The Magic Way to Clean Your Windows

How long do you think it should take to clean two full sliding glass doors and 8 large windows? I’m talking about start to finish, sparkling, no streaks  no spots, clean? I’ve tried using newspapers (make sure you wear rubber gloves or you will get ink all over your hands and it still leaves streaks). I’ve tried using a professional cleaning tool with the sponge scrubber and squeegee. I still ended up with at least one streak on several windows. I finally decided it was best to ignore the streaks because getting perfectly cleaned windows was an impossibility. Then I found this pin from 33 Barefoot Lane.

Magic Way to Clean Your Windows

Here is the cleaning solution:

1/2 gallon warm water

1 Tablespoon liquid ‘Jet Dry’ (You can purchase it HERE.)

2-3 Tablespoons laundry detergent (liquid dissolves easier) or dish washing soap

Mix all ingredients above. Spray windows down with your hose. Wipe or brush onto windows, then immediately hose off your window. That’s it! You are now done. The remaining water will sheet off. No towel drying is needed.

This sounded too good to be true, so I had to put it to the test. I sprayed my windows, cleaned them and then rinsed them down. Here is what 2 windows  looked like before completing drying.

This window had one large water drip down the middle.Magic Way to Clean Your Windows

This window had a lot of wet spots left on it right after being cleaned and then rinsed with the hose.Magic Way to Clean Your Windows

I was certain that this pin was going to be a “Flop”. I finished up some other chores and came back 30 minutes later to see what happened with the windows.  I was thrilled to find that the streak and the spots had dried leaving  perfectly cleaned windows!!!! So back to my question, how long does it take to clean 2 full sliding glass doors and 8 large windows? 9 minutes flat! Needless to say I will never clean my windows with any other method!

You got it….This Pin Totally Rocks!


One of our readers commented and asked how this cleaning method will work if using hard water. Hard water contains magnesium and calcium that leaves small hard white spots on windows. These white spots most often come from the sprinkler system and splashes from the kitchen and bathroom sinks. After time it can become difficult to remove the spots. If you have a build up of these white spots and your normal cleaning solution will not remove them, try the following process.  First, make sure remove all dust from the windows or they will become scratched during the cleaning process (once the dust is removed it will be easier to see the white spots).  Second, using a solution of 50% water and 50% vinegar, clean the windows and then rinse them off.

If the spots are really tough to remove, your best option is to use undiluted vinegar.  Put vinegar in a spray bottle, then spray a large area of the window and clean until clear. Rinse your micro fiber cloth until the water runs clean before cleaning the next section of window. You can also use a small, soft brush if needed. Scrub gently and dab the brush into the vinegar as needed. When the windows are clean, be sure to rinse off all of the vinegar.

Once you have your white spots removed, use my magic cleaning method for clean window maintenance. With regular window cleaning you can avoid the white spots from returning and building up. (Go here to read the full article on hard water window cleaning.)

Thanks  Jeane for asking about cleaning windows with hard water!

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  1. Melissa keese says:

    Just to be clear. You use dish detergent as in the kind used in the sink rather than dishwasher liquid (like cascade) that is put into a dish washer. I am trying this today THANK YOU!

    • This is the best solution, no pun intended, like have discovered in 20 years on the net

      • Just tried it on our windows…followed directions exactly and “HORRIBLE RESULTS” We’ve never had our windows turn out so cloudy and gross..what a mess. Husband is now out there redoing them using some vinegar water and squeegee to hopefully cut the “magic cleaning mixture”!!

        Was the directions posted incorrectly…sure didn’t see any results like what is shown here!!! Darn!!!

        • Jeri,

          So sorry to hear that this method did not work for you! There are a couple of reasons that might have had something to do with this method failing. 1. If you know who manufactured your windows go their website and see what they recommend using to clean your windows. Readers have mentioned that this method does not always work the newer windows. 2. Cut the dishwashing soap amount in half or less than half. 3. Some people found that washing their windows in the morning or evening when it is cooler worked better. My apologies to your husband for causing him extra work on your windows!

          Thanks for following us and commenting! Tracy (the middle sister)

          • what would be the best way to rinse the windows if you are using this mixture for inside the house

          • Lucy,

            I haven’t used this cleaning solution on the inside of my windows. You could try a large spray bottle of water and place a towel at the bottom of the window to absorb extra water from rinsing. Let me know how it works for you! Tracy – (the middle sister)

          • Jeri,
            Like you, mine turned out horrible as well. I ended up going to the store to buy Windex Outdoor Cleaner. I think the issue was I should have used DAWN. Instead, I followed the directions using “laundry” detergent. Ugh…..Not sure if I will try it again with DAWN or not.

        • This didn’t work for me, either. So bummed. For inside windows and mirrors (black stove too and granite counters, too) I use Weiman aerosol stainless steel cleaner. I have never used anything so streakless in my life. I’m just mad I went 37 years without trying this lol. It’s amazing.

          • Misti,

            Darn, sorry to hear this method did not work for you. We have had a few followers comment that this method does not always work on newer windows. If you live in an area with hard water the post has been updated with a hard water cleaning solution that removes hard water build up on outside windows. I’m glad to hear that you found something that works, I’ve never heard of Weiman aerosol stainless steel cleaner. I’m glad it’s bringing you so much streak free happiness. Thanks so much for leaving a comment. Hope you have a great weekend, Tracy (the middle sister)

        • Nancy Helsel says:

          Me, too….have a bunch of windows so mixed up a double batch. Did not work on the first two so added a little extra jet dry. Ended up having to hand dry each one. But, I have to say they still turned out cleaner and more streak free than if I had used ‘windex’

    • Works really well. I did a slight modification that made life very easy. I took a used up Windex window and patio cleaner bottle that hooks up to a hose. I used a more concentrated mixture(less water) and it worked perfectly. Wife washed the windows with the mixture, I scrubbed then she rinsed. Fast and efficient way to clean the windows. George

      • George,

        You are now the second person to use the cleaner bottle method on the hose, brilliant idea! I’m going to purchase one just for cleaning the windows! Thanks for sharing your idea and following us! Tracy

    • There is a picture of Dawn dish washing detergent but the recipe says laundry detergent. Could that be why it works for some and not others depending on whether they went by the picture or the instructions? I thinking it should be dish washing soap.

      • Hi Kim,

        The recipe reads 2-3 tablespoons laundry detergent (liquid dissolves easier) or dishwashing soap. You can use laundry detergent or dishwashing soap. Since I only included dishwashing soap in the photo I can see where it was confusing. Hope you give it a try, makes window washing so much easier! Have a great day, Tracy

  2. Jeni {} says:

    Awesome! I just got new windows and will try this when they get dirty. Pinning now!

