Clean your Oven Glass


Another dirty little secret is being revealed today.  How many times do you share with others what the inside of your oven looks like?  I am going to tell our readers that I purposely let my oven glass get this dirty for the sake of this post.  Yep. That’s my story.  And I’m sticking with it. {{wink wink}}

There are quite a few pins out there with instructions on how to clean your oven glass.  They make it look and sound so easy. Right?  Right. The easiest one that I found used two ingredients.  Baking Soda and water.  Two ingredients to clean my glass?  I was all over that and set out to test this pin.

And now…(embarrassed sigh)….the picture of my oven glass:Taking my baking soda, the instructions said to add enough water to the baking to make a slightly runny paste and then smear it on your glass.  Like this:After leaving this on for 20-30 minutes, the instructions say that this will all easily wipe off.  Um… NOT.   I still had quite a bit of gunk left on my glass.  But not to worry!  The instructions also said that if there were any spots left over that they will easily scrub off with a pad.  Um….NOT.

I had to put enough elbow grease into it only seen by the likes of Rosie the Riveter

After putting some muscle into it, my oven glass did end up much better than in the beginning but took much more work than just “easily wiping off”.

So even though I got a fairly clean glass oven door from this, I would have to report that This Pin Flopped because it was so dang hard to clean!


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  1. Good to know! i was so excited and hopeful my rusty-old looking glass would look sparkling. Good ole oven cleaner would probably produce better results? Darn. And I purposely let my glass go bad just so I could use this recipe {wink, wink}. Thanks for trying it out and giving us the scoop! I should probably delete this pin from my pinboard. Shhhh, don’t tell.

  2. Jeni – haha You crack me up! Yes, I would definitely fall back upon the regular ole oven cleaner, unless you want biceps the size of Mt. Vesuvius!

  3. I tried that “recipe” too! Total flop! Good ole Brillo did the job! (Sorry! I should have warned you before you had to “let” your oven get so dirty!) (Wink wink!) :)

  4. This is making me feel way better that I’m not the only one. I walk by mine every day (I have a double-oven, so I look double-sloppy) and think that I need to clean them, but the last time I did, they were a mess again in…oh…about a DAY. Blah. The temperature is so high that it’s not like anything is living in there, and we’re not eating off of the oven surfaces, so I’m saying “oh well!” Thanks for the posts, love reading them.

  5. Dorene, I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one! But really? You let your oven glass get that dirty too? ( wink wink!)

  6. Hi Ali! You are definitely NOT the only one fer sure! And I’m with you, I say that none of our food is touching anything, so we’re good. Thanks for stopping by! Sure appreciate your kind words. Deb

  7. Oh no! I was hoping it would have worked because I was just reaching for my baking soda as I was reading your post! My oven door glass must be twins with yours…but you know the saying! “A dirty oven door is the sign of a GREAT cook”…okay, so I just made that up! I’ll have to try this anyway, with the help of my hubby because I don’t have muscles like Rosie! Thanks for the ‘Pin-Test’…okay I just made that one up too! lol!

  8. You’ve been featured! Thanks so much for sharing with me.

  9. When I clean my stove,oven and kitchen sink I always try and remember that in the kitchen there is grease build up almost every where,So a long time ago I done a test with Baking and a few drops of dish liquid,and make in to a paste,when applying to what surface that your cleaning use warm water and a sponge smear all over the surface let set a few minutes(5 or 10) the wash off with warm cloth. The dish soap helps cut the grease and the banking soda help sanitize and acts as a soft scrub.I always use this as well in my washroom for getting out that washroom smell I use lemon scent dish liquid and it works great.

  10. The recipe I saw had vinegar with it. Vinegar and baking soda-my go to cleaner. even for pencils and pens on the walls.


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