Chicken Cordon Bleu Casserole

Carole from My Kitchen Escapades is back as our monthly contributor today.  Wait till you see what she’s got in store for us!
Yesterday as I finished up my work-out, I caught a quick glimpse of my 3 year old daughter outside, 100% butt-naked.  Nothing.  Nada.  Just those cute little cheekies running down the sidewalk for all the neighborhood to see.


I dashed out the door, gathered her up and sternly asked why in the world was she playing outside naked?!?  Offended, she crossed her arms and declared, “I’m not!!  I have my necklace on!!”



Those chunky cheekies also made another appearance this week when checking-in on her before I went to bed.  She was sound asleep and naked once more, but accompanied with an extremely large collection of toys perfectly lined up in a very OCD manner.  I’ve decided both of these instances are cute and adorable.  I even took pictures to use as blackmail for when she is older.  However, if there is a third naked occurrence anytime soon, I might have to begin seeking help.


Maybe if I only ate salads, exercised all day long and never ate anything indulgent like this casserole, I could have the same confidence that my naked 3 year old has :)  But nah…it’s not worth it.  The reason I exercise every day is mainly so I can eat more food every day.  For me, a 3 mile run is worth it if I can enjoy a creamy, delicious dish like this for dinner.  Every one of my kids LOVED this dinner and that rarely happens.  With six kids, odds are that at least one of them will turn up their nose at it.  Not the case here.

If you would rather not use a rotisserie chicken, feel free to use any other form of cooked chicken, but be sure it is well seasoned when you cook it.  I just can’t pass up those delicious $5 rotisseries at Sam’s Club when I am in a rush.  Convenience is worth it sometimes!

Chicken Cordon Bleu Casserole

recipe adapted from


1 large rotisserie chicken, meat removed and pulled (about 5-6 C)

1/2 pound sliced deli-style black forest ham, chopped

1/2 pound sliced swiss cheese


4 Tb butter

4 Tb flour

3 C milk

2 Tb lemon juice

1 Tb dijion mustard

1 1/2 tsp salt

1/2 tsp smoked paprika

1/2 tsp pepper


4 Tb melted butter

1 1/4 C seasoned bread crumbs

1/4 C parmesan cheese

1.  Preheat oven to 350 degrees and spray a 9×13 casserole dish with nonstick spray.  Layer the chicken in the bottom of the dish followed by the ham and finally the swiss cheese.

2.  In a medium saucepan, melt the butter over medium heat.  Whisk in the flour and cook for 1 minute. Slowly add the milk, whisking to keep clumps from forming.  Turn the heat to high and cook until the sauce thickens and boils completely, whisking often.  Remove from the heat and add the remaining sauce ingredients.  Pour the finished sauce over the base layer already in the dish.

3.  In a small bowl, mix together the topping ingredients until the butter is evenly distributed over the crumbs.  Sprinkle over the top of the dish and bake for 45 minutes.  Allow to cool for 10 minutes before serving so the sauce will thicken just a bit.

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Thanks so much Carole for sharing this recipe and also a little bit about your family with us.  Although I’d hate to imagine what the neighbors might think  if I ran down the street sans clothing….!!


We hope that everyone will stop on by at My Kitchen Escapades and see more of Carole’s great recipes!


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  1. Over from Foodtastic Friday and this looks SO good. I’m always in need of a new casserole, so thanks for sharing!

  2. I tried to pin but it didn’t work. But I love this dish! Featuring at Family Fun Friday!

  3. Thank you so much for the recipe! It’s in the oven now & can’t wait to taste it :)

  4. Congratulations! Your post will be featured at the TGIF Link Party this week!
    Cathy @

  5. Little children understand that is it good to let their skin breath in an unhindered fashion. As they get older they most likely will learn to become modest, shy, or self-conscious about their bodies. In the meantime, see if you can find a place/space where the child can safely express this kind of sensory freedom without embarrassing you or your neighbors. As long as you know that her choice of behavior isn’t being done to flaunt your standards and get your attention or “get away with something” then it ought to seem a natural part of the kinds of things children want to do at that age….like wade in mud puddles, get covered in sand or dirt, climb on things, etc.

  6. This was really great! My family loved it. Very rich & creamy. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Tammy Blankenship says:

    Made this last night and it was delicious. I added a bag of steamfresh peas to the layers. My husband and 3 kids ate the entire casserole.

  8. In the oven now! Im sure its gonna be delicious!

  9. Catherine says:

    Way too much salt and not creamy enough. Would try again with more sauce and no added salt.

  10. Catherine says:

    A bit of a retraction: Much better tasting Day 2! Will definitely try again.

