Halloween Tulle Wreath

I LOVE  this wreath created by Gabby from the Local Honey Bee. I’m a lover of tulle. Its cheap, especially when I find a coupon, a little goes along way and it looks great. Since my last few crafts have gone so well, I’m feeling brave, very brave. So instead of making one just like Gabby’s, I made a few alterations. I just can’t seem to get by without purple at Halloween. So purple tulle was a must, I went all out and got the sparkly version.

When Gabby said you need to “cut a lot of tulle” she wasn’t kidding! It had been a long day so sitting to “cut and tie” tulle was actually pretty relaxing. Once I got all the tulle tied on it was time for a  “trim”. This was not a problem as I happened to be a licensed cosmetologist. So my wreath received a highly skilled “trim” from a professional.


* Wreath form

* Tulle about 4-5 yards on one wreath. The length of your tulle depends on your wreath form.  I shop at JoAnn’s and I can usually find a coupon in the paper or on my phone. Another great place is Hobby Lobby, again find a coupon in the paper or on your phone.

* Accessories or embellishments

The wreath form was $5, my tulle was on sale for $.77 a yard at Hobby Lobby for a total of $3.85. I had the skeleton heads from last years decorations. So the total cost for this wreath……$8.85!

I’m totally pleased with the results, my alterations did not ruin the wreath (yes, I was worried) just gave it a fun but different look and feel.

Another project with the rating…..

This Pin ROCKS!






  1. Thanks for the love :) It turned out super cute. I actually made myself another one like Lisa’s.


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