Fringed Paper Flowers

Hi everyone! It’s Jen Gallacher from “Insitefull Living” here to share a creative way to dress up photo frames and displays in your home.

As a self-proclaimed paper addict, I love the way vintage and modern paper can turn any photo into something special. One of my favorite paper styles is vintage dictionary paper. I scour local second-hand shops for dictionaries that include great fonts, weathered paper, and often beautiful pictures. These books can make any paper crafting project special, but I especially like when I can take the paper and make something even more grand.

For this photo project, I wanted to add some dimension to the project so I scoured Pinterest for ideas on how to use paper to create 3d flowers. What I found were several great tutorials on creating fringed paper flowers.
To create the flowers, fold a strip of dictionary paper in half.

Then cut using fringe scissors to cut from the fold to about 1/4″ to a 1/2″ from the bottom edge of the folded paper.

Wrap the folded fringe into a flower shape with the fringe at the top of the flower and secure it with adhesive.

Use your fingers to fluff the flower and then hot glue the finished flower to your frame.

You can try this same technique with crepe paper, tissue paper, coffee filters, cardstock and so much more. Paper can go a long way to making your handmade projects really shine.

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Thanks so much Jen for this darling idea!  I can definitely see that the possibilities are endless!

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  1. I don’t have these scissors but need to get a pair. I think the ladies in my classes would have a blast using them. Great project Jen!

  2. Jen is such a wonderful and creative girl!! love what she does!

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