Christmas Nut Clusters Recipe

Hello from Munchkintime! Today I would like to share this easy dessert recipe called Christmas Nut Clusters Recipe. Do you enjoy eating chocolate candy as much as I do? How about chocolate nut clusters with 3 different nuts? They are super delicious and are made of just 4 ingredients which are: chocolate chips, almonds, cashews, […]

Super Cute Leaf Art for Kids

Hello, everyone! Today, my daughter and I from Munchkin Time, would love to share this Super Cute Leaf Art craft that we created using the Fall leaves from outside. It is super easy and a fun craft to make!  It’s a perfect way to use the kid’s imagination and creativity! Isn’t it so beautiful outside this […]

Perfectly Roasted Golden Potato

Hi there! My name is Love, mama to 2 beautiful little girls and creator of Munchkintime. I am so thrilled and thankful for creators Debbie, Tracy and Sherri of Made From Pinterest, for giving me this amazing opportunity to share my recipes with you dear readers. Today I would like to share my family’s favorite and […]