How to Peel an Egg With a Spoon

How to Peel an Egg With a Spoon - Easier, faster, less mess. The only way you will peel your egg ever again!One dozen eggs. That is how many eggs my kids went through one Mother’s Day when they were trying to make me Belgian Waffles. My favorite recipe for Belgian Waffles calls for egg whites whipped to peaks and folded into the batter. First my kids could not figure out how to separate the eggs. Then they had trouble beating them to the right consistency. It took one dozen eggs before they gave up and came and got me for help. One dozen eggs. That is how many each person in my family gets to decorate for Easter. We have a lot of eggs we will be peeling in the next week. My ratio of perfectly peeled eggs to perfect messes was about 1 to 10 before I started using these tricks. My ratio has improved dramatically since I have learned how to peel an egg with a spoon. And once you get it down, it is so much faster with less mess! Now my ratio is 10 to 1! At first I thought this was going to be a flop. I am telling you up front it takes a little practice to pick up this technique, but once you do, it is the only way you will peel your eggs ever again. One dozen eggs. That is how many eggs I peeled this year to make deviled eggs for our Easter feast, and it was going pretty well, but it was taking forever. That is when my husband said, “What are you doing? There is a way better way to do that on Pinterest! Look it up. You can use a spoon.” What? I am the Pinterest addict! I did a quick search and he was right. Thank you to Thrifty Fun for teaching me a way to make peeling hard boiled eggs faster and easier, and to my husband for finding it! One dozen eggs. I suggest you peel one dozen eggs in one sitting to get the hang of it. It won’t take a whole dozen before you have it down, but this way you way you will know you have mastered it! I like to peel my eggs all at once anyway. I store the peeled eggs in a ziplock bag so they are ready to go. A perfect quick protein snack! First, if the egg is cold from the fridge, run it under hot water from the sink until it feels warm. This helps to loosen the membrane that is between the egg and the shell. This step is really important! Don’t skip it! Then, gently crack the egg all over. How To Peel An Egg With a Spoon - Crack the EggFind the hollow spot at the large end of the egg and peel just a little, making sure to get under the thin membrane. How To Peel An Egg With a Spoon - Break open one endNow, gently slide the spoon under the shell, applying slight pressure against the shell. You will be able to see the spoon through the shell if you have done this correctly.How To Peel An Egg With a Spoon - slide spoon under the membraneThe shell will easily flake off with the spoon. I pull the spoon out, rotate the egg and slide it in again, working my way around the egg. Once you get comfortable with this, the eggshell will come off in one spiral piece after you have worked your way around the egg.How To Peel An Egg With a Spoon - Shell peels off as you work the spoon around the eggCongratulations! You now have a perfectly peeled egg, no eggshells under you fingernails, no little bits of shell all over, and with no gaping holes.How To Peel An Egg With a Spoon - perfectly peeled eggs! One dozen eggs. That is how many eggs you will be able to peel perfectly within minutes after learning how to peel eggs with a spoon, because… This pin rocks!Sherri MFP headshotsignature-sherri

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  1. Love it … pinned it!

  2. Have you discovered how to separate eggs using an empty water bottle?

  3. Jennifer says:

    This is cool – going to have to give it a try! I found you via pinterest, but the link led to one of those annoying sites that collect from everyone else and get the benefits of people clicking through. But they give NO credit to the original post! One of the things in life that really irritate me! Anyway – you having your website on your picture is GREAT…that’s how I found your original post. This particular site that has yours is You may already be aware, and it may not bother you at all. But those sites just tend to tick me off…I’ve gone on serious web hunts trying to find the original source before I’ll pin. Anyway, thanks for sharing…I’m definitely going to try this!

    • Jennifer says:

      Well, now I noticed the trackback at the bottom of your comments, so I guess they did link back to you after all. I couldn’t find that link when I saw it there. So, sorry about that! Still…I wish people would pin from the original source instead of sites like this. You should be getting the traffic, not a collection site!

      • Girl, you and I supposed to be friends. You are my kind of person. Thanks for watching out for us! It is nice to have our work appreciated. I am so glad you found us. Lots of these sites crop out the website name, so I am glad they didn’t and you found us. I hope we will see you here again, ’cause really, I like you. This trick is seriously awesome! I hope you will have great eggs because of it.

  4. I can’t wait to try this! Thanks for the tip! :)

    • Take your time learning the technique. A little practice and you will never go back to any other way.

  5. I use a spoon to peel an Orange too! Much simpler!


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