Homemade Hair Gel

Do you have a hair product graveyard under the sink in your bathroom? Is it full of products you tried, filled with hope that it would help you have the perfect hair day? Only it didn't help you have the perfect hair day and now you don't want to throw it away, because you paid good money for it. But you know you are never going to use it. Cause it didn't work. I used to consider it my emergency supply. But there has never been an emergency so bad that I have ever used it. I finally threw it all ... Read more


Pumpkin Cinnamon Swirl Pancakes


Are you ready for a pin that flopped? We three sisters here at Made From Pinterest are just like you.  Normal women, normal wives, normal moms, normal cooks. We definitely do not profess to be gourmet chefs, master crafters or experienced DIY'ers. Which is why we love what we do here on our site.  We hope that we convey that if WE can make these fun pins from Pinterest, so can YOU! So even though we are not gourmet cooks, we CAN follow a recipe and most of the time, the pins that we ... Read more

Cold and Flu Prevention Station

Family Cold and Flu Prevention Station

Cold and Flu Prevention Station

Hello, my name is Sherri and I like infomercials. It's not something I admit to everyone, but now that it is the first sentence of this post, I just did. Admit it to everyone. So there. I like them. Infomercials. I find them entertaining. But..but, I have learned my lesson. I have gotten so excited about these these miraculous, genius, powerhouse ideas that I admit, I have been swayed. I have ordered. And then, I have learned. I have learned the importance of reading the fine print. Because ... Read more


Creamy Italian Chicken


Last time you had it you loved it! That is the technique Tracy (the Middle Child) used on me for weeks, maybe months, to get me to eat things I didn't want to when I was little. And it worked. It worked in part because there are a lot of things you can convince yourself that you like. It took a while before I started asking questions. Questions like, "When did I eat this last?" Tracy would sometimes fabricate an occasion, and at first I would dejectedly respond, "Okay then." and choke down ... Read more


Stove Top Trick


I have seen this pin FOREVER on Pinterest and have always wondered if it really worked.  I love tips that help cut down on work, clean-up and effort in the kitchen. For example, years ago I saw a tip where a gal separated her silverware when she loaded the dishwasher.  She put all of her spoons in one section, all of her forks in another section, etc.  Then when the dishwasher was ready to be emptied, she would just grab a whole section of spoons and put them away super quick.  Brilliant, ... Read more

Freeze Your Avocados

Are you an avocado lover? At my house we luvr them!  We put them on burgers, in omelettes, on tacos and fajitas. We make guacamole almost every Sunday. We add them to BLT's and scoop them out of their skin with a tortilla chip and chow down, WE LOVE AVOCADOS! The only problem is they are not always on sale and feeding our crew enough avocados on a regular basis gets expensive fast! Then I saw a long pin showing how to freeze your avocados. What a brilliant idea! I could load up when ... Read more

Pretty Summer Feet Care

If you are like me, you ignore your feet for the winter. When spring hits and it's time to wear sandals, I look at my feet and think "ugh", I can't been seen in sandals with feet that look like this! I have two options. One is to pay a small fortune for an expensive salon pedicure or two, use a home remedy to get my feet looking great for flip flop season. I've seen both of these methods on Pinterest and always wondered if either worked at all or if one worked better than the other. Let's get ... Read more

Not Quite Chick-fil-A Chicken Nuggets

Psst!  Want to know a secret? Cinnamon. No, not cinnamon. The secret is peanut oil. Not peanut oil, I heard it was cornmeal. I remember when Chick-fil-A opened at the mall I was working at as a teenager. Everyone fell in love with the place, including me and my family. And all the moms in the neighborhood were trying to figure out what was the secret to the Chick-fil-A  recipe. No matter what anybody did, they couldn't duplicate those juicy, delicious nuggets that make cows so happy. I have ... Read more

Oven Cleaning The Magic Way

WARNING, WHAT YOU WILL SEE BELOW MAY SCAR YOU FOR LIFE. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK! OK you have been warned, and now I have to come clean about my ovens. First, let's start with what type of cook I am. I HATE, HATE, HATE cooking in a dirty kitchen. If my kitchen is dirty, then I get it all clean before I start cooking. Then, I clean as I cook. That way when I am done, I can sit down to enjoy my meal because I know I don't have a big mess to clean up when the meal is over. Having the kitchen clean ... Read more


