Gourd Ghosts

Don’t you think these gourd ghosts look great? I thought so too, so about 5 years ago I ran out and bought myself some gourds. Painted them white and then got busy with other things. Halloween came and went, my gourd ghosts never got their faces put on so…. I stored the little guys in the rafters of the garage and forgot all about them. Fast forward to last week when I was planning out what to work on for this week. I remembered my “gourd ghosts” up in the garage rafters already painted white just waiting for a face so they could be put on display.

I went up into the rafters and sure enough they were right where I had left them. I penciled their faces on and then went over the pencil with a sharpie. I added a clear coat of spray paint and my little guys are ready to go. Took me longer to get them down from the rafters than it did to put their faces on. Just your for reference 5 years ago I used white spray paint from Wal-Mart. It held up great, no need for repainting. Another quick and easy craft DONE!

Now I have cute gourd ghosts, yup once again…..

This Pin ROCKS!

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