DIY Gilded Votive Candle Holder Tutorial

We have had the distinct pleasure of partnering with Darby Smart  in making three crafts from their company.  Their site specializes in providing craft projects that come shipped to your door with everything that you need to make that particular project.  But that’s not all.  They also have individual DIY supplies that you can purchase separately and they have some darling things!

Their DIY projects come in a cute, sturdy box which is perfect for giving just the way it is, or it is just waiting for your own creativity!  This is our last of three projects and I was excited that these Gilded Votives was the project that I would get to work on.


After opening my kit, I was excited that they were two colors of pens but then that posed an immediate dilemma!  What color did I want to use to make my project?  Silver?  Or gold?  And then a song from my long ago girls camp days came to mind:

Make new friends, but keep the old.  One is silver and the other’s gold.


That song answered my dilemma and I made both!  Now just to avoid any confusion this DIY Gilded Votive kit sells for a reasonable price of $16.00 and comes with three votives.  I did receive four votives because I was given one to practice on but these were so quick and easy to make that I was able to use my practice votive.


All you need to do to make these votives is to prime your pen by pushing it down on a scratch piece of paper to get the ink flowing, then you are ready to create!  These votives took me around 20 minutes to make which gives you a maximum result for a minimal effort!  What could be better than that?


I gave these particular votives as a wedding gift this weekend.  I don’t know about you, but some of my favorite gifts have been those that were handmade by the giver.  The gifts made with love are the ones that I cherish the most.   If you give these as gifts, I know that your recipient will cherish them too.

If you happen to have your own votives and just want the Sakura pen,  Darby Smart makes it so convenient, just click here.

Also until midnight on Wednesday, March2 26th, Darby Smart is offering a Mystery Gift Card.  Anything that is purchased from their site can be 10% to 50% off.   You won’t know what discount you get until you try!  Just put in the word “surprise” to see what discount you receive.  Offer is for first time buyers only.

These were so fun to make and I am happy to report that these Gilded Votives Rock!


This post is sponsored by Darby Smart. Materials and compensation were provided. However, all opinions are my own and I only recommend products I genuinely think my readers will genuinely enjoy.

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