Refrigerator Water Tray Vinegar Cleaning Trick

Have you tried the vinegar trick? This is the question that nosy, know-it-all neighbor asks Owen’s parents in one of my favorite children’s books by Kevin Henkes. Owen is having trouble giving up his blankie and the neighbor suggests they soak it in vinegar so he won’t be able to stand the smell and will give it up without any coaxing from his parents.  Owen is too smart for that, and it doesn’t work. Lately, it seems vinegar does the trick for just about any cleaning job. It is a magic ingredient. Vinegar may not have solved Owen’s blankie problems but this vinegar trick will get your refrigerator water tray looking like new.

Do you have icky water stains on your refrigerator water dispenser tray? dirty water trayWell no more! Here is a quick and easy fix with just vinegar, dish soap and a brush.Water tray Cover_PhotoJust soak your dispenser tray in vinegar for 3-5 minutes.  Not jokin’, that is all it takes. Scrub with a brush and a small amount of dish soap.scrub water trayEasy peasy, you are done!  Wow! What a difference.clean water trayThis Pin Rocks!

Thank you to Embroitique for this refrigerator water tray cleaning trick.

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  1. Diana Rambles says:

    Great idea! My fridge needs it!

  2. Thanks for the tips! It is so much more environmentally friendly than the last way I cleaned the fridge! It was completely gross after we moved it across the country and I had to resort to exit mould, YUCK!

    Thanks for linking up to And Sew We Craft Together x

  3. WOW…I just tried this and it worked!!! I’ve had those water stains for about 10 years and couldn’t get rid of them no matter what I did! I kept telling my hubby to go online and order a new tray…but he never did! Now he doesn’t have to!!! My tray was harder to scrub than yours because the spaces in between the grooves were tighter. So I used a small pairing knife to scrape off the stains after soaking in the vinegar! I felt like a dental hygienist…lol! But it worked perfectly! Thank you sooooo much MFP! Here is my before and after picture…

  4. This is the trick I have always used to clean out my trays. It DOES work beautifully. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Awesome trick! I’m definitely trying that!


  1. [...] Made from Pinterest came up with a way to easily clean your refrigerator water tray, nice info to have!! [...]

  2. [...] Made from Pinterest came up with a way to easily clean your refrigerator water tray, nice info to have!! [...]