  3. Carole Jones says:

    Ok Tracy, if this really works, you will easily become my favorite Wixom sister even if Sherri is a Walter. I have 32 windows in my home that look great until the sun shines through and I see streaks. I am totally putting my faith in you :)

    • Carole,

      I CAN’T wait to become your favorite Wixom Sister! Let’s see, it took me 9 minutes to clean 8 large windows + 2 full sliding glass door windows. You should get your 32 windows clean in about 30 minutes. What are you going to do for the rest of your day? One word PEDICURE! Tracy – The Middle Child

  4. Sounds too good to be true…at the same time, I sure hope this works! At present, I tend to avoid windows, because of the streaking frustration.

  5. How would you do this for the window glass on the inside for really tall windows?

    • Sheila says:

      I would LOVE to know if anyone has figured out a way to use this method indoors, because no matter what product or method I’ve used so far, I always get streaks! I think I’m going to try putting down towels on the window-seals, fill a spray bottle with water, mist the windows with water, wash with the above solution and mist with water again. Might need to try a squeegee & dry towel to finish up….hope it works!!

      • Sheila,

        Great idea! I would cut the dishwashing soap down to 1 or 1 1/2 tbsp. It should still work just as well but require a smaller amount of water for rinsing. Please let us know how it turns out!

        Tracy – The Middle Child

      • putting a towel down in exactly how the professional guys do it when they clean my windows. They put the towel down – spray down the window and use a squeegee – wiping in between each swipe they make on the window.

      • I just used the solution and a squeegee. Not one streak

      • I use a paper coffee filter last and never have streaks!

      • The best thing I have ever used on windows is Lestoil and hot water . . . never a streak or water spots. I put about one cup of Lestoil in a pail. I use a cloth to wash the windows and a clean, cotton cloth to dry. I have 9 sets of patio doors. When cleaning the outside I use the same solution with a squeegee on a pole. It’s great.

        I have also used the Jet Dry solution if I’m in a hurry, but my old standby of Lestoil and hot water works better, in my mind.

        • Hi Jacquie!

          Thanks for the tip about Lestoil, this is the first time I have heard of it. With 9 sets of patio doors you have your work cut out for you! Thanks again for sharing and sure glad you follow us, best, Tracy

        • What is Lestoil and where can it be found?

    • Just use a squeegee on a long handle. The window guy that does our shop uses a mixture of Dawn and water and just squeegees it off. The windows look great.

      • Cyndy,

        Wish I had a window guy to do all my windows for me! Nice to know that there is another option for streak free windows. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Tracy – The Middle Child

  6. Jeanne says:

    What if rinsed with hard water?

  7. Thank you! I have to try this one….my windows are horribly dirty and my sliding glass doors, well, dog slobbered…..with this quick and easy method I might be able to clean them more often and see out my door. :)

    • Mine was new construction, never washed in three years. I bought a large brittle sponge with a handle molded in to it. Used that to apply wonder solution. Dirt and grit gone, no streaks

  8. Ok, I’m confused. You say to use laundry or dishwasher detergent, yet the photo shows Dawn dishwashing liquid. Which do I use? Thanks.

    • Karen,

      Thanks for bringing that to may attention! You want to use dishwashing soap not dishwashing detergent. (I changed the post to read “dishwashing soap” instead of “dishwasher detergent”.) You are going to love your streak free windows :-) Tracy – The Middle Child

      • This is spectacular. Washer wanted $850 to do 26 windows and 4 patio doors. I did it myself with your formula. It took some time, however they are gorgeous. Never thought I would get excited over a clean window. LOL
        Thank you , Ron

        • Ron,

          So glad to hear that this worked so well for you! Having clean windows with less effort is the best! Tracy – The Middle Sister

  9. Where can I buy jet dry

    • Hey Ann,

      I have found Jet Dry at Target, Walmart and Safeway. Hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend! Tracy – The Middle Child

      • Hi thought I replied to you I live in Manchester England
        I don’t think we have a Walmart here
        Mother’s Day is March here but thank you
        And have a happy Mother’s Day to you and your family

        • Ann,

          Sorry I didn’t respond sooner, I’ve been gone all day with sports for my kids. You can get Jet Dry on Amazon.UK, of course they are out of stock right now! I’m contacting Reckitt Benckiser (they manufacture Jet Dry) to find out where you can buy it in the UK. I will not hear back from them until next week. I’ll let you know when they respond. Tracy – The Middle Child

          • Hi Tracy thank you so much I noticed amazon where out of stock
            Hope you enjoyed the sports also thank you for contacting reckitt

    • Marie Foster says:

      You can get JetDry most any place that sells dishwasher detergent. ( in USA)

  10. I am wondering if this solution will be hard on plants below the windows?

    • Hi Nancy!

      Yes, the solution would be hard on the plants below your windows. I would cover the plants with a tarp before cleaning to protect them. When you are done cleaning carefully remove the tarps, then water your plants and the surrounding area just to be safe. Tracy – The Middle Child

  11. Unfortunately, spraying a window with a hose should never ever be done. It will invalidate any warranty on your windows and you risk breaking the seal. All water on a window should come from above, so wet & rinse your windows with a hose (no nozzle) or a bucket of water from the top of the window down.

    • Julie,

      Thanks for the tip, great to hear that this method can still work by using a bucket of water or your hose without the nozzle. Tracy – The Middle Child

  12. Mrs Sandra NZ says:

    I have an even easier, no chemical, quick way. We use a top quality microfibre cloth, you get them for your flat screen tv or computer screen. Rinse in cold water. Start at top of window, inside or out, wipe across, then back across, rinse when needed and proceed. Water kind of beads up and then dries leaving no streaks or marks. I love not having to use products. Hope this is helpful to you.

    • Sandra,

      Glad to hear that this no chemical method works for you. Thanks for stopping by and commenting, we love getting feedback from our followers! Tracy – The Middle Child

    • You can get a large supply of microfiber cloths (I use them for all of my cleaning!) at Sam’s or Costco. Do NOT use fabric softener in the wash with them or you’ll never have streak-free again!

  13. The new Pella windows you use only vinegar and water. Anything else will cause a film build up. If you have new windows be sure to check the cleaning instructions.

    • Sheryl,

      Thanks for the great tip on proper cleaning of new Pella windows! It is always good to check the manufacturers warranty/instructions before trying a new cleaning method.
      Have a great day! Tracy – The Middle Child

  14. Just used this solution on my windows here in northern Michigan. I am so happy with the results!!!! Thanks.

    • Hey Carrie,

      I’m so pleased to hear that you are happy with the results! Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Have a great week! Tracy – The Middle Child

  15. Jessica Mccready says:

    Has anyone had success with inside windows yet? Just curious – I tried on some of my outside ones and it worked very well :)

    • Jessica,

      Great to hear this worked for you! I’ll have to search Pinterest for a good way to get the inside of the windows clean and streak free. Tracy – The Middle Child

    • For insides of windows without streaks use e-cloths…I use 2 clothes: 1 wet with water to wipe off prints and clean, and another dry one to wipe the window down to dry.

