Indoor SmOreos

Indoor SmOreos

Last weekend was the church’s annual campout for all the Dads and their sons. From the stories they tell when they get home, I know it is a great time but for us Jones girls, we live for our annual Girls Night. It always includes an order or two of mozzarella sticks, a movie, pedicures and then everyone sleeping in Mom’s bed together.
Amazing s'mores made with Oreos and no camping required for this recipe!

One of the reasons my boys love going camping with their Dad is because he breaks out all their favorite junk food that Mom just won’t buy for them. Chips, pop, candy, cookies, hot dogs, donuts and anything else they request!

This year, when the boys returned from their cold, wet campout, I decided to take a few of those junk food leftovers and turn them into a great camping treat without having to venture outside in the cold and rain….Indoor S’mOreos were born :)

Indoor SmOreos

Who needs to suffer through the smoke, bugs, cold and rain when you can have it all right in the comfort of your home?

Indoor SmOreos

  • Oreos
  • Hershey’s bars
  • Mini marshmallows

Place your oven rack to the highest position and turn your broiler on high. Separate the Oreos and lay them open onto a cookie sheet. Place two squares of chocolate on top of the frosted side of the cookie, then top with 5 mini marshmallows. Place under the broiler for 2 minutes, until the marshmallows are golden brown. Remove from the oven and replace the top of the cookie.

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