DIY – Clean your own make up brushes

Are there things that you do that might be a little embarrassing? {me raising my hand high in the air}  I have found that in creating posts for this blog that I am forced to confess some dirty little secrets.  Like my attempt to find a great and easy way to clean my toilets to get rid of the hard water deposits.  Check it out here. Or how about when I posted about how old and crusty my cookie sheets are in this post about hard boiled eggs?


And now I am revealing another deep dark secret.  About make up brushes.  Do you clean yours?  Have I cleaned mine?  Absolutely.  How dare you ask!  When have I cleaned mine?  Yesterday. For the first time. Ever.




I know.


But….NEVER again will it take me long to clean my own make up brushes.  After I read about all of the oils and bacteria that we re-apply back onto our faces from our brushes when they aren’t cleaned, I am on a course to wash them regularly.  And the great thing is….it’s so easy!


Taking my directions from The Beauty Book, all you need is dishwashing liquid, extra virgin olive oil and your brush or brushes.


And before I go any further can I just tell you how much I LOVE this makeup brush???  It is from Elizabeth Arden and it is my most favorite makeup accessory that I have.  When you brush this across your cheek, it is like angels from heaven coming down and fluttering their angel wings over your skin. Too flowery?  Yeah.  Gotcha.  But this brush seriously is my greatest daily luxury.  If you’re interested, you can purchase an Elizabeth Arden Face Powder Brush
just by clicking on the link.   Trust me, it’s worth the splurge.


Okay, on to being a little more clean and green! Pour 3 parts Antibacterial or Liquid Soap and 1 part Extra-Virgin Olive Oil on your plate or bowl.

Mix these two together until completely blended.  Then dip your brush in and swirl around while thoroughly saturating your brush. You will see the mixture froth up and some product from the brush begin to come out. See what I mean?  Yucky.

Next just run the brush under the tap water while moving the brush back and forth in your hand.


While under the water, take your hand and starting from the base of the brush hairs, gently squeeze downwards (you will see the product being forced out of the brush and land in the sink).  Continue until all product has been removed from your brush.


Prop your brush up in a cup or bowl to allow the bristles to dry.


The end result?  My brush looks like new and also feels like new.  And the best thing?  No more yucky!


I am so happy that This Pin Rocks!


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  1. I can’t see the other responses so don’t know if this has been mentioned, but it is important. Your final step is very wrong. You should never, ever put a wet brush with the handle lower than the hair. Always lay flat, preferably with hair hanging over the edge of a counter/table/etc. Doing what you show will ruin that expensive brush as water will get into the area where the hair is attached to the handle and weaken it.

    • Great tip! Thanks so much!

    • I was just about to comment saying the exact same thing. I’m a makeup artist and when I went to school, that was one of the first things they taught us about our brushes – never let water get into where the hair is glued, as it can loosen the glue & your handle can separate from the brush end.

      • Thanks so much for the tip and heads up. My brushes are expensive so I want them to last as long as possible! Deb

  2. Another product that works well in place of EVOO is conditioner.. Also, i do all my brushes the same day, tie together with a ponytail holder, clip the bundle on my vanity mirror, & allow to drop dry (bristles always down) overnight. Works like a charm every time and leaves them so soft and smelling so good!!!

  3. I just use rubbing alcohol to clean my brushes quickly. I learned this trick from a makeup artist on YouTube. You would think it would be drying, but after years of doing it, they look great, both natural and synthetic hair.

    If they are really dirty, I dip them brushes into the rubbing alcohol, for quick cleans I spray it on the brush and then swirl on a paper towel.

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