Homemade Ranch Dressing Recipe

Mickey and Minnie.  Peanut Butter and Jelly.  Ricky and Lucy.  There are just some things that have to go together!  Like veggies and Ranch Dressing.   How else would all of us people who are trying to be healthy be able to choke down eat our vegetables?  Please no comments about how you all love your vegetables, I love vegetables too.  SOME vegetables.  Tomatoes are not one of them.   But I might be able to choke one down if it had some ranch dressing on it.

Here is a great Homemade Ranch Dressing Recipe that I pinned from  the Crafty Blog Stalker.  The best part of this recipe is that you combine all of the dry ingredients and store in an airtight container. Then when you are ready for the dressing, you add the wet ingredients and that will give you a super fresh flavor.  The full recipe is below.

Here is my jar of dry ingredients and also my dressing all made up:

Once made up, now it is ready to use for veggies, salads, buffalo wings and even pizza!I promise that once you try homemade, you’ll never go back to bottled dressing again.  The difference is LIFE CHANGING!
























Laurel and Hardy.  Milk and cookies.  Fred and Wilma.  Veggies and Homemade Ranch Dressing.  Matches made in heaven.

Homemade Ranch Dressing Recipe
Recipe type: Salad Dressing
  • Black Pepper ¼ C
  • Parsley Flakes 1½ C
  • Garlic Salt ½ C
  • Kosher Salt 2 T
  • Granulated Garlic ¼ C
  • Granulated Onion ¾ C
  • Dill Weed 2 T
  • 2 cups mayonnaise
  • 2 cups buttermilk
  • 1½ cup sour cream
  • 1 tsp lemon juice
  1. Combine all dry ingredients, store in an airtight container. Makes about 3 ½ cups of dry mix
  2. To Make Dressing, whisk together 2-3 TBL of mix with 2 Cups each of mayonnaise and buttermilk 1 ½ Cups sour cream, & 1 t Lemon Juice. Refrigerate for 2 hours. Makes 1 ¾ Quarts


My veggies and I can happily report that This Pin Rocks!



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  1. This looks delicious ~ I’ll be trying it soon! Thank you so much for sharing at this week’s Project Inspire{d}. Pinning to the party board.


    Mary Beth

  2. Homemade dressings are the best and usually healthiest. Thank you for the recipe.

    We may have met by chance…but we become friends by choice.

  3. Looks great! I’m curious, do you think you could substitute light mayo?

    • Andrea, you can absolutely substitute the mayo for light mayo. I read another blog where they did light mayo and light sour cream and still loved it. Thanks for your comment! Deb – The Oldest

  4. Never tried making my own dressing before, but this looks really good. Saving it for another day. :)

    • Emily….you can do it! I promise! If you try it, I’d love to know how it worked for you. Thanks so much for stopping by! Deb – The Oldest

  5. Why are ALL your pictures in the posts sooo stretched out that you can’t make out the photo?? I just joined your blog and really enjoy it. This has never happened on any other blogs. Could you please give me some suggestions as to why this is happening? Thanks!

    • Ellie, we are looking into that. We’ve never had someone tell us that they’ve had that problem before and we are so sorry that is happening to you! We sure appreciate the heads up and we are hoping to have that fixed right soon! Thanks so much! Deb – The Oldest

    • Ellie, I did something different with the first picture in my post today. Are you able to view it correctly? I have been researching this problem and this is one of the solutions that I am hoping might work for you. If you see this comment, let me know! Thanks so much. Deb – The Oldest

  6. Debbie

    Yummy!! Making this tonight!! Question are you using fresh parsley, or dried parsley? I’d like to assume dry since you are storing the dry mix to use many times {not in the fridge?}

    • Hi Colleen! I only had dried on hand so I just used that. I’d love to hear how you like it. I promise you won’t be disappointed! Deb – The oldest

  7. Any idea of how long this can be stored in the fridge? Looks yummy!

    • Hi Tina! I’ve kept my dry ingredients in the frig for MONTHS and it still makes up tasting nice and fresh. Once made, I would guess around 6-8 weeks? I’ll have to check next time! Thanks so much for stopping by! Deb – The Oldest

  8. I just made this and it tastes great! I’m putting it in the fridge now. Will putting it in the fridge help it thicken up? It seems a little too runny right now to use for salads. If the fridge won’t thicken it up, do you have suggestions on how I can achieve the thicker dressing?

    • Hi Eric! Mine does thicken up in the fridge and I’ve made this a ton of times and it has never been runny. If you’d like it thicker, I would add a little more of either mayo or sour cream. I’m so glad you like it!


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