  11. Making this for dinner tonight, what do you think would be good sides to pair with it? I thought maybe rice but I’m not sure. I definitely will be making spaghetti squash, should I make a salad or is this better paired with a starch?

    • Hi Lisa!

      For my tastes, I would pair it with a salad. And with spaghetti squash, that sounds like a winner of a dinner! Deb – The Oldest Sister

  12. how many does this feed would you say?

  13. Hi! I’m going to try this tonight!! Just a quick question……Does it matter if you use fresh parm. Or can it be the jar/can kind??

    • The jar kind should be fine. Fresh is always best, but I love the stuff in the can too! Sherri (the Baby of the Family)

  14. I’m making this now. I didn’t have Swiss so I used mozzarella. I melted it into the sauce!

    • That will change the flavor for sure, but I hope it was delicious, Barrie. Sometimes getting creative with what I have on hand yields the best recipes.

  15. It was good! I had leftover ham from a meat platter and didn’t want it to go to waste (why does no one ever eat the ham?) also Thursdays are $5 rotisserie chicken day at the grocery store. Plus my mozzarella cheese sauce, it came out great! Easy and filling :) thanks for the idea!

    • So glad you liked it! I love recipes that are a “Keeper”! Deb – The Oldest Sister

      • I think we may have not prepared the topping correctly. It was very dry. Is that the normal?

        • It is supposed to have add a bit of crunchy texture but not really dry. Freshly grated parmesan is the best recommendation. If you used preshredded or the kind in the jar, it might turn out more dry than expected. Thanks for letting us know how it went for your Lindy. We appreciate all comments. Have a great day.

  16. G’day! Mouth watering indeed, true!
    Wish I could come through the screen and try some now too!
    Cheers! Joanne
    Viewed as part of Cathy’s Bloggers Showcase: Thanksgiving (Fall) Recipe RoundUp

  17. Can this casserole be prepared ahead of time? I want to have it for dinner tomorrow evening but would like to prepare first thing in the morning… Would the meat get soggy sitting in the sauce for too long? Thanks!

  18. I used shredded chicken breast. I hope it turns out just as good. 10 more minutes in the oven!!

  19. Has anyone tried just chicken tenders cooked and shredded?

  20. Wow, I see that my casserole has done really well at your site! I’m glad that it has satisfied so many families. When I developed the recipe, I had no idea that it would be such a hit all over the internet…everywhere but at my own blog. LOL. I’m glad that you and your followers have full, happy bellies and families and that the recipe is being put to good use.

    • This is a great recipe, Terri! Your blog is full of recipes we would like to try! We hope lots of people will go check out your terrific site, That’s Some Good Cookin’. Thanks so much for dropping by. You have created a new family favorite in a lot of households.

    • This is a FANTASTIC recipe =) I will be following BOTH of you from now on =)

    • Bridget Bagby says:

      I was wondering if it worked to freeze it before it is cooked ? In a casserole without the topping.

      • Hi Bridget, I have never frozen this but I think it would freeze okay without the topping and then just add that before cooking. Good luck!

  21. Can this be frozen? If so at what point would you freeze it at?

    • I would freeze the whole thing with the topping in a baggie to add at the last minute so it won’t get soggy. Let us know how it works for you Lisa!

  22. Made this last night, following directions exactly. Absolutely delicious!

  23. I have made this twice and love it. Much easier than traditional cordon bleu. However, I would not any additional salt. It was a bit salty for my tastes as is. I think the ham and the parmesan cheese add enough salt.

    • That is one of our favorite things about cooking; the ability to “tweak” a recipe to our liking. Glad this was a winner for you. It may depend on what kind of parmesan and ham you use. Some ham and some parm are more salty than others. I am with you, it is great to have Chicken Cordon Bleu, but way easier than rolling or stuffing.

  24. This was good. I even use your sauce as a quick Hollandaise now too. One tip: I used half the amount of salt and it was great. Any more than that and I think it would be too much.

    • Mmmm! We love Hollandaise! How much salt seems to depend a bit on the type of Parmesan cheese you are using as well. Some are more salty than others. I like to grate my own, not pregrated and in this recipe I would not use the stuff in the bottle. That really is salty, although I love it in other things. Thanks for letting us know your experience. Feedback like yours makes a good recipe even better!

  25. So good!! I am currently on a Weight Watchers journey, which required a little amending of the recipe. I omitted the sauce and just used a jar of Light Alfredo sauce with a bit of added fat-free half and half. I did mix in the Dijon mustard, lemon juice and smoked paprika. I used 4 oz of Jarlsberg Semi-Soft Part-Skim Cheese. High quality cheese, with sharp flavor, so you can use less. I added 7 oz of Whole Wheat pasta, so a side of bread wasn’t tempting. I also omitted the butter from the crumb top. I did put on 1/8 cup of Seasoned Panko Breadcrumbs with 2 TB of fresh grated Parmesan. It turned out awesome. And best of all, I could eat a pretty hearty portion for only 7 Points Plus (calculated on WW Recipe Builder). Best of all, my picky 8 yr old ate it!!!

