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Um…No. That is how I answered my hubby when one bite into this cake and he wanted to know if it was like a cake version of Personal Pan Pizza. I mean you could eat it all yourself, and you will want to once you taste it. But it is meant to feed 2-4 people.

Um…yes, it really does taste good enough to eat all by yourself in one sitting. The cake itself is wonderful, but the real treat is the frosting. All you have to do is mix the little frosting packet with 4 tablespoons of butter and a teaspoon of water. That frosting is like magic. It is sort of like Hermione Granger’s magic bag. I looked at how much frosting there was, and thought it wouldn’t be enough. Once I got spreading though, it really is plenty. I had a smidge extra and carefully placed on my tongue. My tastebuds were quite happy. Good enough to make hubby think he was going to get to eat the whole cake. Were we going to let him? Um…No. The other day I bought some fudge, and when I got my small box, the clerk had written in Sharpie on the top, “Enjoy the little things.” I have been thinking about it ever since. There are lots of times I don’t celebrate the smaller moments, because, it is just too much effort! And I don’t need the leftovers. See the cute little pan in the photo above? When you make this cake you are not even going to have to wash the pan! The cake baked up perfectly in this little nonstick cake pan.

You have to see how clever it is! Check out this video:

You could even frost the cake right in the pan, and then it is the perfect thing to take a friend to say thank you, get well, or congratulations. No pan to return=perfect!

The other thing I like about these cakes being portable is that they would be perfect for a picnic!

The box comes with the cake mix, frosting mix and the disposable 6 inch pan. Seriously easy, everything is laid out for you and waiting at the local grocery store!

There are Duncan Hines Perfect Size flavors to choose from:

  • Chocolate Lover’s (chocolate cake with chocolate frosting)
  • Red Velvet Dream (redvelvet cake with cream cheese frosting)
  • Lemon bliss (lemon cake with lemon frosting)
  • Strawberries and Crème (strawberry cake with cream cheese frosting)
  • Golden Fudge (golden cake with chocolate frosting)
Celebrate the little things. My daughter just finished an online summer class. It was not the way she really wanted to spend the little free time she had this summer. But I am so proud of her for sticking it out and getting it done. Was it worthy of a night out to dinner at her favorite expensive restaurant? Um…no.

But how about a little cake? Um…YES!

What will you celebrate with your Perfect Size Cake?

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  1. Anne marie says:

    These cakes are so cute. I would celebrate the upcoming birth of my grand daughter – after four grand sons this is certainly worth of celebrating! I am so excited!!

  2. I would celebrate winning the cakes!!! I never win!! So that would be a big need for a celebration!! :) hahaha

  3. I’d celebrate my dad’s & my brother’s move to a new and hopefully more successful company/workplace.

  4. Back to school – surviving the first week!

    • Hope your first week of school went well LaNell. You are our contest winner! I have sent you an email. Just reply with your address and we will get your 4 cake mixes off to you! Thanks for commenting and following us.

  5. I think this would be fun to celebrate the first day of school!

  6. Our 5 year old granddaughter starts Kindergarten this Friday and this would be the perfect size cake to celebrate that milestone! I will be checking out the grocery store for this cake, chocolate of course!

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