The Magic Way to Clean Your Windows

How long do you think it should take to clean two full sliding glass doors and 8 large windows? I’m talking about start to finish, sparkling, no streaks  no spots, clean? I’ve tried using newspapers (make sure you wear rubber gloves or you will get ink all over your hands and it still leaves streaks). I’ve tried using a professional cleaning tool with the sponge scrubber and squeegee. I still ended up with at least one streak on several windows. I finally decided it was best to ignore the streaks because getting perfectly cleaned windows was an impossibility. Then I found this pin from 33 Barefoot Lane.

Magic Way to Clean Your Windows

Here is the cleaning solution:

1/2 gallon warm water

1 Tablespoon liquid ‘Jet Dry’

2-3 Tablespoons laundry detergent (liquid dissolves easier) or dish washing soap

Mix all ingredients above. Spray windows down with your hose. Wipe or brush onto windows, then immediately hose off your window. That’s it! You are now done. The remaining water will sheet off. No towel drying is needed.

This sounded too good to be true, so I had to put it to the test. I sprayed my windows, cleaned them and then rinsed them down. Here is what 2 windows  looked like before completing drying.

This window had one large water drip down the middle.Magic Way to Clean Your Windows

This window had a lot of wet spots left on it right after being cleaned and then rinsed with the hose.Magic Way to Clean Your Windows

I was certain that this pin was going to be a “Flop”. I finished up some other chores and came back 30 minutes later to see what happened with the windows.  I was thrilled to find that the streak and the spots had dried leaving  perfectly cleaned windows!!!! So back to my question, how long does it take to clean 2 full sliding glass doors and 8 large windows? 9 minutes flat! Needless to say I will never clean my windows with any other method!

You got it….This Pin Totally Rocks!


One of our readers commented and asked how this cleaning method will work if using hard water. Hard water contains magnesium and calcium that leaves small hard white spots on windows. These white spots most often come from the sprinkler system and splashes from the kitchen and bathroom sinks. After time it can become difficult to remove the spots. If you have a build up of these white spots and your normal cleaning solution will not remove them, try the following process.  First, make sure remove all dust from the windows or they will become scratched during the cleaning process (once the dust is removed it will be easier to see the white spots).  Second, using a solution of 50% water and 50% vinegar, clean the windows and then rinse them off.

If the spots are really tough to remove, your best option is to use undiluted vinegar.  Put vinegar in a spray bottle, then spray a large area of the window and clean until clear. Rinse your micro fiber cloth until the water runs clean before cleaning the next section of window. You can also use a small, soft brush if needed. Scrub gently and dab the brush into the vinegar as needed. When the windows are clean, be sure to rinse off all of the vinegar.

Once you have your white spots removed, use my magic cleaning method for clean window maintenance. With regular window cleaning you can avoid the white spots from returning and building up. (Go here to read the full article on hard water window cleaning.)

Thanks  Jeane for asking about cleaning windows with hard water!

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  1. Just to be clear. You use dish detergent as in the kind used in the sink rather than dishwasher liquid (like cascade) that is put into a dish washer. I am trying this today THANK YOU!

  2. Awesome! I just got new windows and will try this when they get dirty. Pinning now!

  3. Ok Tracy, if this really works, you will easily become my favorite Wixom sister even if Sherri is a Walter. I have 32 windows in my home that look great until the sun shines through and I see streaks. I am totally putting my faith in you :)

    • Carole,

      I CAN’T wait to become your favorite Wixom Sister! Let’s see, it took me 9 minutes to clean 8 large windows + 2 full sliding glass door windows. You should get your 32 windows clean in about 30 minutes. What are you going to do for the rest of your day? One word PEDICURE! Tracy – The Middle Child

    • I would LOVE to know if anyone has figured out a way to use this method indoors, because no matter what product or method I’ve used so far, I always get streaks! I think I’m going to try putting down towels on the window-seals, fill a spray bottle with water, mist the windows with water, wash with the above solution and mist with water again. Might need to try a squeegee & dry towel to finish up….hope it works!!

      • Sheila,

        Great idea! I would cut the dishwashing soap down to 1 or 1 1/2 tbsp. It should still work just as well but require a smaller amount of water for rinsing. Please let us know how it turns out!

