Blueberry Balsamic Glazed Slow Cooker Pork Tenderloin

I'm so blue-hoohoohoo. Actually, I am really happy. Last night I got email from my son who is on a mission for our church and hearing from him made my day! We were able to email back and forth for an hour. After making this Blueberry Balsamic Glazed Slow Cooker Pork Tenderloin, it had me thinking about how when he was little he and his sister loved Madame Blueberry from Veggie Tales. She was so blue because she didn't have all the latest and greatest things. Eventually she learned that things ... Read more

Turkey and Wild Rice Casserole

 Do you have some standout memories of Thanksgiving? Aren't some years more memorable than others? For us, one of the most memorable was the year of the crazy turkey legs. My brother-in-law is a bonafide redneck hunter. He provided two wild turkeys for our holiday meal. Luckily he had them all prepared and ready to cook or I would NEVER have agreed to it. Here they are! Notice anything strange? They are not in a traditional roasting pan? Not even a 9X13? Take a look at the legs. Notice how lean ... Read more

Party Cheese Ribbon Slices

About 7% of all Boy Scouts achieve the rank of Eagle and my son is one of them! He was right up to the last minute, but it got done. Speaking of last minute, we barely managed to get his Court of Honor done before he left home on a mission for our church. Did you know that when a scout reaches the rank of Eagle the mother gets a pin? I just have to tell you, I really earned that thing. I worked hard to help him and so did his dad. It was definitely a family affair. Recently my brother-in-law ... Read more

Sweet Potato Souffle

I am a west coast girl living in the south and I have learned from my southern friends that sweet potatoes are Saweet! I love 'em baked, broiled, fried, mashed, in desserts and savory sides. Can't get enough of 'em! Have you tried Crash Hot Sweet Potatoes yet? I could eat them every day of the week. Sweet Potato Souffle has become one of the most beloved recipes on our Thanksgiving table. It doesn't matter how many batches I make, I never have leftovers. Maybe if I hide one ramekin in the back ... Read more

Share it Sunday from Link Party #18

We love everything about the holiday season! Food, crafts, decorating. Anything but cleaning the house and getting it company worthy! These are the most viewed and our favorites from last week's Super Saturday Link Party. Our most viewed link were these Accent Christmas Trees from Penny's Treasures! Love that you can choose the style and color to fit your decor. These 8 Slow Cooker Recipes are some great menu ideas for a stress free holiday from Practical Stewardship. Thinking of trying ... Read more

Fluster’s Creative Muster Link Party!

We have been featured over at Fluster Buster. Remember our Oreo Turkeys and DIY Cupcake holders? Robin has kindly invited us to participate in her link party. You all know, we love parties! Enjoy some more great inspiration for the fall season. Welcome to week 45 of Fluster's Creative Muster Linky Party! Gobble, gobble, Turkey day is just around the corner, time to start decorating and planning your feast. The sisters, specifically Sherri, over at Made from Pintrest, have a fun treat ... Read more

Share it Sunday from Link Party #16

This week we had a wonderful Halloween. Debbie went to visit her grandkids, Tracy has her Grandbaby visiting her, and Sherri has mom in for a visit.  We enjoyed seeing all the great ideas coming in to our Super Saturday Link Party.  We are always so inspired by the all things we see linked up each week. Here are some highlights from last week. Most Viewed: 20 Old Clothing Items to Keep for Repurposing from Practical Stewardship. Some great ideas that will keep you from throwing away some ... Read more

DIY Cupcake Holder

My niece loves the show DC Cupcakes. So when her family came for a visit, we waited in line for hours to get our chance to enter the store. It was actually worth it. It was so fun to visit (pack into!) this iconic (tiny) store, pick out what we wanted and then take our adorable box filled with goodies as beautiful as we expected them to taste. We are a real classy bunch, so when we got to the parking lot where our cars were parked, we sat on our bumpers and stuffed our faces! We decided the best ... Read more

Oreo Turkey Cupcakes

Once we woke up to our car being covered with Oreos. My husband had made the mistake of telling some of the youth at our church about his glory days, which included taking the cookie side off of an Oreo and and sticking the frosting side to a car as a practical joke. Major waste of perfectly good Oreos, if you ask me. But it provided great inspiration to these teenagers who then plastered OUR car with Oreos. PLASTERED! I can't even imagine how many bags they used. I decided the easiest way to ... Read more

Share it Sunday from Link Party #15

We love connecting with readers and other bloggers and our link parties are one of our favorite ways to do that. It isn't even Halloween yet, but we are already feeling thankful for all the people we have come in contact with through our blog. Thanks for linking up, thanks for tuning in, we love your comments and you all keep us blogging with a smile on our faces. Here are last weeks Most Viewed links: A great collection of One Dish Meals from Family Home and Life. Isn't it great having less ... Read more