  16. Dawn P. says:

    Well I tried it with exactly what you said to use and it totally didnt work. I have spots everywhere. It was a bright sunny day so I started washing exactly as you said with exact products.. My windows look worse then when I started. So thanks for the tip guess my windows didnt like it.

    • Dawn,

      So sorry to hear that this didn’t work for your windows. I have two ideas for you. If you have hard water try using Lemi-Shine instead of the Jet Dry. If you try this method again do it when the sun is not shining directly on the windows. This will give the rinse aid more time to dry without spotting. Thanks commenting on your results. Tracy – The Middle Child

    • If you have newer windows you may only be able to use vinegar or vinegar water. Pella windows and other windows are now saying not to use anything else or it will cause a build up and spots. But it may also because you cleaned them on a sunny day.

  17. Did not work great for me, either. Nothing replaces a squigee.

    • Lori,

      Thanks for trying this cleaning method and commenting. Sorry to hear that it didn’t work for you. If you have hard water, Lemi-Shine instead of Jet Dry does a great job. Good thing a squeegee works so well on your windows! Have a great day :-) Tracy – The Middle Child

  18. I used this method on some really large windows on a sun porch (in the south) with great results. I mixed the solution in a 5 gal bucket then swabbed it on the windows with a sponge mop, then hosed it off! Great results. I even did them through the screens and they came out sparkling. I do have soft water

    • Anne,

      I’m so happy to hear that this worked so well on your sun porch windows! I’ve never made it to the south, I would love to visit there someday! Have a great week. Tracy – The Middle Child

  19. lemons2lemonade says:

    I’ve been doing this for the last couple of years. Such a time saver and so easy to always have clean windows! Then… one day I was washing the car and had a light bulb moment. I washed the car as usual with dishwashing liquid in my bucket of water and rinsed well. Then emptied the bucket, filled with fresh water and . . . a good squirt of Jet Dry. Because I have a van, it is hard to reach the top so I used a big plastic cup and threw cupfuls on the top of car, then drizzled the rest of the bucket down the sides and hood of the car. I rinsed well and the car was as shiny as my windows!! It’s the only way I wash the car now, just like the windows!

    • You are BRILLIANT! What an awesome idea to use this method on your cars. I can’t wait to try it! Thanks for sharing. Tracy – The Middle Child

    • LOL, I was looking for someone to say they used it on their car! I hate drying my car. I’ll try it!

  20. Kimberly Mathes says:

    What about the inside of your car window?

    • Hi Kimberly,

      I have yet to find the perfect window cleaning method for the inside of your car windows! Guess I’d better head on over to Pinterest and find one! I’m open to suggestions! Tracy – The Middle Child

  21. Does anyone have suggestions on how to wash second story windows that are dirty and have lots of spider webs? They’re on the back of the house and just about inaccessible by ladder, and unfortunately are older models that don’t open inward to allow cleaning.

  22. I use just rubbing alcohol in a sprayer. Its cheap at the dollar store and works very well. spray on, wash and rinse. no mixing..Use it on my car windows the same .

    • Chris,

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I’ll have to give this a try on the inside of my windows! Have a great day. Tracy – The Middle Child

  23. Beverly says:

    To get hard water stains off my glass shower doors I use a recipe I found from Pinterest. Take one cup vinegar and heat in the microwave, pour into a spray bottle, add one cup blue dawn dish soap. Spray on hard water stains, minimal scrubbing required (depends on how bad the staining is) then rinse off. I use a squeegee then but I’m going to try following up with a spray of this jet dry mixture instead to see how it goes.

  24. Used this on my bay window and ended up with a dull film and the streaks of water running down the window didn’t dry clear :-) I’m so disappointed as I was hoping this was the answer to my prayer.

    • Becky,

      Use half of the recommended amount of Dawn and it might work still work for you!. Thanks for giving it a try and commenting. Tracy – The Middle Child

  25. This was a big failure for me. I ended up with water spots. I clean my windows regularly so I know they were not there before. Was sure hoping I had fund a way to avoid dragging a ladder around but I guess not.

  26. Kris Ekeler says:

    I tried it and it works great! I used an old Swiffer Mop (that had openings on all four corners to tuck the rag into) to wash with. It’s long enough to reach my windows. I tried it with 3 T of Dawn, it was probably a little soapy so next time I’ll just use two. Besides it working so well, I didn’t have go to the store to buy anything special, I had it all in the cupboard. Thank you, I will always do it this way.

    • Thrilled to hear it worked for you too! Thanks for letting us know. Love it when you already have everything.

  27. Well, I was very optimistic, as I embarked on cleaning my windows. But . . . didn’t get the results others have had. I even took to washing and rinsing twice thinking that perhaps my windows were just super dirty. They are clean now, and that is a big plus, but they have spots, not a ton, but some. Perhaps our harder water causes the water not to sheet off as well as softer waters.

    • Karen,

      Try using Lemi-Shine instead of the Jet-Dry. Lemi-Shine is specially formulated for hard water! Hope it works for you! Tracy – The Middle Child

  28. My mom and I just tried this on our bay window, and unfortunately it’s absolutely covered in water spots :( I guess we’ll be moving on to vinegar now!

    • Megan,

      So sorry this didn’t work for your bay window. Hope you have better results with the vinegar :-) Tracy

    • Some window manufactors cleaning guidelines have changed. I have older windows and this works perfectly for mine. But I clean for a living and a couple of manufactures guidelines are vinegar water or straight vinegar. It will leave spots and a film. They are also saying not to use Ammonia or any soap on some of the newer windows. I clean for a living and have to check everything.

      • Sherrie,

        Several people have pointed out that newer windows need to be cleaned according the the manufacturers guidelines. It is always best to double check before you clean your windows. Thanks for the great information! Tracy – The Middle Sister

  29. For those that live in hard water areas – if you have a water softener then be sure to fill hour bucket/container with soft water from an inside faucet versus an outside spiget. This will likely help the spotting problem during the drying stage.

    • Superbee,

      Thanks for letting everyone know how to cut out the spotting problem during drying if you have a water softener for hard water! So glad you took the time to comment. Tracy – The Middle Sister

  30. I was really hoping this would work but we ended up with a film on all the windows. We have a water softener so maybe I should have cut the detergent in half???

    • Dawn,

      I agree that cutting the detergent in half should make a big difference. Hope your windows are film free on the second try! Thanks for stopping by and commenting! Tracy – The Middle Sister

      • Sherrie says:

        If you have newer windows the only thing you can use on them is vinegar and water or straight vinegar. Especially newer Pella Windows. It will leave a film. On my windows it works terrific they are older. If you have newer windows google the name such as Pella windows cleaning guidelines to see if your windows fall in this category.

