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Use a Heating Pad to Raise Dough in Half the Time!

  I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the smell of home baked bread of any kind! Then there is the taste of warm bread with butter slathered all over it, heaven! But, who has time for homemade bread? I know many of us have bread machine,s but I don’t always like the way the crust turns […]

Shaving Cream Marbled Easter Eggs

How many posts should I have on coloring Easter eggs the week before Easter? Eggsactly 2! Earlier this week I posted about Kool Aid colored Easter eggs, today is all about shaving cream colored eggs. It’s no wonder kids would love to color eggs this way. Shaving cream has such a soft fun feel. I […]

Biotin For Hair Growth

Ever noticed that few women want the hair they have? If it’s curly, they pay for a Brazilian Blowout to get it straight. If their hair is straight, they will get a perm so that it is curly or has more body. But what the heck are you supposed to do if you have been […]

Kool Aide Colored Easter Eggs

Two memories come to mind when I think of Kool Aid. Memory #1: Some person dressed as a pitcher of Kool Aid with really short arms, breaking through a wall to bring some kids a glass of Kool Aid. Memory #2: The slogan “only 1 cup of sugar” needed “half the amount of sugar in […]

DIY Marbled Flubber

I bet Dr. Bloom from the movie “The Absent Minded Professor” never imagined DIY Marbled Flubber! Although, I’m sure Professor Brainard from the movie “Flubber” would have loved it! “The Absent Minded Professor” is the old black and white film from Disney. I think all children should see it because it’s a “classic”! Then they […]

Peep Someone You Love

What would Easter be without the beloved Peeps? Sherri put them on her darling Polka Dot Cake and Debbie made her awesome fruit kabobs with them. I didn’t want to be left out of the Peeps fun so, I came me up with this cute printable. I am one of those people who feels laughter […]

Make Your Own Lotion Bars

What in the heck is a Lotion Bar?  I had never heard of these before in my life until I pinned this from Little House in the Suburbs. Why would you even want to make a lotion bar when you have a Bath and Body Works close by?  I mean, seriously, how can you beat […]

Easter Peeps Kabobs

There’s nothing that dresses up any kind of Easter treat than Peeps!  For example take a look at how cute the Peeps dresses up this Polka Dot Cake that my sister Sherri posted awhile back: For another idea using Peeps, these kabobs that I pinned from The Frugal Girls are quick and easy to make and I just […]

Salted Chocolate Caramel Clusters

Sing with me.  Memories…..Like the corners of my mind.  Misty water-colored mem….Okay, that’s enough.  I actually started to sing out loud and some dog down the street started howling.  Barbara Streisand I am not. However, this post does bring back a memory. A memory of my dad.  And  the memory is that my father LOVED […]

DIY Tile Coasters

Earlier this week, I posted about having a craft day with my darling newly married daughter.  We made a Spring Mesh Wreath and my daughter has reported that it consumed almost all of her door but she is loving it! Well, we really had a gangbuster day that day because we ALSO made these cute and […]