Clothespin Heart Wreath

We are so pleased to share this great project from Linda at It All Started With Paint. She has the perfect craft for us on this special holiday. Happy Valentine’s Day! 

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Dear Made From Pinterest Readers,


Please accept my sincerest apology. You see, my plan was to share with you an easy DIY. Easy. Cheap. And lightening speed fast …


that, my new friends, was the plan.


And when I spotted a clothespin wreath online – and pinned it here on my it started with Valentine’s Day Pinterest board – I thought I found the easiest and cheapest Valentine’s Day project idea. Ever.


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The clothespins were $1.00 for 36 at the Dollar Store. The hanger was free. The cheap part worked out as planned.


And it would have remained easy if I didn’t insist on fussing with it. In my need to add a bit of color, I ended up tacking on an extra hour-and-a-half of tedious time-consuming work. That whole cutting of Washi strips from a one-dollar-and-change full sheet of pink with white polka dots Washi paper I found at Michaels …


and then affixing the cut strips of Washi to 70+ clothespins.


I started the whole process during the last half hour of Good Morning America, and finished attaching that last piece of Washi when Kelly & Michael were signing off.


If I had skipped the Washi tape step, this project would’ve taken under 15-minutes. All I needed to do was bend a wire hanger into the shape of a heart …


clothespin-heart-wreath-how-to-make 3


and then clip on the clothespins. One-by-one …


clothespin-heart-wreath-how-to-make 3-2


all the way around …


clothespin-heart-wreath-how-to-make-6 2

So I’ll leave it up to you, my dear Made From Pinterest readers. You can take the easy path with the naked clothespin look. Or you can take the more time consuming one and add some Washi.


Oh, and there is a third choice. You could always just add color with some spray paint …

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This is such a cute project Linda! I think I would like whoever makes mine to attach one reason they think I am fabulous to each of the clothespins. That would really make my Valentine’s Day! Want to see what we are up to today? Check us out over at It All Started With Paint!

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  1. That’s adorable, Linda! I am not crafty at all but I think I could do this! lol. It’s adorable. Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

  2. This is adorable! I am in love with your wreath! I love the color, but oof that’s a long time!

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