50 Homemade Christmas Ideas 21-30

Of course you are going to need some ideas for a main dish for Christmas dinner.  We’ve got ideas for beef, pork, fish and turkey.    And then what main dish doesn’t need a side dish?  Some amazing side dishes follow our main dishes.  Check out these ideas 21-30 from our 50 Homemade Christmas Ideas!  hmmm…so many choices.  What are  you going to make?



21.  Sweet Brown Sugar Baked Ham by Made From Pinterest

22.  Mayonnaise Roasted Turkey by She Wears Many Hats

23.  Soy Sauce Brown Sugar Salmon Marinade by Made From Pinterest

24.  Fool Proof Prime Rib by One Good Thing by Jillee

25.  Restaurant Steak by Made From Pinterest

And now to choose a Side Dish!

26.  Lipton Onion Potatoes by Made From Pinterest

27.  Turkey Stuffing by Center Cut Cook

28. Five Ingredient Corn Casserole by Made From Pinterest

29.  Traditional Green Bean Casserole by Cincy Shopper

30.  Cold Rice Salad by Made From Pinterest

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