Natural Healing Burn Salve

Burn Salve - heals burns quickly and naturally.Have you ever burned yourself in the kitchen? Or with your curling iron? Even small burns like these hurt for days and often leave scars. Wouldn’t you love it if you could make your own Natural Healing Burn Salve that would just make those burns go away?

Several years ago I burned my hand pretty seriously. I had opened up the dishwasher mid cycle to add another dirty utensil and saw that a fork had fallen out of the basket and was lying at the bottom of the dishwasher. So I reached my fingers to get it, and…does it feel like I am about to say something that will make you have that nails on a chalkboard feeling? Before I tell you what happened, let me just tell you, I am okay now. I lived. But man it hurt! My hand touched the heating element and in seconds I was in terrible pain. I developed one huge, oblong blister along the palm of my hand that took more than a month to heal. I vowed to be more careful and not let anything like that happen again.

But it has been years since the dishwasher incident happened.

I got careless.

I forgot.

And after I pulled my skillet out of a 400°oven, I grabbed the handle without a hot pad! I could instantly see two blisters forming.

And I knew it was going to be bad…


I remembered I had pinned this article! It was about sunburns but, I decided to give the top two remedies a try. Because…

I was desperate!

I layered lavender essential oil and then aloe vera gel over and over again until it had almost formed a second skin.

By bedtime, I hardly felt any pain at all.

That is when I made a mistake. I figured the lavender essential oil and aloe vera had done their job. I didn’t realize they were still doing their job. And just before bed, I washed my hands. Boy did I regret it! The pain returned and I started the whole layering process over again until I got relief. I left it on for the next 24 hours and then washed it off. To my relief there was no blistering, no redness, just thick dry skin where the worst of the burn was. I didn’t even bother taking a picture of my hand for this post, because it just looked normal. A few days later the dry skin where it would have blistered peeled away and that was it. 

I was pretty convinced that this pin rocks.

Heal Burns naturally with this burn salveBut one time is not really enough data. Then…my daughter burned her finger and we ran to get our burn salve. Same thing happened. Completely healed the next day.

So I have to say, I am totally convinced. My kitchen will now always have these two ingredients in stock.

This pin rocks! But it doesn’t burn. Or it rocks on burns! Yeah, that’s it. This pin rocks on burns!Sherri MFP headshotsignature-sherri

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  1. Wonderful! I read that lavender oil was used on wounds in WW2 to prevent gangrene. And my midwife had me use water and lavender topically after my kids were born. It’s very healing!

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