Family Cold and Flu Prevention Station

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Hello, my name is Sherri and I like infomercials. It’s not something I admit to everyone, but now that it is the first sentence of this post, I just did. Admit it to everyone. So there. I like them. Infomercials. I find them entertaining. But..but, I have learned my lesson. I have gotten so excited about these these miraculous, genius, powerhouse ideas that I admit, I have been swayed. I have ordered. And then, I have learned. I have learned the importance of reading the fine print. Because sometimes things on informercials turn out to be way more expensive than we are led to believe. That payment plan has fees, and it adds up to more than you planned on. And there is a cost to shipping it back if you decide to try out that money back guarantee thing. Sometimes a restocking fee. Cheaters. That is not what I thought I was signing on for. Makes me feel like a sucker. But sometimes things are genuinely useful. It happens just often enough to get us all to sucker in to the majority of items that don’t live up to the hype.

This is how my infomercial for this pin would start. Is someone in your household sick? Does the spot next to them look like this? A gross pile of tissues that no one wants to pick up.Flu and ColdWe have the solution for you!

This idea to rubber band one full and one empty tissue box together is one idea that is so simple, I just thought it was miraculous, genius and a powerhouse idea. What a great way to solve a problem, especially during flu and cold season. Whomever in your household is the sicko gets their own kit, all neatly packaged for removal and disposal. This idea didn't work. It is hard to get the dirty tissues out and sometimes you pull a tissue out of the wrong box!And it is, mostly miraculous and genius and powerhouse. But not all. Here is why. Which of these is the yes box and which of these is the no, No, NO box? Hard to tell which box is the one to throw tissues away or get a fresh oneHard to tell, right? As the trash box gets full, and a little tail of tissue is left hanging out, it can be confusing. Let one healthy member of the family, or non healthy for that matter, make that mistake and you will not be singing this idea’s praises. We decided this was not the solution for us. Problem #2 is emptying the trash box. Tissue boxes are made to keep things in, while letting a minimum of things out. So when it is time to empty the yucky box, it is…yucky. Ewww, blech, icky, ucky, yucky.

But I still love the concept. So, I have come up with my own twist. What if I glued a brown paper sack to the side of the box? Then it would be easy to empty or tear off, throw away and just add a new one. But wait, there’s more! That way, anyone could easily tell which was the tissue container, and which was for disposal. But don’t go yet! It gets even better. What if we put hand sanitizer in the box of tissues? Cold and Flu Prevention StationNow your beloved sicko just needs this get well kit, some clear liquids and rest. And to keep their germs to themselves, so the whole family doesn’t get sick. We hope. I can’t promise. But it has to increase the odds, me thinks.

This pin keeps you rockin’ healthy, or germ free. Less germy, anyway. Every little bit helps.signature-sherri (2)


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  1. Why not take a big felt-tip marker and put a big “X” on all sides of the “used” box?

    • Good idea Anne. I still found that the yucky box got full long before the good box was done and emptying it was less pleasant than just tearing off a bag an gluing a new one on. Either way, I hope this idea helps your family stay healthy this season.

  2. Sherri,
    What a great idea! I’ve had that moment where I’ve thought I was taking a clean tissue, only to realize, to my absolute horror, that it’s filled with snot from my little ones. I also love the bottle of hand sanitizer. Who couldn’t use some germ-fighting cleanser during flu season?

  3. Im super happy that I found someone who puts the fails up. Yes they are funny- but your mistakes helps others ( like myself) learn. I have started folioing you on pin, stumble and g+.

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