        • Sherrie,

          Thanks for the great tip about Pella Windows. Vinegar is cheaper than Jet Dry which means clean windows for less! Have a great weekend. Tracy – The Middle Child

  31. Morgan Webster says:

    I can’t believe jet dry is so impossible to find or buy in the UK its in any store u walk in in the us right down to the smallest department stores. I can always be your Amazon and send you bottles:) I idolize this whole window idea its fantasic. so if u ever need jet dry let me know. lol thank u for the brilliance :)
    Morgan Webster

    • Morgan,

      You are so welcome! We love it when anyone thinks we are brilliant! Folks in the UK can get Jet Dry from Amazon, sadly it is a hit or miss item for them. Have a great week. Tracy – The Middle Sister

  32. Aproncook says:

    hey you think this would work on your car??

    • Yes, we have one reader who has been using this method to wash her car for years! Let us know if it works for you as well. Tracy – The Middle Sister

  33. Courtney says:

    Plain water and a pillow case for indoors has amazing results. Learned that trick from hotel housekeepers.

    • Courtney,

      I’ve never heard of this method before, but it would be worth a try! Thanks for the tip. Tracy – The Middle Sister

  34. I don’t understand using a hose on the windows. Why use a hose (cold or hot water) and when do you use the solution. Please explain.

    • Edith,

      First, use your hose to rinse off your windows, second, use the cleaning solution to clean your windows, third, rinse the cleaning solution off with your hose. This method works best when there is little or no sun shining on your windows. This gives the Jet Dry plenty of time to “sheet” the water off your windows before drying. Good luck and let us know how it works for you! Tracy – The Middle Sister

  35. Tricia Sherry says:

    I tried this out in the am before the sun was shining on my slider and bay window and had great success! We had installed a water softener system (kind of a big step but seems worth it since we have HARD water and are getting a bathroom redone), used inside water, had the Lemmi Shine Rinse and wished I used the rest up on the patio table top! Now the inside of the slider and bay window are next! Thanks so much.

    • Tricia,

      I’m so glad to hear that this worked so well for you! I think you were very wise to install a water softener system. Thanks for commenting! Tracy – The Middle Sister

  36. I just finished doing my windows and they look the best ever. Just wish you would come up with something for the inside windows

    • Linda,

      I’m so happy your windows look so good! I’m still looking for a pin to test on the inside windows. Thanks for trying this method and commenting. Have a great week! Tracy – The Middle Sister

      • Try the microfiber cloths for inside windows using one wet clothe to clean and one to wipe dry or use a white cotton cloth to dry.
        They work well and makes a quick job of it. Pinterest addict

    • Try the window cloths from Norwex!! One wet cloth to clean and a dry polish cloth. No streaks, no chemicals, works amazing on all window and glass!!!

      • Hey Maggie,

        Ohhh, I will look into these right away, they sound wonderful! Thanks for the great tip, Tracy (the middle sister)

        • The Norwex cloths are just microfiber cloths only way overpriced. The ones from Walmart or just about anywhere will do. I get mine in the auto section where I get them in bundles for a cheaper price.

  37. Haven’t seen this recipe before, but it sounds like it works. Will have to give it a try. Thanks!

  38. I haven’t used the exact jet dry recipe you have on here but I used dawn soap, hot water and jet dry in a bowl and wiped off all my counters. I don’t know the exact amount I used. I have black tile counters, they came out so nice. I didn’t have to clean them and then wipe them dry. Windex works on them but I don’t get as nice a shine. I also used this on my inside windows and it worked I don’t see any streaks. I’m going to try the recipe for spraying the outside windows, all of mine need it.

    • Sharon,

      Using this method on your counters is a great tip! Thanks for sharing it with us and enjoy your clean windows. Tracy – The Middle Sister

  39. This method did not work well for me – lots of spots remained. I made a remix of the solution – vinegar, water, a large shot of jet dry and no detergent. And my handy dandy microfiber clothes. I dipped a cloth into the solution, wrung out so not dripping wet, cleaned the windows. The solution began to dry quickly and required only a minimum of drying with a second microfiber clothe – windows spotless and no streaks!

    • Linda,

      Darn! Sorry to hear this did not work well for you. This method works best when there is little or no sun shining on your windows. If you wash your windows during the hottest time of day in direct sunlight the sun will dry the cleaning solution before it can complete the sheeting process. I’m glad you found another way to get your windows spotless! Thanks for sharing your results with us! Tracy – The Middle Child

  40. The window cleaning magic worked wonders !! We are seniors (plus) and the minimal effort resulted in sparkly, streak-free windows. Thank you !!

    • Diane,

      I’m thrilled to hear that you had such great results with your windows! I love any cleaning method that requires less effort and still gives excellent results. Thanks for following us and for you comment :-)

  41. So I have 35 windows in my house…..used your recipe to clean about half of them today and when all was said and done, there were spots left on the windows :( any suggestions to fix this next time? (I have to say I enjoyed how quick the window clean went!!)

    • Hi Tammy! Thirty five windows?!? You need this to work! Our readers have found they get the best results when they do this early or late in the day. Not in the heat of the day. That gives the jet dry a chance to work before the sun can dry it too quickly. We sure hope this will help you save some time with all of those windows.

  42. I tried this method on the outside of my sun porch windows this morning. I started at 11:00 and was finished in about 40 minutes. Things worked just the opposite of what you said. My windows getting more sunlight dried spot free and looked great but the windows in the shade or indirect sun started to dry with spots, so while there was still some beading left I finished drying the two spotty windows with a few pieces of papertowel. They look great!!!

  43. I think I’m trying this on the glass panels of my bathroom shower. Seriously, if this keeps those clean? I’ll be a happy girl.

    • Kyna,

      I’m with you on this one, I would LOVE it if it worked on the shower doors as well. Let us know how it goes! Tracy – The Middle Sister

  44. Pauline cambridge says:

    Did my front door and door wall. Worked well for me. I had streaks but once the windows were dry the streaks were gone. It also took care of all the spider droppings around the doors.

