Hanging Bird Seed Feeders

I learned something new recently.

I was surfing through Pinterest to find some fun things to do with my grandson when I came across this pin from Inner Child Learning.

It was on how to make bird feeders and I thought that would be a fun thing to do with my  little guy and then he could hang them up and watch the birds which would extend the usefulness of the craft activity.

Here’s what I learned while reading her post:

February is National Feed a Bird month!  According to Wikipedia, bird feeding is the second most popular hobby in the United States.  What is the first most popular hobby?  Gardening.

Wow. Who knew?  Apparently February is the hardest month for birds to find food which is why they declared this day in this month.  Which is a perfect reason to make these Hanging Bird Seed Feeders today!

Here is what you will need:

1 1/2 cup Bird seed, any kind.  I bought a bag at WalMart

Any shape of cookie cutter

1/4 cup Dried Fruit, we used raisins

2 pkgs of Knox gelatin

1/2 cup of water

wax paper

Some kind of twine for the feeders to hang from

In a small pan, mix together the water and Knox gelatin.  Over med heat, stir until completely dissolved and it starts to boil.  Remove from heat and let cool slightly.

Next add in your bird seed and your fruit mixing to cover well.

Working quickly, start putting your bird seed mix into your cookie cutter shape.  When they are about half full, fold your twine in half and press into the bird seed.  If you make a knot in your twine, it will help to hold better.

Continue by adding more bird seed until your cookie cutter is full.

Let set for 24 hours before hanging these up and calling your birds for dinner!

My grandson loved working with the bird seed and packing it into the cookie cutters and then seeing his creation when it was done.  I think my grandson AND the birds around our house would definitely agree that This Pin Rocks!



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  1. Where do I hang the bird feeders? And what do I hang the bird feeders on? Do the birds stand on the bird feeder that is hanging? This is such a cute idea! I love birds! I am anxious to try this! Thank you so much for the cute idea! :)

    • Hi Jama! I hung mine in our trees near our house. The birds can stand on the seed feeder initially but mostly they sit on a tree branch and peck at them. It is so fun! Deb

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