  26. I’ve made this several times and it is delicious. The only change I make is I melt into the sauce two-three slices of the Swiss cheese, and about 1/2 cup of the shredded Parmesan cheese. Superb!

  27. So I’ve made this once before and my family loved it! Just wanted to share I’ll be making it again this evening and can’t wait because it’s absolutely delicious!!! The first time I just boiled my chicken and added my favorite seasonings,however this time I’ll be using a lemon pepper rotisserie chicken! Can’t wait ☺

  28. This tasted awesome but there was a lot if water at the bottom of the pan. I assume it was from the ham but how do I fix this problem?

    • Some ham has been enhanced with water and depending on the labeling it can be significant. Usually the lower grade the ham, the more water. Don’t know what type of ham you used, but it may be worth trying a different brand that is not brined or injected with so much water. Hope this helps. So glad you liked it!

  29. How many does this feed? I’m having a dinner party tomorrow night for about 13-15 people. Should I double or triple?

    • Hi Shelli! I would say that each recipe feeds 6-8 so I would say definitely double and possibly triple!

  30. Sandra Brown says:

    Omg this is THE BOMB. Everyone loved it including my hubby who is very picky about chicken cordon bleu. This had all the right flavors. Totally an add to our regular menu.

    • So happy to hear it was a success in your household! Thanks for letting us know, Sandra. Hope we will see you here again.

  31. Found this on pinterest and I was excited to try it. I MUST say…DELICIOUS! I have a picky husband and three picky boys and it was a HUGE success! This will be in our regular rotation … THANK YOU!!

  32. Hi there, Has anyone tried it with fresh, raw chicken? My guess is that it will work, it may just need to cook longer so the chicken is done…advice?

    • The juice from the chicken may change the consistency of the casserole, but as long as the chicken gets cooked through, should be great. If you try it, we would sure like to know your results!

  33. Very tasty; however, way too much salt. There is enough salt in the ham and Parmesan cheese. I would have omitted the salt entirely.

    • Seems to really depend on the type of ham and Parmesan. Some have had this problem and others haven’t. Great thing about home cooking is you can adjust the recipe to suit your tastes. This is good info for other readers, thanks for sharing your experience. Hope we will see you here again!

  34. This looks and sounds fabulous! I am going to make a double batch in a larger pan for my youth group. Since everything is already cooked and basically just needs to meld together, will the same length of cook time be sufficient or should I add an add’l 15 minutes?

    • I would add a little more time just because there will be a larger amount of food in the oven. That generally makes things take longer when I cook. Hope this helps, Shannon. Your youth group is so lucky to have you!

  35. This is very similar to one I’ve used except I use boneless chicken breasts, slice a pocket into breast and stuff with ham and cheese.

  36. I have a question about the ham in the picture the ham look sliced but you say chopped. What exactly do you mean by chopped?

    • When I made it a used sliced ham that I cut up into squares. I think that is what is meant. Good luck! My family loved this recipe.

  37. I tried this recipe a couple of times…the whole family loves it so much that we run out fast…SO…I added a few cups of cooked pasta shells to bulk up serving size and it was perfect!

  38. Super yummy!! The whole family loved it and we will definitely be making this time and time again! Thanks for the great new add to our meals!

  39. Ryan Merlino says:

    This sounds so great! I am planning to make this casserole sometime this week, but I was thinking about adding broccoli. Do you think I could add frozen broccoli or should it be thawed? Thanks!! Can’t wait to try it!

    • Hi Ryan! I’ve never made it with broccholi but love it so to me personally broccholi sounds like a great addition. I would probably add it thawed. Thanks so much for stopping by!

  40. Ugh. Wish I’d clicked through to the original recipie which says that it needs more flour. Sauce way too thin, might be worth increasing the flour a heap.

  41. My twist to this recipe…..
    I used half of chicken(used the rest for another recipe) and half of the ham. Added the chicken, ham and cheese to the white sauce then mixed the sauce with 1 lb. of penne pasta and baked.

  42. OMGoodness…this is divine! My husband took one bite and said “this is a keeper”. Thank you for sharing this wonderful, delicious, easy recipe.

    • So glad to hear it Dede! Thanks for letting us know it was a success for you. It makes us so happy.

  43. Courtney says:

    Made this dish tonight, turned out amazing! Thank you for the recipe!


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