    • Pauline,

      I’m happy to hear that it worked so well for you. How nice that it also took care of the spider droppings! Have a great day! Tracy – The Middle Sister

  45. Didn’t work. Cloudy & spotty!

    • Michele,

      I’m sorry to hear that his method did not work for you! If you want to try it again, cut the dishwashing soap in half and see if you get better results. Hopefully this will give you beautiful clean windows. Thanks for commenting! Tracy – The Middle Sister

  46. Is this safe for plants?

    • Diana,

      No, it would not be safe for your plants. You could cover your plants with a tarp, and then rinse the ground around them after washing and rinsing your windows. I would test it on one window/plant to see how the plant will react. Good luck! Tracy – The Middle Sister

  47. The entire back wall of my house is windows floor to ceiling. I was so excited to read this pin and try it – rather than hiring my window washer. I tried a few of the window sections and waited. Unfortunately, I still got spots. Then I used a squeegy (?) on some, and it helped. But in the end I had to spot clean. Still – it did help speed up the process. :)

    • Marian,

      Here are a couple of things that might help next time. Try and wash your windows at a cooler time of day with indirect sunlight. Drop the amount of the Dawn dishwashing detergent to half and see if that helps. Glad you gave it a try, but sad to hear that it didn’t work well for you. Thanks for stopping by! Tracy – The Middle Sister

  48. Marie Foster says:

    How would you go about cleaning the inside of windows with this? I have a hard time getting streak free windows even on inside.

    • Bernice Brown says:

      I use a solution of vinegar, rubbing alcohol, cornstarch and hot water. It is amazing. I spray on, wipe with damp cloth and then paper towel dry. They are absolutely streak free and almost invisible!

  49. How do you know how long to rinse the windows for after? I used the solution and was left for some streaks. Im not sure why and thought maybe I didn’t rinse long enough or maybe I rinsed too long? Would this solution work with just jet dry alone and not using the dishwashing soap?

    • Kathy,

      I rinsed mine just long enough to get the suds off. Try cutting the dish soap in half and see if that helps. Thanks for stopping by! Tracy – The Middle Sister

  50. Bernice Brown says:

    I am absolutely amazed. I always dreaded cleaning my 30 windows but now it’s a breeze. My windows in the front are absolutely gorgeous and with little effort. I plan on cleaning windows a lot more often now instead of waiting until the grime is so thick I am embarrassed:-) Thanks again for the hint.

    • Bernice,

      I am so happy to hear that this worked so well for you! Thanks for dropping by and commenting. Have a great day, Tracy – The Middle Sister

  51. i m searching about this topic and i found your blog its very nice and informative stuff here

  52. I’m going to try this but do you know if I can put it in a spray bottle to use on the inside windows?

    • Brandi,

      I would cut the Dawn in half if you try it on the inside windows. You will be the first to try this, let us know how it turns out! Tracy (the middle sister)

  53. As someone who cleans windows for a living – believe it or not many high rise window cleaners use Dawn dish soap. Just a fun fact. If you have a hard time removing hard water stains or your windows haven’t been cleaned in years, consider hiring a local window cleaner – good for them and the local economy. If you are set on a DIY – a simple recommendation is to use distilled water as a final rinse vs. hose water, this way you avoid hard water spots. (try it on your car)

    -JRWC Window Cleaner Keller

  54. Hi Tracy l live in Aust. Can l use any rince aid as we do not have jet dry her

  55. Found this method was ok only if you squeeged the windows after rinsing them. I tried leaving them with just the rinse, but upon drying they started showing solid signs of spotting again. So not as easy as led to believe.

    • I’m sorry to hear that the window washing method did not work for you. We have had several comments explaining that it does not work as well on some of the newer windows. Thanks for giving it a try and commenting on your results.

      Have a great week! Tracy (the middle sister)

  56. I just tried it this morning. I have soft water and mixed it according to directions I am very disappointed with the results. It streaked and spotted and I had to go over the windows the old fashioned way.

    • Hi Bob,

      I am sorry to hear that this has caused you more work and I am sure added frustration! We have had several people share some tips about their failure as well. It seems that some of the newer windows do not do well with this cleaning method. Some people have found that cutting the Dawn in half yields great results, and some people found washing the windows without direct sunlight wprks great. If you have hard water then Lemi Shine will work better than Jet Dry.

      Thanks for trying it out and commenting on your results. Have a great week! Tracy (the middle child)

  57. It’s more work but, after washing windows try drying them with a crushed up page of newspaper, don’t make sense but something about the ink wipes away streaks, leaves windows sparkling. An old fashioned thing.

  58. I think the reason some people (like some of my windows) had trouble is because this doesn’t work in direct sunlight. Back of the house in the shade? Perfect! Side of the house in the sun? Streak city!! I had to wait till twilight and redo them! Worked great out of the sun.

    • Andrea,

      So glad to hear that you figured out how to get this to work on all your windows! Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Tracy (the middle sister)

  59. I had a window replaced from a broken seal. The guy that I hired, told me NOT to spray my windows with a hose because it can break the seals in my windows.

    • We have heard that newer windows have manufacturer’s directions saying not to use a hose. Works great on my oldies, though! Thanks for sharing this info, Deb. Good for everyone to know when deciding if this method will work for them.

  60. Will this method also work to clean auto windshield, specifically the interior?

    • We have had people use on the outside of their car with success. To use it on the inside, it would probably work well in a spray bottle and clean as usual. If you give it a try, we would love to hear your results! Best of luck, Steve!


    • Hi Adelle,

      I’m thrilled to hear this worked so well for you! Now you have more time to go and do something more enjoyable that washing windows. Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting. Tracy – (the middle sister)

  62. Just saw this blog. Cant wait to try this in the spring. We just bought a house with a living room that is 30′ wide, cathedral ceiling and the whole wall straight to the peak of windows. Cleaned 3 windows tonight with just windex and my arm was KILLING me and it took about 15 min.. Only 10 windows and 2 sliding glass doors to go. Ugh…

    • Wow, that sounds like a beautiful home! But we feel ya about the windows. We hope this will help you with your spring cleaning. It is the perfect time of year to try this method!

  63. andrea alzmann says:

    We live in an Eichler. 3/4 of the house is top to bottom windows. I tried this out myself and in no time at all had beautiful, spotless windows. Thank you!! Can’t wait for the next time I get to clean windows. Only wish I could use it on the inside as well.

  64. Aloha! I own a professional janitorial and maintenance business. We’ve been using a 2 gallon garden sprayer filled with 1 cup ammonia, 1 quart rubbing alcohol, 1 tablespoon of concentrated Dawn, and water to the 2 gallon mark to wash windows with great results. However, sometimes a squeegee gets nicked and you leave a few streaks on the windows… I’m hoping with the addition of Jet Dry to our “Secret Formula,” the streaks will be forever eliminated! We only work in commercial shopping centers and we don’t have access to hot water. We’re hoping this will work with cold water just as well! I promise to get back to you on this! May the Aloha Force be with you!

