Paper Pot Seed Cups

DIY Paper Pot Seed Cups - Can be planted right into the garden, paper and all! Easy indoor seed starting.

Have you started getting seed catalogs yet? I have my stash that I have been pouring through in anticipation of spring. I love starting my own seeds indoors before it is time to get out in the garden. It makes me feel like good weather is not so far away. And there is so much more variety to what you can grow! I get so excited exploring all the possibilities. Beside, I find growing from seeds less expensive than nurseries. WAY less expensive!

So I tried out this pin from The Chicken Wire. I had a left over roll of paper for my kid’s art table.

These Paper Pot Seed Cups can be planted right into the garden, without removing the paper. How convenient is that? You can make them with newspaper, as long as it is not color print. The colors are not good for the plant. I also like it for gift giving. You can make labels, or write a note directly on the Paper Pot.

To make your own Paper Pot Seed Cup you will need two cans, paper, a ruler is handy, but not a must. My favorite cans for this turned out to be small cans of tomato sauce. They are the only cans where the top of one can fits into the bottom of the other. I liked this for reasons you will see later. I ripped my paper into rectangles 4 1/2 inches by 12 inches. If using newspaper, you can fold one sheet in half, and you are ready to roll!

DIY Paper Pot Seed Cups - SuppliesI really mean it.  You are ready to roll your paper around the can. You want to leave a little of the top of the can showing and the remainder of your paper hanging off the side, like this. Don’t roll too tightly or you won’t be able to slide it off later.

DIY Paper Pot Seed Cups - This is how we roll!

Next,  fold the paper around the can as tightly as you can. Begin where the edges overlap and work your way around.

DIY Paper Pot Seed Cups - How to fold.

When you are done, it should look something like this. It seems like it is insecure (I am sure it feels just fine about itself, but you might think the soil is going to drop out.). Once you slide it off and fill it with soil, the bottom will hold without any problem.

DIY Paper Pot Seed Cups - Fold from above.

Now put one can on top of the other and press and twist. This crimps the bottom of the seed cup so it stands up well when you add the soil. You are ready to slide your cup off can and fill it with potting soil. It is ready for a seed or seedling.

DIY Paper Pot Seed Cups - Two can twist and smoosh.I have had success with this method for any variety of seeds. If you really want to get into it, I suggest listening to the song Reduce, Reuse, Recycle by Jack Johnson to get you into the groove. Here is to a season of great gardening!

DIY Paper Pot Seed Cups - Easy to make, cheap, and great for sharing seeds. Can be planted straight into the garden, paper and all.

This pin rocks!

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  1. This is such a great idea! I plant a huge garden and try to start all of my plants from seed. I am totally going to try this this idea….thanks for sharing :-) I just Love your website!

  2. Seeing this makes me excited for spring!! It seriously can’t come fast enough!! Love these cute paper seed cups! :)

  3. How does the paper cup stand up to water? Do you use any special type of paper to keep the water from leaking out and all over things? How long does it take to disintegrate either on the table before spring or after in the ground?

    Sorry for all the questions! I have two cats and don’t want them getting the soil all over the tiny flat.

    • These will last quite a long time, Grace. It is rather astonishing really. I have had mine last for months of indoor watering under a lamp with a timer. I put mine in aluminum pans to protect against my occasional overwatering:) As long as you don’t overwater too often, you will be fine. I usually start my seeds indoors about now, and some of them don’t go out into the garden until May. If the plant is the type to get too big for the cup in that amount of time, I make a larger cup, with a larger can. I do find the paper pots like more frequent watering than a plastic container because the water evaporates more easily with the paper. Any paper will do, black and white newspaper, leftover printer paper. You should make some for the kitties to play with. They will love them! Although that might make them more likely to get into the ones you don’t want them touching! Maybe not, haha!


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