Mississippi Roast

Sundays are a good crockpot day for me.  I love finding a great recipe to cook in my crockpot, dumping the ingredients in the morning, smelling the aroma all day of a great meal that I know is to come and then enjoying it for Sunday dinner.  Sometimes I will take the lid off my crockpot just to make sure the scrumptious smells waft as far as they can throughout the house.  I want as many people in our home to smell the smell and think about how hard I am slaving away in the kitchen.  NOT!  Gotta love crockpots!


So when I went looking for a crockpot recipe, my eye caught this one that I pinned.  Mississippi Roast from A perfectly lovely ordinary day.  But what challenged me was the comment “I won’t make a roast any other way now!”  How can I not rise to the bait of THAT?


Gathering up my ingredients, I was off to “slave in the kitchen”. {wink, wink}  A chuck roast, a stick of butter, a package of Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing and a  package of McCormick’s Au Jus. The recipe did call for some pepperoncini’s but most people in my family don’t care for those, so I omitted that from the recipe. If you would like to add them, you purchase them in a jar and lay them on top of your roast after the butter in this recipe. Now, my crockpot is a little seasoned (old).  But I refuse to get a new one because it cooks better than other crockpot I have ever owned.  So you might be a little confused when you see my crockpot because looks unlike most others.  I love it because I can take the cooking part right off the base and serve as is.  It is a cinch to clean.  So if you happen to see a crockpot like this, I would recommend picking one up for me.  I mean….you.

On to the recipe.  Lay chuck roast in crock pot and sprinkle the whole package of Ranch Dressing on top: Next sprinkle the whole package of McCormick’s Au Jus on top of that.  I know. Don’t break a sweat. Here comes the hardest part of all.  Lay a stick of butter on top. I had to sit down after that last instruction.   So much exertion. Now here is where if you’d like some pepperoncini’s, you would lay them on top around the stick of butter. Put your lid on and cook on low for 7-8 hours.

Now go take a nap and wait for the aroma to start wafting around the kitchen. Because when you wake up, you will be presented a wonderful roast that will look like this:

Now just add some mashed potatoes and gravy and Sunday dinner will be demolished.

This roast was a tad bit salty but it didn’t stop one person one tiny bit.  Maybe next time, I won’t use salted butter.  Because there definitely WILL be a next time.

This Pin Rocks!


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  1. Our family loves roast and we use the Au Jus too! Gives it a wonderful flavor. We love to also add onion soup mix, green and red bell peppers and onion. Delish! Like you, I’ve got a crock pot that is 23 years old (that we got at our wedding reception) that I refuse to give up–for sentimental reasons and if it still works, why replace it? :) The roast looks scrumptious–the butter sounds like a delicious addition.

    • So we both have “old” crockpot awesomeness? I knew there was a reason I adore you! We had no leftovers of this yesterday so it was a big hit!

      • Had my crockpot since 1981,love it .Made like yours.Use it for so many dishes.And I will surely try this recipe….Sounds like a great and simple one we use in Ms,,Thanks…. ps and gonna try frenchbread recipe to go with it…….

        • Grace, don’t you just love that crockpot? I actually have two exactly the same so if one breaks I still have one. I will never give it up!! Thanks for stopping by and the french bread is killer! Deb

  2. That looks really yum!!! I am all about anything I can put in my crock pot.

  3. Just saw this post and thought I would mention the peppers add this amazing bit of flavor that really takes this roast to the next level, you do not have to eat the peppers but you really should try the recipe with them included!

    • I ditto adding the pepperoncini peppers. Found Vlasic brand, 12 oz jar in the pickled pickles sectio. I bought mild too. I had ranch dip on hand so not sure how it is using dressing but this roast recipe is super moist seasoned amazing. Unsalted butter for sure. Two Thumbs up. Way UP!!

      • Hi Dakota! I’ve had a couple of comments that I should have added the pepperoncini peppers and I have now found them in my local grocery store so it is definitely on the menu for next time! Thanks for stopping by. Deb – The Oldest Sister

  4. Mindy! Aaaccckk! Should I try the peppers? Okay, you’ve convinced me. I’ll be brave and try these next time!

  5. Made this with a large Boston butt roast. Delish!

    • Hi Rita! {squealing with delight} I am so happy to hear that this worked out for you! And thanks for stopping by and letting us know. It made my day!


  6. I’m actually cooking this now I couldn’t find the recommended peppercinis so I opted for one spicy pepper found in the produce section – I hope it still turns out ok !

    • You know what Robin? I couldn’t find the peppercinis either so I just used canned jalapenos and it was still YUMMY! Very moist. I’d love to hear how this turns out for you! Deb – The Oldest

      • Ohmygoodness! It’s amazing ! I’m so glad I stumbled across this the other day!! Kid tested too my two boys (10- 7) can be a pain and they devoured it !! Thanks !! Def making this again and good to know that any pepper works!! :)

        • {squealing with delight} Oh I am so glad that you liked it! I’ve made it quite a few times since I pinned it and it’s turned out every time. You’re right…def a keeper! Deb


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