    • Aloha! Don, thanks for sharing your “Secret Formula” with us. I can’t wait to hear how adding the Jet Dry works for you.
      We are so glad you are one of our followers, thanks for commenting! I’m going to have a great day because I have the “Aloha Force” with me! Tracy – (the middle sister)

  65. If you have issues with hard water spots the best and easiest way to get rid of them is HOT undiluted vinegar. Get it as hot as you can stand and wipe the Windows down with it. Let it sit for a minute or two and then wipe again the spots should wipe right off. No scrubbing required.
    This also works on shower doors and faucet buildup. Just wrap a rag around the faucet and pour the hot vinegar over it let it sit for 10-20 min and it turns the white buildup to mush.

    • L,

      Thanks for the tips on using HOT undiluted vinegar, I have not heard that before and will be trying it out on my shower doors and faucets. Have a great week! Tracy (the middle sister)

  66. This worked out great for me. I have naturally soft water and used a squeegee. I also used the same solution indoors by first cleaning the window with the same solution on a well wrung out rag, and then squeegeeing. I used a rag to wipe up drips from the squeegee. One tip I would like to pass along. I have old gauze diapers that I always wash after using one time. I use minimal soap and NEVER use fabric softener. Line drying is best. Dirty rags make more work, so it is time well spent. And fabric softener on cleaning rags never clean as well due to a residual residue. I have 5 high windows that I will clean, and see if I can avoid a squeegee to save work. If not, this solution makes for fuss free squeegeeing. Thanks for this tip – so far this method has worked the best for me. But like I said, I do have soft water. If my water were hard, I would definitely use a squeegee. Experiment – that’s the only way to know for sure.

    • Darlene,

      I’m so happy to hear how well this method worked for you! I can’t wait to try it on the inside of my windows! Thanks so much for stopping in and sharing your results. Have a great week, Tracy (the middle sister)

  67. Lynn Fuhs says:

    Can this be used indoors since you can’t hose down the windows after you wash them?

    • Lynn,

      One of our followers used this solution on the inside of her windows and then used a squeegee. She said it worked great. Let us know if you give it a try.
      Thanks for commenting! Tracy – (the middle sister)

  68. How do you do the inside of your windows not using a hose

    • Sharon,

      One follower said she used a spray bottle to spray the cleaning solution on the inside of her windows and then used a squeegee to remove it. Let us know if that works for you. Thanks for commenting we love hearing from our followers! Hope you have a wonderful Easter, Tracy (the middle sister)

  69. Made a solution of 2 cups water, 2tsp of Dawn dish soap and 2 tsp Finish rinse agent and put all in a spray bottle. I used this on inside windows and wiped them with a micro fiber cloth. It worked great. I also cleaned the window sills. Haven’t tried it outside yet. I have older windows. The big test will be the patio doors that face the east. It’s a keeper if I have no streaks on those windows!!

    • Hi Terry,

      So many readers have asked about using this cleaning solution on the inside of their windows. I need to give this a try and update the post. Let us know how your patio doors turn out! Thanks for commenting it make our day! Tracy (the middle sister)

  70. Just use a antibacterial microfiber Norwex Envior cloth and water! No need for anything else.

    • Pat,

      I’ve never heard of Norwex Envior cloths before, I would love to have such a simple cleaning method that works. Thanks for the great suggestion. Tracy (the middle sister)

  71. Jessica Kulow says:

    For our hard water build-up, I sprayed the windows with the solution, then quickly wiped them with a dryer sheet, then rinsed. Windows look great. I use dryer sheets on my glass shower doors as well and haven’t had to scrub them in years.

    • Hi Jessica,

      You have inspired a new post for me, if using dryer sheets means not having to scrub my shower doors for years….I’m IN! I’m putting this on my posting schedule, thanks for the great tip and post idea! We really appreciate you taking the time to try this out and let us know your results! Tracy (the middle sister)

  72. Merrilyn Matthews says:

    This is amazing. Have just done all my outside windows which have not been done for years. Had some left over so I did my car as well!

    • Merrilyn,

      I’m thrilled this worked so well for you! Several people have mentioned using this solution to wash their cars also worked great. We love hearing from you, thanks for commenting! Tracy (the middle sister)

  73. Worked fantastic for me!! I live in the Outer Banks in North Carolina right between the ocean and the sound and get VERY SALTY windows!! Have tried EVERYTHING!! This was the fastest and easiest by far!!!

  74. Jet dry would be like all rinse aides that you would use in the final rinse of you dishwasher .. as for doing the inside windows use rinse aide only with water, spray on and squeegee off, worked for me here in Australia..

  75. I would love to try this. Have the Dawn but not the Jet Dry. A small bottle is almost $5 which I can’t afford since I am out of work. Does anybody have a DYI recipe for Jet Dry? Live in FL with very hard water.

  76. Let’s me try this Amazing DIY Window Cleaner. Though I have read some not so good results, the ingredients and the procedures seems so easy to produce. I will surely try this one since I’m having a headache cleaning my windows ever since then. I just hope it will work this time. Fingers crossed.

  77. Lorraine says:

    I just got done reading Amazing DIY Magic Window Cleaner sounds great for the outside of the windows. But how would you rinse( it’s not like you can hose indoors) the windows on the inside after using that cleaner? Just would like to know what you would do.

    • Lorraine,

      Several readers have reported that they cut the Dawn down by at least half, spray the solution on the inside of their windows and then squeegee it off. They place a towel on the window sill to catch the excess cleaning solution.

      If you give it a try let us know how it works for you!

      Tracy (the middle sister)

  78. Elizabeth says:

    Hi, Where there’s a will, there’s a way! We don’t get JetDry in South Africa, so i used a locally produced Dishwasher Rinse Aid, and added a bit of vinegar (1 tsp to a 300ml spray bottle) to the cleaning solution (our city has very hard water), my windows are the cleanest they have been since we moved to this house! I also tried it on the inside of the windows, with old towels down on the window sills. I used a basin of clean water with a microfibre cloth to wet the windows with water, and then a microfibre cloth to rub the windows lightly with after I sprayed the magic solution on. Then rinsed with the fresh water and microfibre cloth from the bowl I had started with. Shaded windows were more successful, and once the windows were about 99% dry I just took a clean dry microfibre cloth and rubbed lightly over any white hard water spots that had formed. Very easy though, and no streaks in sight – what a win! Thank you so much!!! I will experiment with different brands of Rinse Aids now to find the one that works best with the hard water, as we also don’t get LemiDry here either. I can’t believe what a time-saver this was. The windows would still have looked great even if I had left the hard water spots, they were barely noticeable, I have always thought the streaks showed up more than the spots did, and with your recipe – no streaks.

    • Hi Elizabeth,

      You are a double success story! I’m thrilled to hear how well this worked for you, it’s so great when you can spend less time cleaning and get great results. Comments like yours make our day, thank you so much for following us, trying our Magic Way to Clean your windows and leaving such a wonderful comment! Enjoy your clean windows – Tracy (the middle sister)

  79. Hi,
    Here’s one for you… I have French doors cleaned them both using the recipe as directed. The door that I clean the most ( doggie kisses) came out perfect, no steaks or spots! The other door dried with spots. Perhaps it does not have the residue of the usual window cleaner I use. Sure was easy to use and will definitely use it again!

