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S’mores Banana Bread

When I first saw this pin on Picky-Palate, I was immediately intrigued! So did I want to make this?  H to the Heck YEAH!  What could be better than to have a layer of CHOCOLATE inside some banana bread? And as Jenny states in her recipe, it’s all made in one bowl so little to […]

Free Christmas Card Printables

I have a friend who mails his Christmas Cards out the day after Thanksgiving.  I am expecting mine any day.   I don’t know how he does it though now that I think about it, he’s probably addressing the cards while his wife is cooking the Thanksgiving dinner.  I hope he at least helps her […]

Soft Almond Cookies

It is a Sunday afternoon and the sky is the color of wet cement, hinting at some possible showers today.  It will be a quiet day. Normally our children and their spouses/friends/roommates show up for sometimes the only and best homecooked meal of their week but today everyone has other plans. So because I am […]

Free Christmas Advent Calendar

It’s official, now that Thanksgiving is done the Christmas season has begun! I’m one of those people who LOVES all things Christmas. I can’t seem to get enough of it. One favorite of mine is advent calendars. I decided to do a advent calendar round-up, below you will find 31 (yes 31!) ideas with free […]

Hot Chocolate Dippers

I love chocolate in almost any form! So using a “Hot Chocolate Dipper” that will add more chocolate to my hot cocoa sounds great to me! Another reason I like these “dippers” is they are gluten free. Thanks to you Brandy from The Moody Fashionista for her tutorial on how to make these. The holidays can […]

Lush & Sophisticated Garland

Monday morning. If you are like me you are finishing up your last minute shopping, cleaning and preparing for Thanksgiving. Our family will start arriving Tuesday night. I’m so excited to have our daughter and son-in-law home, I can hardly stand myself! Kaitlynn, our oldest, is expecting our first grandchild in May and I can’t […]

FREE Thanksgiving Coloring Pages Printable

I can feel Christmas coming and that’s okay with me, however I love to enjoy every holiday to the fullest and am looking forward to Thanksgiving.  So I immediately re-pinned this when I saw it on Pinterest.  Who doesn’t have a “kids” table set aside from the “grown-up” table during Thanksgiving dinner?  I thought this […]

Burlap Wreath

For the longest time I wondered what all the fuss is about with using burlap. That of course is because I had never used it before. My first project to have burlap was my Welcome Guest Basket. That’s when I had my big “Ahhhh”! moment. I now buy my burlap on sale at Hobby Lobby […]

Sugar Cone Cornucopia

How do people work full-time and prepare for a wedding?  My last daughter is getting married on Dec. 22, 2012.  Yes you read that right.  If you look at the calendar you will realize that this is the Saturday BEFORE CHRISTMAS.  Nothing like putting my Christmas season into a tail spin. And needless to say […]

Water Bottle Spout

Today I am coming out of the closet.  I am baring my soul and confessing that I am not a recycler, re-user or re-purposer.  I really want to be.  I truly care about our environment, love nature and want to be frugal by recycling, re-using and re-purposing.  But for some reason I don’t do as […]