        Tracy – The Middle Child

    • Just use a squeegee on a long handle. The window guy that does our shop uses a mixture of Dawn and water and just squeegees it off. The windows look great.

      • Cyndy,

        Wish I had a window guy to do all my windows for me! Nice to know that there is another option for streak free windows. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Tracy – The Middle Child

  4. Thank you! I have to try this one….my windows are horribly dirty and my sliding glass doors, well, dog slobbered…..with this quick and easy method I might be able to clean them more often and see out my door. :)

  5. Ok, I’m confused. You say to use laundry or dishwasher detergent, yet the photo shows Dawn dishwashing liquid. Which do I use? Thanks.

    • Karen,

      Thanks for bringing that to may attention! You want to use dishwashing soap not dishwashing detergent. (I changed the post to read “dishwashing soap” instead of “dishwasher detergent”.) You are going to love your streak free windows :-) Tracy – The Middle Child

    • Hey Ann,

      I have found Jet Dry at Target, Walmart and Safeway. Hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend! Tracy – The Middle Child

      • Hi thought I replied to you I live in Manchester England
        I don’t think we have a Walmart here
        Mother’s Day is March here but thank you
        And have a happy Mother’s Day to you and your family

        • Ann,

          Sorry I didn’t respond sooner, I’ve been gone all day with sports for my kids. You can get Jet Dry on Amazon.UK, of course they are out of stock right now! I’m contacting Reckitt Benckiser (they manufacture Jet Dry) to find out where you can buy it in the UK. I will not hear back from them until next week. I’ll let you know when they respond. Tracy – The Middle Child

          • Hi Tracy thank you so much I noticed amazon where out of stock
            Hope you enjoyed the sports also thank you for contacting reckitt

    • Hi Nancy!

      Yes, the solution would be hard on the plants below your windows. I would cover the plants with a tarp before cleaning to protect them. When you are done cleaning carefully remove the tarps, then water your plants and the surrounding area just to be safe. Tracy – The Middle Child

  6. Unfortunately, spraying a window with a hose should never ever be done. It will invalidate any warranty on your windows and you risk breaking the seal. All water on a window should come from above, so wet & rinse your windows with a hose (no nozzle) or a bucket of water from the top of the window down.

    • Julie,

      Thanks for the tip, great to hear that this method can still work by using a bucket of water or your hose without the nozzle. Tracy – The Middle Child

  7. I have an even easier, no chemical, quick way. We use a top quality microfibre cloth, you get them for your flat screen tv or computer screen. Rinse in cold water. Start at top of window, inside or out, wipe across, then back across, rinse when needed and proceed. Water kind of beads up and then dries leaving no streaks or marks. I love not having to use products. Hope this is helpful to you.

    • Sandra,

      Glad to hear that this no chemical method works for you. Thanks for stopping by and commenting, we love getting feedback from our followers! Tracy – The Middle Child

    • Sheryl,

      Thanks for the great tip on proper cleaning of new Pella windows! It is always good to check the manufacturers warranty/instructions before trying a new cleaning method.
      Have a great day! Tracy – The Middle Child

  8. Just used this solution on my windows here in northern Michigan. I am so happy with the results!!!! Thanks.

    • Hey Carrie,

      I’m so pleased to hear that you are happy with the results! Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Have a great week! Tracy – The Middle Child

  9. Has anyone had success with inside windows yet? Just curious – I tried on some of my outside ones and it worked very well :)

    • Jessica,

      Great to hear this worked for you! I’ll have to search Pinterest for a good way to get the inside of the windows clean and streak free. Tracy – The Middle Child

  10. Well I tried it with exactly what you said to use and it totally didnt work. I have spots everywhere. It was a bright sunny day so I started washing exactly as you said with exact products.. My windows look worse then when I started. So thanks for the tip guess my windows didnt like it.

    • Dawn,

      So sorry to hear that this didn’t work for your windows. I have two ideas for you. If you have hard water try using Lemi-Shine instead of the Jet Dry. If you try this method again do it when the sun is not shining directly on the windows. This will give the rinse aid more time to dry without spotting. Thanks commenting on your results. Tracy – The Middle Child