Valentine Heart Wreath with Paper Flowers

Valentines Day is one of those holidays where I like to put up a festive piece or two, but not go overboard with anything huge. Which is why I love this Valentine Heart Wreath with Paper Flowers so much. It’s simple, but beautiful and has a whimsical romantic quality to it. Plus, it’s super easy […]

Photo Transfer Ornament Name Cards for the Holidays

Paula here from Frog Prince Paperie again, bringing some entertaining inspiration for your holiday meals! When I set up a formal (or informal) table for my guests, I always like to do something small for them to make them feel special. If that something is easy to make and super personalized like these photo transfer […]

DIY Fall Leaf Bowl

Here in Florida, it’s 94 degrees outside with no sign of reprieve for a few months yet. Even so, I’ve flipped my calendar to September and it just seems that fall should be poking its frosty nose around the corner any minute now. Well, maybe for you folks up north. Me? I will just be […]

Summer No-Sew T-Shirt Upcycle

Get out your summer camp shirts and old t’s and cut them into this Summer No-Sew T-shirt Upcycle that will leave your girls (and you!) looking fashionable instead of frumpy. Our drawers over here in the Frog Prince Paperie household seem to accumulate t-shirts like crazy, the kids especially! If you’ve ever gotten a t-shirt “sized […]

Fizzy Cupcake Bath Bombs

Paula Biggs here writing from the party over at Frog Prince Paperie. I always love a good celebration, with cupcakes making parties all that more fun! There are so many things to celebrate in May—Mother’s Day and Teacher appreciation days to name a few. If you’ve got kids, having a few kids-can-make-them-too gifts up your […]

Kite Cake Topper

Paula Biggs here, posting from over at the party I like to call Frog Prince Paperie. We’ll celebrate just about anything over there. Like it being March. Windy, gusty, perfect for kite flying March. I understand there is a bit of snow up north that’s probably going to prevent any wild romps through the fields […]