Epic Cinnamon Rolls

If I could send you a picture of my house, you would see snow on the roof, snow on the lawn and thick ice on the roads.  Winter is still in full swing along the beautiful Wasatch Mountains which makes it perfect weather for these Epic Cinnamon Rolls.

When I was a young wife, there were three things that no matter how hard I tried, I could not make.  One was fried chicken.  Constant fail.  The second was brownies.  Don’t ask (I mean how hard could they be?) but they always turned out like hockey pucks.  I have since mastered this goodie and now I have serious brownie skills!   Check out these Buckeye Brownies!  And the third was cinnamon rolls.  Another hockey puck experience.  Rock hard.

Well no longer do I make hockey puck cinnamon rolls after getting this recipe for Epic Cinnamon Rolls.

This is one of those legendary recipes that my family specifically requests that I make.  Sometimes I will surprise them and not tell them that I am going to make some.  And the response when they come through the door  is…….Mom!  You made CINNAMON ROLLS!!!!!!   I know that they love me, but they might just love these Cinnamon Rolls a little bit more….

And now you can make these Epic Cinnamon Rolls too.  Just imagine cinnamon wafting through your kitchen  then diving into the ooey, gooey, doughy yumminess of this cinnamon roll. Mmmm….!

Even if you don’t have time to serve these Epic Cinnamon Rolls any time soon, save the recipe for later.  You won’t want to miss this one!  The only way that these rolls resemble a hockey puck is that they score!!

To get the full printable Epic Cinnamon Rolls recipe, hop on over to My Kitchen Escapades right now where I guest posted this recipe!





  1. Can’t wait to try these! And it’s so wonderful to see you working with yeast a lot now! I remember many, many years ago, when we were making Chicken Crescent rolls for RS and the dough didn’t rise. Your panic was “epic”! haha! We fixed the problem and they turned out great, remember? You’re amazing! Thanks for all you do…. :)

  2. Hmmmmm they look delicious, I’m seriously eyeing that icing. I’d lick it of first I think before delving into that pillowy dough, yum!!

    • Oh many a cinnamon roll has been licked first in our household. Thanks for stopping by Laura! Deb – The Oldest Sister

  3. So yummy! Thank you for sharing on Simply BeBetsy! Soon we will have all the new submissions show on our Home Page – working that out! Your picture is beautiful and if we had a scratch and sniff button you would win the hit of the day! All the best and hope to see you again soon. You can bring in your older posts into any of the categories. Thank you talented women! XO ~ Sharon and Denise

  4. These look amazing! I’m assuming I could refrigerate them over night to bake in the morning? Thanks for the delish recipe!

    • Absolutely! Even when they are room temp, we always put in the microwave for like 15-20 seconds to get them warm and gooey! Deb – The Oldest Sister

  5. oh my goodness they look delicious
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  6. Do you happen to have the original source this came from? Bloggers are VERY hard workers….ALWAYS remember to link back to the original pin/author and give them the credit THEY very much deserve….All of your post should have that!

    • Hi Kristie! This recipe just happens to be my own hence the no link to another blogger. Thank you so much for supporting we bloggers who DO work so hard to create our content! Deb – The Oldest Sister

  7. Soooo delicious!! Thanks for sharing on Dessert Sweeties at Simply BeBetsy!! Sharon and Denise

  8. I pinned these, but I can’t make these until we get company or I would eat them all. I saw these on Simply BeBetsy.

  9. Mmmmm . . . Those look so great! Thanks for sharing. Pinning!

  10. Debbie, my Sister pinned this and after it popped up of Facebook, I couldn’t resist checking it out. What a surprise to find out it was your site! Now I know for sure to give it a try.

  11. Do you use regular hook or dough hook for mixing?

  12. donna brannon says:

    Can I cut the recipe in half

  13. So excited to make its recipe! How many rolls does it yield?

  14. The recipe sounds great and love making cinnamon rolls but I don’t have a kitchen aid or stand mixer can this be don’t without? if so how would the recipe change?

    • Hi Amber, this recipe makes so much dough that it would be difficult to use a hand mixer but I’m thinking that I would try it anyway if my mixer was pretty strong. Or you may want to think about just cutting the recipe in half. That might just work!

  15. CAROL JOHNSON says:

    can you tell me what kind of flour you use ? Thanks the recipe sounds good.

  16. How much powdered sugar is used for the frosting? We only have it in bags so I have no idea what amount a box and a half would be.

    • One box equals a pound so 1 and 1/2 pounds of powdered sugar. My family goes nuts over these rolls and I hope your family loves them too!

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