Bloody Shirley Temples

If you are like us you can’t get enough of Halloween! Here are some of our favorites so far this year, Washi Tape Mason Jar Rings Wreath, Halloween Countdown Calendar and Cheese Cloth Ghost Spirits. And now on to Bloody Shirley Temples.

I’m trying to remember my first memory or experience with the actress Shirley Temple. I’m pretty sure it was when I was 8 or 10. I was spending the night at my grandmother’s house and she let me watch one of the Shirley Temple movies. My next memory is a vivid one. While watching the movie I was immediately enamored with Shirley’s curly hair. I couldn’t get over the fact that she could dance around or run around and her hair would stay in those perfect non-frizzy blonde curls. Why was I so fascinated with her hair? Because my hair is very dark and VERY curly and not cute curly. Uncontrollable frizzy, brillo pad curly. I was having some serious hair envy issues.
Bloody Shirley Temples - What a fun treat for the kids to enjoy! #Recipe

My first memory of having a Shirley Temple drink was again when I was 8 or 10. We went out to dinner with my mother’s side of the family and my Aunt ordered Shirley Temple’s for the girl cousins and Roy Rogers for the boy cousins. I felt bad for the boys, because my Shirley Temple drink  looked better and I was sure it tasted better than their Roy Rogers drink. I was right, it did taste better! When I found this pin by Amy at your Southern Peach it made me laugh. When I hear the name Shirley Temple I think of this darling curly haired little girl with dimples.

Bloody Shirley Temples - What a fun treat for the kids to enjoy! #Recipe

Amy updated the  Shirley Temple drink from a classic to a very cool, creepy Halloween drink. While some kids may get grossed out about the syringes filled with pretend blood (Grenadine), most of them are going to think it is awesome and have a blast squirting the blood into their drinks. If they are like my son, they will keep drinking them just so they can use the syringe over and over again.

Bloody Shirley Temples - What a fun treat for the kids to enjoy! #Recipe

There is only one thing that I think would make this drink even better. I wish having a Shirley Temple drink, bloody or not would turn my frizzy, brillo pad curls into silky curls. As you can tell from my picture below it hasn’t  happened. That’s O.K. because Bloody Shirley Temples taste great and they are a really fun, creepy drink. You know what that means……..

This Pin Rocks!

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Bloody Shirley Temples
Recipe type: Non-Alcoholic
  • Sprite
  • Ice
  • Grenadine
  • Syringe
  1. Pour Sprite over ice, wait until it stops fizzing. Squirt Grenadine in for a fun taste and look.

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  1. These are awesomely creepy! Thanks for sharing at Simple Supper Tuesday.

  2. It looks awesome Tracy, and from a curly Diva to another, I love your curls…I have learned to embrace mine because girl, I can’t fool mother nature,…well only for a few days after paying $75 bucks at the salon to have it blow dry straight and then see my money curled up and pufff…gone!!! lol…My only question would be where to get the syringes? I went to my local pharmacy and they don’t sell them…other than’s pretty cool! Thanks girl!, Lizy

    • Hey Lizy,

      After years of spending a small fortune trying to straighten my hair, I now wear it curly. Saves me money and time, the real kicker was my husband thinks I look younger with my hair curly. That was all I really needed to hear! lol

      I went to my local Walgreens and asked the pharmacist for the syringes. She was kind enough to give them to me for free. The pharmacies usually have them and give them out to make it easier for small children to take liquid medication.

      Have a great week! Tracy – The Middle Sister

    • You can find them at tractor supply or most pet stores or vet offices will have them available (without the needles, of course!) for feeding or dosing small animals.

  3. Trish Butler says:

    I love Halloween and these are so cool. Thanks

  4. hey tracy, I saw the bloody Shirley temples on tasty Tuesday’s (Mandy’s recipe box). they are really cool! my niece and nephew (14 & 12) still ask aunt b. to make them a Halloween dinner. well, I was running out of ideas as it’s been a few year now, and I just found the perfect drink! bloody Shirley temples. they are gonna flip. now I just have to figure the rest of the menu… thanks a lot, i’ll be checking your blog out from now on. have a great fall. barbara

    • Barbara,

      You are going to be the coolest Aunt ever for making Bloody Shirley Temples! My son LOVED them, good luck with the rest of your dinner and thanks for stopping by. Tracy – The Middle Sister

  5. Oh my goodness these look so ‘fun’! Thanks for sharing at this week’s Project Inspire{d} ~ pinning and featuring. I hope to see you again at this Monday’s Party.

    Have a great weekend!

    Mary Beth

    • Mary Beth,

      Thanks so much for pinning and featuring my Bloody Shirley Temples! Hard to believe that Halloween is just around the corner. See you next Monday! Tracy – The Middle Sister

  6. This is so clever! I love it!

  7. my daughter is old and in the first grade. I know she would love this but I was wondering if u thought her thought her teacher would. I think its ok but do u think they are too young for this one?

    • Brandi,

      I would forward your daughter’s teacher a picture of the Bloody Shirley Temples and see what she thinks. Walmart carries plastic cups for a great price that would work well for the class party. Have a GREAT Halloween! Tracy – (the middle sister)


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