Berries and Cream Fruit Salad

My hubby loves berries.  And I love creamy things.  It’s no wonder that I was immediately interested when I saw this recipe from Becoming Betty.  Four easy ingredients: Frozen berries, a tub of cool whip, a small package of Jello Cheesecake instant pudding and a large carton of vanilla yogurt. Before I go any further, I must profess that I am a discriminating yogurt consumer.  I don’t really care for the store brand yogurt and my favorite yogurt of all is The Greek God’s Vanilla Honey Yogurt as seen in the picture above.  This stuff is downright addicting and  provides a luxurious yogurt experience.  So when I saw that I needed a tub of vanilla yogurt, there was no question what I would be buying.  I don’t know how this recipe will taste if you use a regular vanilla yogurt, but I would definitely recommend using The Greek God’s yogurt for this recipe!


Mix your berries into your cool whip.Add your yogurt then sprinkle in the Cheesecake instant pudding. Mix well.This tasted like manna from heaven.  And to quote my husband while at the dinner table last night “You know how some of your pins are flops and some pins rock?  Well, this pin rocks!”


Thanks for your support honey.   You’re a smart man.  Have another bite sweetie.

So from the hubster, This Pin Rocks!


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  1. Looks like we’re both on the berry path :). I love that Greek yogurt too. I only buy this or Chobani. Aren’t hubby’s great with their feedback? They can be very helpful. My husband is just starting to get interested in what I do because he loves to cook, too, only he’s too busy to do it. I’ll have to give this recipe a whirl.

  2. This is also excellent placed in plastic wrap lined loaf plans and frozen. I add miniature marshmallows!

    • Hi Sharon! I love the ideas of the cherries and marshmallows! This has quickly become a family favorite and freezing it is a GREAT idea. Thanks for stopping by and for the heads up! Deb

      • My grandma used to make the frozen version and I was only recently able to recreate that taste memory. It makes a really impressive dessert when frozen in the loaf pans and served as slices. I have also layered it with pound cake cubes in a trifle bowl. It’s such a nice versatile salad/dessert.

  3. Add sour pitted cherries for great flavor also!


  1. [...] Had I known about this fruit wash, I would not have lost nearly so many berries. It is so simple! Fill a large bowl of cool water. Then add vinegar. The Frugal Girls recommend a ratio of 10 cups to 1 cup. Jo-Anna at A Pretty Life fills her sink about half way and adds 1 cup vinegar as well. Let sit for about 10 minutes. You don’t have to rinse the fruit again. There will be no vinegar taste. Just dry and store your fruits. I can’t believe how long my berries lasted in the fridge. Over a week later, they were getting soft, but not a sign of mold. Great tip! This season, I can feel more confident loading up on fresh fruit. I think I will make some Berries and Cream Fruit Salad. [...]

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