Spiral Hot Dogs

Who doesn’t go through the summer without having a barbecue? My son got married on Aug. 17th and with the many family and friends that were here to celebrate his upcoming marital bliss, (marital bliss….is that an oxymoron?  Not even going there!) a barbecue seemed just in order.  What a better time than to try out making these Spiral Hot Dogs that I pinned on Pinterest from caramelpotatoescom!

Have you ever looked at something and thought….”Ooooh, I can do this!” But failed to read the instructions all the way through before starting? {{Me raising my hand high in the air}}

What I missed reading in Kyra’s instructions was this:
Note:  Just use the regular sized hot dogs – once you spiral them they fit in the bun perfectly!
Instead I came home from Costco with these:
These babies are BIG! And when you spiral them, they get even longer but we were hungry so these were going to have to do.
 Now following Kyra’s instructions carefully, we inserted the wood skewer into the hot dog. We then held the knife at a slight angle and cut down to the skewer as we rolled the hot dog away from us.
On our first attempt, we didn’t make the cuts quite close enough together to get that great spiral look.
But after trying again, the result was much better.
With the spiral cut, these hot dogs cook  beautifully on the grill giving them a nice, crunchy edge. Basting them with BBQ sauce was the finishing touch and these were a big hit with our family.
Next time though, we will use regular size hot dogs so they don’t hang out of the buns like this:
This was a WAY FUN thing to do at our BBQ and we will definitely be doing this again!
Verdict?  This Pin Rocks!


  1. Debbie – I and loving your post! You’d really need some jumbo size buns for those Costco dogs – LOL!! I’m so glad you enjoyed them. My family really loves them. PS — Love your blog. What a great concept. You never know if all the amazing things on Pinterest will really work out…

    • Kyra, thanks so much for stopping by! Our blog is just getting started but we are having so much fun! My family loved the hot dogs and it will be a new family favorite but next time with either smaller hot dogs or bigger buns! haha We will definitely be back to your site to grab some more of your amazing recipes. Thanks!


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