Oh So Pinteresting!

Have you ever seen a pin about a blog or website and wondered if it was worth checking out? Well, that happened to me with a pin about a great site called Oh So Pinteresting! Most people know that Pinterest has the capacity to drive major organic traffic to websites and blogs. However, not everyone understands how to use Pinterest to it’s full potential.

Cynthia Sanchez is an oncology nurse who left the field of nursing and has become a Pinterest expert. Her blog helps businesses and bloggers use Pinterest to not only drive traffic to their sites, but she also helps to increase interaction with customers and followers.

I was impressed with what I read on her site, so I signed up for her emails. Cynthia’s emails are filled with timely news and changes about Pinterest as well as tips how to use the information from Pinterest to help grow your business, blog or website.

I liked Cynthia’s site and emails so much that I left a comment on her blog thanking her for her site and the very valuable information I have gained from following her. Cynthia contacted me and asked if we would like to do a Podcast with her about how we use Pinterest for our blog and if we would share some of our tips for other bloggers.

Since we still consider ourselves to be “Newbies” in the world of blogging, we were flattered by her request and accepted her gracious offer. Our time with Cynthia was a blast, she put us at ease right away and we couldn’t believe how fast the time went.

Screen Shot 2013-07-30 at 9.44.33 PM

Cynthia Sanchez

Our podcast with Cynthia goes live on her site today. Head on over to Oh So Pinteresting! and listen to the three of us yak about our love and use of Pinterest! After our podcast, be sure to sign up for her emails to keep up with the ever changing world of all things Pinterest!

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