    • April,

      I’m so glad this worked out so well for you. Hopefully the other door will not dry with spots on the second round, maybe you should get your dog to lick that door as well :-) Thanks for trying it out and leaving a comment. Best, Tracy

  80. Have a four year old house with thermal windows and unfortunately it didn’t work for me. It did not sheet off with the rinse. Was spotty, so clothed dried.

    • Jim,

      Darn, I sad to hear that this method didn’t save you any time when you cleaned your windows. Thanks for giving it a try and leaving a comment. Tracy

  81. WORKED GREAT! I used a microfiber mop to scrub before the rinse it was SOOOOO easy!

  82. I was skeptical but it worked!! No spots, no streaks!!

  83. Just tried it and it worked better than anything I’ve ever tried. I wish I could hose the inside! ty

    • Jean,

      I love comments like yours! I’m with you if only we could use a hose on the inside life would be that much easier! If you look through the other comments here you will find a few followers who have found some creative ways to use the window cleaning solution on the inside of the windows. Could be worth a try :) Hope you have an awesome weekend, Tracy

  84. Shandell says:

    Would this work on car Windows?

    • Shandell,

      If you look at some of the very first comments to this post you will find a comment from one follower who uses this cleaning solution every time she washes her SUV. She said it works beautifully! My answer would be yes it would work on your car windows. I would have to do further research to determine wether or not it is safe to use on car paint.

      Have a great day!


  85. We have 24 windows and have tried the cornstarch method, newspapers, vinegar, Windex, ammonia, squeegee, and we always gets streaks and spots. We hired a window washer one time. Eight windows are high up where we almost need to hang from the rafters, or use our little giant ladder. I think I found this link on FB and bookmarked it. I finally got around to trying it on the outside windows. Wow!!!! I never enjoyed washing windows as I did today, in the morning sun and in record time! I copied the comments on doing the inside windows and will try that tomorrow. I was smiling big time because it was easy, quick, and spotless! I used H2O’s heavy duty chiffonnette and 2T of their concentrated dish liquid soap and prob could’ve just used 1T. I can’t wait to do the inside! Thanks so much for sharing this!!

    • Thelma,

      Your comment makes may day, I’m so happy this worked so well for your windows! We would love to hear how it works on the inside of your windows. Glad we could help you out, Tracy

  86. Bill Barr says:

    This is amazing. One of the best home brew things ever. Windows are spotless.


    • Hi Bill!

      I’m so happy this worked so well for you! Clean windows with little effort are the best. Thanks for your comment, Tracy

  87. Isabelle says:

    I’ve been using similar method with windows by using less dishwashing liquid as it is merely to cut any greasy residue that might be on the window. It’s not the main cleaner (I use 1/3 of vinegar to the amount of water). Then add the jetdry as well.
    The window needs to be cool and not in direct sunlight. I use the same indoors but squeegee it off easily.
    enjoy your clean windows!
    p.s. using this on a car will harm the paint in the long run. The dishwashing soap is too harsh so imagine the vinegar.
    I use a waterless solution called drywash for my car. Cleans all hard surfaces safely and applies a glaze so water beads off after.

    • Hi Isabelle,

      Thanks for sharing your window cleaning solution, quite a few readers have asked about how to use it on the inside of their windows. I’m going to look for the car drywash you mentioned, sounds like a great idea! Thanks so much for leaving your comment, they make our day! Tracy

  88. I put the soap (2 tbsp) and Jetdry into an adjustable hose-end garden sprayer and set it to mix at 3oz per gallon. To rinse, I turn the mixing dial to off. Works like a charm! My third floor windows have never looked better. The only downside is that now, almost every morning, I wake up to a crazy bird pecking at his reflection in the glass.

    • Hi Lisa!

      Using an adjustable hose-end garden sprayer is a brilliant idea! Hmmm…about that bird, maybe you should try a life size poster of a scarecrow to discourage him! Thanks for following us and leaving your comment, Tracy

    • Put a picture of a bird of prey above or on the window. You can also try cutting up a Mylar balloon and placing the strings of it at the top of the window to show him it’s not a bird.

  89. just spent 30 minutes at the very most cleaning 15 windows and 2 sliders and I am thrilled…windows were never this easy with a squeegee thingo…never again, I will always use this method… 5stars! shame I cant squirt the hose around inside or I’d be doing that too

    • Tonia,

      I’m with you, I would be in heaven if I could simply hose the inside of my house down and call it clean! Sigh, guess we will have to be happy with the outside windows getting cleaned so easily :o) Thanks for commenting! Tracy

  90. I just tried this using a spray bottle instead of a hose (my balcony doesn’t have a hose spout) and I’ve got lots of whitish cloudy spots. I think it may be from hard water. I think next time I’ll try putting vinegar and water in the spray bottle and see if it changes the results.

    • Hi Emily!

      Vinegar is your best bet with hard water deposits, it should do the job. Once the hard water deposits are gone this cleaning method should work just fine for you! Best, Tracy

  91. I just tried this on my bay window, which is on the south side of my house, which gets very strong sun, which shows dirt, of which I
    I have 3 bird feeders, which the birds are beautiful, but seem to fly into the window and make a mess, so I will do this more than once during the summer. BUT IT REALLY WORKS and thats all I can say HaHa :)

    • Hey Linda!

      Now that you windows will be clean all the time the birds won’t know what hit them! So glad this worked for you, thanks for leaving your comment, Tracy

  92. Perfectly clean windows–Bucket of warm water-Add 1/2 to 1 cup Windex or any window cleaner. Use an old washcloth-dunk in the water and don’t squeeze out all the water–wipe the window with washcloth–redunk in bucket–squeeze most of waiter out– Then buff with paper towels. If the windows are really dirty– add a little more window cleaner in bucket of water–use wetter washcloth—final wipe should be with really squeezed out washcloth in order to save on paper towels. Remember to scrub a little with the washcloth. Straight Windex is not ad good as this treatment. Try it. It has made my window cleaning so much easier and much faster. We all need that.

  93. First THANK YOU for the great advice. After reading most of the comments I too was skeptical of trying this out. However I can’t stand the work I put into cleaning just to see the streaks.
    We have new windows. Checked and Marvin says clean with soap. I cleaned one window first on a cloudy day. Could not see any streaks. I used a warm bucket of plain water to wet the window first (we have Hard water/ no softener). Then I used 1 Tbsp of Gain dishsoap and 1 Tbsp of Jet dry put into small container. Let dry a bit then wiped down with dry micro cloth. Saw NO streaks so I moved on to the other windows and doors. A bee in my bonnet and the windows got done. I feel this method could also work inside the house. Will have to try it out. So far VERY happy with the results. Thanks for all you do.
    Jerril in Minnesota

    • Hi Jerril!

