Oreo Turkey Cupcakes

Oreo Turkey Cupcakes are perfect for bake sales and class partiesOnce we woke up to our car being covered with Oreos. My husband had made the mistake of telling some of the youth at our church about his glory days, which included taking the cookie side off of an Oreo and and sticking the frosting side to a car as a practical joke. Major waste of perfectly good Oreos, if you ask me. But it provided great inspiration to these teenagers who then plastered OUR car with Oreos. PLASTERED! I can’t even imagine how many bags they used. I decided the easiest way to get the car clean was to take it to the car wash. Colossal mistake. I should have taken the time to remove as many of the Oreos as possible before entering the carwash, but instead, I foolishly drove my cookie covered car right in to the car wash while getting odd looks and stares. I can now definitively tell you that taking an Oreo covered car through the car wash drives that black cookie goodness into every crack and crevice imaginable! Like when you put your fingers under the handle to open the door. Ick! Don’t even bother with the windshield wipers. It took months before those cookies worked their way out of that car.

Oreo Turkeys are a much better use of a great cookie. It takes advantage of so many of Oreo’s good traits. I recommend double stuff for this treat because it is easier to insert the candy corn, but for eating, I like the traditional cookie. Brown Eyed Baker had the great idea to set her Turkeys atop cupcakes. I thought this would be perfect for a bake sale, or class party. Start by making cupcakes and leveling the tops like this.Oreo Turkeys how to level cupcakes so the turkeys won t fall over
In addition to the cupcakes you will need: Candy Corn, Whoppers, Reases Mini Peanut Butter Cups and Chocolate or black, yellow, red frosting. I used the ready made kind and found it helpful to get a plain tip for the details.Oreo Turkeys Supplies

I ran some black icing along the edge of the cookie.Oreo Turkeys the frosting makes the candy corn hold in better

Then I inserted the 5 candy corn for the tail.Oreo Turkeys feathers

I took my cooling rack and laid it on it’s side to support the turkeys as they are drying. Then I put black icing along the edge of the feathered cookie, and stuck it to the cookie that forms the base using the cooling rack to support them while the icing hardened. They will look like they are lying on their backs.Oreo Turkeys assembly

To get a flat edge, I cut the peanut butter cups like this.Oreo Turkey peanut butter cup cut

Using black frosting I attached it to the cookie. Oreo Turkeys use frosting as glue to add the candyThen used frosting to attach the whopper for the head. Oreo Turkeys Attaching whoppers for the headWhen the icing has hardened (it didn’t take long. 5 minutes or so) you can turn your turkey right side up to add the details.

To make the beak, I broke the tip of of some candy corn, and affixed it with a dab of yellow icing. To finish it off, I ran a little red along the side of the beak for the Wattle. Are you impressed that I know that? Don’t be. I looked it up. For the eyes I used a dab of yellow and then a chocolate sprinkle. Later I ended up adding a dab of black for the eyes, because the sprinkles fell off. Oreo Turkey Now he just needs feetThen use yellow icing to add feet and your turkey is ready to perch on it’s very own cupcake. Now that your cupcakes have a flat top you can frost it and add the turkey. Oreo Turkey Cupcakes are perfect for bake sales and class parties

This turkey rocks it’s cupcake!

For a great way to package cupcakes like these try this DIY cupcake Holder:IMG_9066.jpg


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  1. I can’t believe they Oreo’d your car!! That sounds kind of hilarious and nightmarish at the same time! LOL! Your turkeys are adorable, I’ve seen them online, but been too scared to try them, but you make them look easy. Can’t wait to try them with my kids!

    • Your kids are going to love you for it Michelle! A craft and you let them have sugar overload. Any parent can get to a kids heart with these. I wish I had pictures of the car. It was tempting to taste a little.

  2. This takes me back to when I was a kid. We used to make Oreo turkies too. They were a little different but I think yours are cuter. I’d love to have you come link up with me at

  3. OMG, these cupcakes are SO cute! Thank you for sharing at Simple Supper Tuesday.

  4. These are so cute! =)
    pinning to my Holiday recipe board.

  5. Those are just adorable! I featured them tonight {along with your awesome DIY cupcake containers} at the Project Inspire{d} link party!

  6. Oh my heck, these are adorable!

    • It almost makes you feel guilty eating them. Almost…not really. They taste pretty good. I bit their heads off first. What does that say about me. Let’s not think about it!


    • Well Val, if you have volunteers to help, I think they are totally capable. You are the expert, though. Try a dry run at home yourself and then see what you think. I know they would LOVE it! I wonder if they would be proud enough to take it home, or too excited to eat it. I bet they would eat it before it was complete! Who cares, right! The point is that they have fun.

  8. These are so cute! I am making these tonight for school tomorrow. The cupcake carriers are cute…wish I had enough plastic cups to do that….these are going to be hard to transport. I may send the turkeys in a separate container and let the teacher put them on top before the party.

    • The kiddos at school are going to love it! You are the coolest mom for making them. Don’t worry, they go together quickly. I would suggest sending them separately and letting the teacher add them just before serving. They would be kind of wobbly in the car. The kids are going to take them off and eat them so fast! Happy Thanksgiving, Joanne.

  9. Happy Thanksgiving to you too! Just finished making them, I used melted chocolate to hold them together instead of the icing. They look great!!! Thanks for posting this, I know the kids will love them. :0)

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