6 Minute Microwave Caramels


I am so excited about today's post! We have had a request from a reader in Florida whose name is Tracey.  She would like us to try out the 6 Minute Microwave Caramels.  Apparently Tracey has had less than desirable results when she has tried this recipe.  Here is her experience in her own words: "I don't know what I am doing wrong but my goodness, everytime, either they do not set up (which leaves me for a nice can of what I now caramel-y sauce for ice cream) or they seem to set up and then ... Read more


Crayon Hearts


I'm a day late getting my post up! I have a very valid reason for my tardiness. My daughter Madison (15) decided it would be "fun" to have her wisdom teeth removed with her sister Haley (18), on the same day. Last Friday at 8 am Haley had her wisdom teeth removed, followed by Madison at 9 am. After both procedures were over, it was time to get my silly girls in the car. We got Haley in the car first. As Madison got in the backseat next to Haley, they saw each other and burst out laughing. Haley ... Read more

Clean your Oven Glass

Another dirty little secret is being revealed today.  How many times do you share with others what the inside of your oven looks like?  I am going to tell our readers that I purposely let my oven glass get this dirty for the sake of this post.  Yep. That's my story.  And I'm sticking with it. {{wink wink}} There are quite a few pins out there with instructions on how to clean your oven glass.  They make it look and sound so easy. Right?  Right. The easiest one that I found used two ... Read more

Water Bottle Spout

Today I am coming out of the closet.  I am baring my soul and confessing that I am not a recycler, re-user or re-purposer.  I really want to be.  I truly care about our environment, love nature and want to be frugal by recycling, re-using and re-purposing.  But for some reason I don't do as much as I should in this area.  Maybe this will be my New Year's Resolution for 2013.   So instead of just jumping in and taking on a huge project like installing solar panels, I know that I need ... Read more

Candy Corn Cupcakes

How do you feel about Candy Corn? I have a love hate relationship with it. I love it therefore I eat too much of it and make myself  sick. Every single time!  Recognizing I have this problem, some years I force myself to stay away from it all together. This is not one of those years. I'm on vacation with my sisters in Boston having a blast. We stopped at Target to grab some bottled water...that's when I saw the extra large bag of Brach's Candy Corn. I tried to convince myself that I could show ... Read more

Improving a cheap plastic cauldron

Last year I bought a nice sized plastic cauldron for Halloween but I got it too close to Halloween to really do anything with it so it has been enjoying being crammed between my christmas boxes and my husband's golf bag in our garage.  Imagine my excitement when I saw this on Pinterest! Doesn't this look cool? I WANT MINE TO LOOK LIKE THIS!  Off I went to HauntForum.com to find out how. In reading the instructions, this sounded super easy.  The ingredients? Cheap plastic cauldron - ... Read more

Clean your Cookie Sheet

Who doesn't want their cookie sheets go from grungy to....heavenly? {{Angels singing the Hallelujah chorus in the background}}  And the Pinterest pin said with only ONE ingredient? What could that ONE ingredient possibly be?  Well it's nothing that I had ever heard of before.  And it was NOT easy to find.  In fact, I never did find it locally, I had to order it online at Amazon.com. Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap with Tea Tree Oil.  Apparently this "Magic Soap" has 18 uses.  It didn't list all ... Read more

Clean your toilet with Coke?

Spoiler Alert! Just wanted to "alert" you that after reading this post, it may "spoil" your appetite.  We are going to be talking toilets ladies!  Now there are some fun ways to clean a toilet out there on pinterest - the majority of them being with vinegar and baking soda. But I was really intrigued with a pin that I saw that would be even easier than that.  Cleaning your toilet with Coke!  What could be easier than that? After reading the oh-so-not-complicated directions on wikiHow, my coke ... Read more

Pear Pancetta Crisps With Goat Cheese and Honey

Goat cheese is not something that I have tried myself or given to my family. So I thought this pin would be a good chance to expand our culinary palates. Everyone in our house LOVES pears and LOVES bacon. Since we all have a sweet tooth I knew the honey would go over just fine. The longest prep was cooking the bacon. Be warned that even with a lemon juice wash the pears "browned" pretty quickly. My pears had "just" rippened the day I made these. They were firm but not crisp. My husband ate ... Read more

Oven baked eggs?

I've been married awhile. A long while.  32 years as a matter of fact.  And there are certain things that I have around the house that I don't realize are equally as old.  UNTIL I SEE SOMEONE ELSE'S STUFF! Take cupcake pans for instance.  I didn't really realize how old my cupcake pans were until I read about this pin.  AND SAW THE  PANS.  They were totally probably bought  just for the  blog post because I don't want to admit that other people have lovely kitchens with beautiful lovely ... Read more