Kool Aide Colored Easter Eggs


Two memories come to mind when I think of Kool Aid. Memory #1: Some person dressed as a pitcher of Kool Aid with really short arms, breaking through a wall to bring some kids a glass of Kool Aid. Memory #2: The slogan “only 1 cup of sugar” needed “half the amount of sugar in a soda!”. My children don’t have memories of Kool Aid because it is one of the many items I choose not to give them! Good news, they have turned out just fine without it! Don’t be too impressed because I did allow sugar in other forms. I wanted to try this pin because you do not have to use stinky vinegar. My son came in and asked me “why does the kitchen smell like fruit snacks?”. The kitchen smelled very fruity which was nice. However, be careful as the colored water will stain anything it comes into contact with. And it is almost impossible to get out. Thanks to Rindy Mae  for this awesome pin!

Pour one packet of Kool Aid into a bowl with 2/3 cups warm water. Dissolve the Kool Aid and you are now ready to dip and color your eggs. Be careful with the darker colors, it doesn’t take much time for them to grab the color and become super dark. The yellow egg turned out a little spotty, but that did not bother me. I got 3 packets of Kool Aid for $1, can’t beat that price!

I’d have to say that using this method was really “Kool”……This Pin ROCKS!

Kool Aid Colored Easter Eggs

  • 1 package Kool Aid
  • ⅔ cups warm water

  1. Pour on package of Kool Aid into a bowl. Add ⅔ cups warm water, stir until Kool Aid is dissolved. You are now ready to color your eggs.


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  1. Thanks for the idea to use Kool Aid to color eggs. I like that so much better than the dye and your eggs look a lot brighter, too.

    Lori @ A Bright and Beautiful Life

  2. Such a great idea~ Thank you so much for sharing at Project Inspire{d}! Pinning to the party board.

  3. Melissa keese says:

    This did not work for me at all. The kool aide fizzed on the eggs and the color blistered and came off in long stringy globs. Epic fail. I am trying the Lipton potatoes today but I must say I am a bit skeptical now.

    • Melissa,

      So sorry your egg experience didn’t go well. It sounds like the Kool Aid didn’t dissolve all the way. Did you use warm water when dissolving the Kool Aid? I hate it when something new doesn’t turn out and I feel like I wasted time and money I’ve never known Deb’s potatoes to fail so you should be good on that one. Hope you have an awesome Easter, thanks so much for commenting! Tracy (the middle child)

  4. Melissa keese says:

    Oh. My bad. I just read the post and comments for the potatoes and both of my questions were answered. Thanks! Enjoy your Easter too.

    • Hi Melissa!

      Thanks so much for your comments. I have updated the Lipton Onion Potatoes to read that 2 cubes equals 1 cup of butter. When you make something so often, sometimes you don’t think about specifics, it’s just automatic! I hope you have a great Easter Dinner! Deb – The Oldest

  5. Melissa keese says:

    YOU WERE SO RIGHT. Everyone wanted this recipe. It is easy and so delicious. Not only did I share the recipe, I shared your blog. I believe you have some new fans. Thank you so very much.

    • Hey Melissa,

      So happy the potatoes turned out for you! Thanks so much for sharing the recipe and helping us gain some new fans! Hope you had a great Easter. Tracy – The Middle Child