Free Valentine Day Printable

Hi everyone! Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and I am so excited to be here to share a free printable with you for this Love Potion #9 series. My name is Kiki from Kiki and Company where I love to share projects, sewing and lots and lots of printables. I even have a shop where you can find tons of printables for your walls or for gifts.

I love designing printables for holidays. As I was looking for a fun quote to design up, I ran across this one from my friend Rebecca at Simple As That. I adore her and her style and thought it would be fun to see what I could come up with. With a little color and some pattern, I came up with a fresh little Valentine’s print:

Free Valentines Prints from kiki and company

I adore this quote. I think it’s hard to describe love, but think this captures it pretty well. You can choose between a stripe:




or take a plain background, but both are just the sweetest little prints to add to your Valentine’s decor!




To grab these freebies click on the link below:

Fairytale Valentines Print

Thanks so much for having me!


Check out these other really fun Valentine’s printables at Kiki and Company today:

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Owl Pillow Box Valentines at kiki and company

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I love finding a site full of fun useful printables for holidays, birthdays and home decor. Kiki and Company is packed with creative ideas and printables I’m looking forward to using!

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