Clothespin Canvas Art

Super easy laundry room clothespin art tutorial.

Hi again, it’s Lisa from Mabey She Made It back for another project today:  It’s all about this Clothespin  Canvas Art. We recently made a pretty awesome laundry closet in our house, and I LOVE the open counter space, the fresh white color, and the ample shelving. It’s been heavenly. It also has been screaming for a little something to liven up the middle section of the folding area. So when I was searching for laundry room decor ideas, I came across this Clothespin Canvas Art from Sweet Something Designs and had to pin it and try it.


I had an 8″ x 10″ canvas on hand and I recently picked up some fun clothespins from the dollar spot at Target, so I started playing.

Since I had a white wall and a white canvas, I needed to add some color or it would just disappear into the background. Here’s what I did:

  1. Adhere a piece of tissue paper (mine was gold polka-dot) using Mod Podge. Make sure to smooth it out as you go and get the sides too. Then set the canvas aside to dry.Super easy laundry room clothespin art tutorial.
  2. If your clothespins aren’t already painted and you want them colored, paint them up. Mine came painted (and glittered) so I didn’t have to do this step.
  3. Adhere the clothespins to your canvas using hot glue in a pattern you like.Super easy laundry room clothespin art tutorial.

And in just a few minutes worth of work, you have something beautiful for your laundry room! I love how simple the design is and how quick it was to create.

Super easy laundry room clothespin art tutorial.

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