Home Remedy for Dry, Chapped Hands

Do you suffer from dry hands in the winter?  Sometimes I will get cracks in my index fingers because it is so dry.  Well if you are like me, then you are going to LOVE this Home Remedy for Dry, Chapped Hands.

Whenever I tell people about this, they think it’s kinda weird. UNTIL THEY TRY IT!

Here is what you will need:

Petroleum Jelly, granulated sugar, liquid dishwasher soap and any kind of lotion

Okay, you’re set!  Put about 1/2 teaspoon of petroleum jelly in the palm of your hand.

Next sprinkle about a teaspoon full of sugar onto the petroleum jelly

Mush the sugar into the jelly to make a paste.

Then briskly rub this mixture over both of your hands.  Briskly meaning rubbing in with as much pressure as you can stand.  The sugar will act as an exfoliate to get the dry skin cells off your hands.

Next wash your hands with very warm water and any kind of liquid soap.

Finish with applying your favorite lotion.

If you don’t notice a difference the first time that you do this,  I will come over and give you a pedicure!  And I don’t like feet.  That’s how confident I am that this will work for you.

After repeated uses, the cracks in my fingers usually disappear.  Trust me.  This tip is a lifesaver!

Hope everyone has  a great weekend with new, soft hands!


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  1. Very cool idea! I have homemade cream that I use, which works wonders. But I also love this “scrub”. My husband bought me a Mary Kay version that is similar to this, but I’m sure this is MUCH cheaper!

    • Jen, what’s the recipe for your homemade cream? Is it a hand lotion? Would love to know! Thanks, Deb

  2. Thank you…I must try this. I am desperate my hand are cracking and bleeding and nothing is working.

    • Hi Patricia! This really does work for me so I do it every year. Really hoping that it works for you too! Thanks so much for stopping by! Deb – The Oldest Sister

      • I have this problem, even in the summer. The Mary Kay stuff mentioned above doesn’t actually help. Am going to try this next time I go out and find petroleum jelly.

  3. Very cool. Any lotions in particular that you would recommend? x

  4. Heather Gallagher says:

    I tried this last night and it worked WONDERS on my hands…thank you. I am going to do it again today and I am going to add aloe to it to see if that helps heal the cracks.

    • Oh Heather! I am so glad to hear that it worked for you. I do this multiple times and it’s just so dang easy with ingredients that I already have. Thanks so much for your kind words.

  5. Holy AMAZBALLS! That is amazing how fast and well that worked. You know you are desperate when you Google a solution and I found this one and I am happy I did. Next, I am going to do this to my feet.

    • Hi Stephanie! Seriously…this is one of my favorite things to share with people because IT WORKS SO GOOD!! Plus everyone usually has everything already in their house. I’m so glad that you found it and am so glad that you stopped by!! Deb

  6. I am happy that you also use this method to Exfoliate and Condition your Hands and Feet, it works like Magic especially in Winter. My Elbows and Knees benefit from it too and my Lips too, thank you for sharing xo

  7. My hands are already scratched/cracked from my skin being so brittle. I feel like the sugar scrub would just irritate my scratches and maybe open them up again. Do you know what would be a gentler option?

  8. I keep a bottle of Made from Earth’ Holistic Honey Lotion at my desk. Not only does it heal my dry hands, but the smell, which is great, actually wakes me up during that afternoon lull. Instead of grabbing a candy bar or coffee I put on some lotion and the smell wakes me up, while taking care of my skin. Love it!

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