  How is easy is this?  Coke goes in.  I go to bed.  THIS IS MY KINDA CLEANING!

In the morning, I was giddy thinking about being able to flush this toilet and have it be sparkling clean!  Darn. I knew “giddiness” couldn’t last forever.  Here are my before and after pictures.  Now before you look at this,  I am going to raise my right hand in the air with my left hand on the bible and swear that I allowed this toilet to get these hard water stains just for the purpose of this post and that our commodes NEVER get like this. EVER. Okay I feel better.Does it look to you like the second picture is WORSE????  Yeah, me too.  I’m pretty sure the hard water deposits soaked up the coke color and made the ring worse.   Definitely NOT MY KINDA CLEANING.   And such good Coke gone to waste. Sigh…

So this pin unfortunately is receiving a   This Pin Flopped!



  1. Hunny Kidd says:

    My heart is so broken. But I completely understand the need to clean. I have one for you…
    We inherited my “DIVORCED/NEVER RE-MARRIED” father-in-law’s house. The shower was… There are no words. A friend told me to use Clorox toilet bowl cleaner on the shower tiles to remove all the mold, mildew, hard-water stains, and soap scum. I thought “surely you jest!” But after lathering it on and leaving it for two hours, my mourning turned to dancing. I now have a white shower.
    Just thought I would share.

    • Dear Hunny, Oh my. I am using my imagination about your shower. So glad to hear about your tip though. Will file that away for future disasters! Thanks for stopping by! Deb

  2. Melanie says:

    Worked about as well as letting a piece of magic eraser float in mine over night. NOT.

    • Hi Melanie! Good to know. Guess I won’t be trying that one either!! hahaha I guess there is going to be no easy way to clean the toilet…..ugh! Deb – The Oldest Sister

  3. Glad I found this post… I have been having a tough time with the stains in my toilet and thought this AM that I might as well try the coke ‘trick’… now I won’t bother and will save time and money! (Soda where I live is very expensive.)

    • Hi Rae! Yeah, it didn’t work for me. And I even tried it twice. I’ve come to the conclusion that if something says it’s easy to clean a toilet, it’s probably too good to be true and I’m going to just have to put some elbow grease into it. Darn it! Deb – The Oldest Sister

  4. Use a Pumie stone on the ring! I did it on mine and they are sparkling! :) Good thing is that it’s dirt cheap, like $1.88 for the bar at Walmart that you can use again and again.

  5. Ms Pamplin says:

    Pour bleach into the toilet and let it sit as long as necessary…even overnight. Also can be used on the shower. No scrubbing just rinse.


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