4th of July Kids Tee Shirts

We are big holiday people in my family.   We’ll take any excuse to decorate, play games and eat food.

The 4th of July was a holiday that I always looked forward to when I was growing up.  My family had a boat and if you want to hear a funny story about our family boat, check out my sister’s Sherri’s post here!

Anyway, our family would always  take our  boat out to Catalina Island off the Southern California coast for the 4th of July weekend.  But before we left, our Dad would buy the boxes of Black Cat or Red Devil fireworks.   After we got there and the sun went down, we could hardly wait for it to be dark enough for fireworks!   Dad had a long plank of wood that he would nail the fireworks onto one end, then he would light it and then quickly push the plank out so that the fireworks would go off over the water but far enough away from our boat.  He then would pull the plank back in, get another firework ready, light it and then push it out again.  It was the best fun ever.

My love of holidays has not faded through the years and it has been so much fun to celebrate holidays now that I have grandchildren!  A couple of weeks ago I got to visit my two grandsons and was excited to make these 4th of July Kids Tee Shirts with them.  This would be a darling idea for the whole family to make and wear on the 4th of July!

Easy to make 4th of July tee shirts for your whole family!

The paint that we used for these tee shirts were Americana Acrylic Paints in Primary Red and True Blue.

Pouring the True Blue paint out on  a paper plate, place your child’s hand in the paint.  Make sure each and every finger gets paint on it!

4th of July Kids Tee Shirts. So fun for kids to make!

Then try to spread their fingers out as much as you can and place their hand on the tee shirt, pressing down each finger firmly.  Little brother is a little over one year old and it was a challenge to get him to spread his fingers out!

4th of July

And now it’s Big Brothers turn!

4th of July Tee Shirts

Then with the Primary Red color, paint the flag stripes around the blue hand print.  I love the the roughness of the lines that Big Brother painted!

4th of July Shirts

Now they are both ready for the 4th of July!

Easy to make 4th of July tee shirts for your whole family!

Oh, and do you see the little star on Little Brother’s shirt?

Yeah, Big Brother decided that Little Brother  needed a little help and helped him out in the form of a blue fingerprint on his tee shirt!  So we just made a star out of it and think it looks just fine!  Besides what’s more American than a star?

4th of July Kids Tee Shirt

No matter where or how you do your fireworks, your family will be ready in these super easy and fun 4th of July Tee Shirts!

I did pin this from Pinterest but it didn’t have a link to follow through to the original post, but that’s okay because This Pin Still Rocks!

***UPDATE 6/30/14***

A dear friend of mine made these tee shirts with all of her grandkids.  Look how cute these turned out!  I love how different each one is and the bright colors just really stand out!





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  1. Barbara Robinson says:

    Just wanted to say thanks! Enjoying following you guys on Pintrest! :)

  2. Those are just cute (the boys) and the shirts! My granddaughters would love to make those and we could make some for the 7 month old twins too. Thanks for the great idea!


    • Hi Linda! Wouldn’t it be cute for a whole family to wear these on the 4th? Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting and Happy 4th of July! Deb

  3. Super Cute Debbie :) Definitely on the summer fun list at the Jones household. Those are some adorable looking grandbabies btw :)

    • Carole, you are such as sweetheart! Wouldn’t that be cute for the whole family to wear these shirts? The McEwen’s are going to do that for sure! Your kiddos would look darling too!

  4. I love this idea! It is really really cute! Thanks so much for sharing the idea as well as offering great pictures of how to make the t-shirts with your kids. Adorable!

  5. Alison L says:

    Hi there! Super cute shirts that I’m hoping to make for my kids for the 4th. Just had one question for you: is the shirt machine-washable? I wasn’t sure if the paint you used was specifically for fabric or not? I’m a newbie when it comes to painting on fabric. Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Alison! The shirt is machine washable however in my humble opinion, it NEVER looks as nice as it does before you wash it. So we made these shirts and are saving them for the 4th so that they look nice and crisp and then we’ll throw them in the wash. I did not use fabric paint, just the regular acrylic paints. Hope your family has fun with these!

  6. i am going to do this with my family. so sweet to make it homemade than to go out and buy something. fabric paint is what i will use. when i use the other it comes off when I wash.


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