      You are welcome, I’m so happy to hear you had such great results cleaning your windows! Now you have some time to do something much more enjoyable than cleaning windows. Enjoy, Tracy

  94. Hi there, Not to sure if anyone has tried this lint free idea using newspaper to wipe your windows with windex or a mixture of vinegar and water. It works great no lint and no streaks great on windows and mirrors

  95. I used it today and it worked great! I live in a 2 story house. I used the liquid laundry soap from Costco (not dishwashing soap) and Jet Dry . I applied it with a spray bottle that reached two stories up and then blasted it with my hose. I squeegeed the bottom windows with a Bee Mop and the soap solution. The BeeMop helped loosen the dirt. The upstairs windows are fine (the ones I just sprayed- no mop). A bit of dirt left but that’s because I didn’t wipe it at all. 100% better than before! The trick is to rinse it well.

  96. cynthia snyder says:

    Hey. Just to make sure, and I think I know the answer, but your picture is of dish soap but your description says laundry detergent. Is it supposed to say dish soap?

  97. Did not work for me. It left streaks down the window. I tried to add more jet dry to see if that would help but no good. Back to paper towels.

    • Nancy,

      I’m so sorry this didn’t work well with your windows. Some people have found that using this method works better when the sun is not shining directly on the windows. It gives the jet dry more time to sheet off the excess water. Thanks for following us and leaving your comment! Tracy

  98. what could I use instead, I live in Australia & have never heard of Jet Dry or Dawn dish washing liquid.

    • Heather,

      Can you get Dawn dish washing liquid and Jet Dry from Amazon? If not, I would try a good Australian brand of dish washing liquid and rinse aid liquid and see if it works for you. I hope you can find some similar products there and give it a try, cleaning windows this way saves so much time! Good luck, Tracy

  99. Works great! Thank you for the great pin.

  100. I tried this on new construction sliders and it worked very well. The only thing that I noticed is that where labels had been glued to the outside of the window, those parts did not dry the same. Then I tried it again several months later, the results were terrible. It looked as if I has smeared something white all over the windows. I washed out the mop (microfiber fluffy mop) I had used to put the solution on the window, thinking maybe something was left on the mop to cause it to smear. And I used half the amount of Dawn But it did still not clean up the windows. I can ‘t understand why it worked so well the first time, and failed the second. Anyone else have this experience???? and how to overcome it????

  101. quisiera saber qué producto contiene el Jet Dry para buscar
    algo semejante en mi país, Argentina

  102. Disaster. 20 year old windows. Cleaned the old way last week by my wife. Tried this today Twitter ce. First time followed directions. Second time cut back on water, increased JetDry. Awful. Now the windows have water spots they did not have before. My wife isn’t speaking to me. Thanks a lot :(

    • Hi Mike,

      Sorry to hear that this put you in the dog house with your wife! Our goal is to help make things easier not harder. There are variables that change the outcome of results, the type of windows you have, if you have hard or soft water, the time of day you clean your windows etc. If you read through the comments you will find adjustments other readers have done to make this method work for them. Thanks for giving it a try and again our apologies it didn’t work for you. Best, Tracy

  103. OH MY GOSH!!! This is THE best window cleaner I have ever tried! So easy, inexpensive and amazing results! I even used it inside the house (without hosing it off of course! ;)) and just wiped it off with a clean terry cloth towel. AMAZING!!! This is all I will ever use again. Give it a try- you wont be dis-appointed.

    • Hey Sheree,

      I’m thrilled this worked so well for you! I love having clean windows, especially when it takes so little time to get the job done. Hope you have a great day, Tracy

  104. I just tried this mixture with a spray bottle/paper towels on inside and outside windows. Wow! Have never seen my newer windows this shiney. Will definitely keep this for all windows, inside and out

    • Hey Barb,

      Yahooo clean shining windows are the best, I’m thrilled it worked so well for you! Thanks so much for following us and leaving your great comment, Tracy

  105. I use water, white vinegar and newspaper. That works great. But your solution looks interesting so I’ll try it! Thanks for sharing :)

  106. Would this work on mirrors? I have a terrible time getting mirrors clean

    • Hi Val, I haven’t used it on a mirror but my best guess is that it would work. I would love to know if you try it!

  107. I wonder if this would work on washing the car…..
    Wouldn’t that be nice instead of towel drying it…..

    • Hi Kathye,

      We are kindred spirits, I had the same thought! I would LOVE to skip towel drying the car after washing it. Have a great weekend, Tracy

  108. The Magic Way to Clean Windows is superb. We have 8 patio doors as well as tub and shower glass doors and to top it off we have approximately 12 feet of glass insert kitchen cabinets. Overwhelming to say the least, that is until I used your formula but using Dawn instead of other dishwashing and/or laundry detergent. The formula is a miracle as it works beautifully. Thank you. Indoors I used kitchen towels to catch the drips from the spraying. Just as a reminder to those who have had trouble with the formula, I found it essential to not wipe dry and let the drying take place on its own.

    • Hi Pauline,

      Thanks for your kind comment, made my day. I love hearing when this works for our followers. Now you have more time to do something more enjoyable than cleaning! Thanks for following us, Tracy

  109. nursevic says:

    Very excited to try this and VERY disappointed when this didn’t work at all. My windows looked worse than before I cleaned them. Very cloudy and streaky. My windows are not new they are 18 years old, it was a cool summer morning about 70 degrees, sunny. I used exactly the recipe.

    • Ni Nursevic,

      Sorry to hear this didn’t work well for you. Some followers have found cleaning their windows in full sunlight during the hottest time of day worked best. I’d suggest giving this a try and see if you get better results. Good luck, Tracy

  110. My husband and I just washed our windows with this recipe. It is AMAZING and we have 6 month old windows. I think maybe others should make sure to use Dawn and not laundry detergent?
    I quadrupled the recipe thinking we needed WAY more than we did. Next time, will just double it. And we washed all the screens with it too.
    I have always dreaded this job and put it off but our new house and view pushed me to get it done. So happy to have found this recipe! Thank you!

    • Hey Cindy,

      I’m so pleased to hear this worked so well for you and your husband. I too put off window washing, so much easier to get them clean with this method! Thanks so much for following us, Tracy

  111. I can’t imagine why this would not work, but has anyone tried this formula on skylights?

  112. You say to use laundry detergent, but show Dawn dish soap?? Maybe that’s the problem!?!

  113. You can use either liquid laundry detergent or dish soap. They both work!

  114. Just a follow up on the ‘water spot’ concerns from some previous comments. My solution is RAIN X, RAIN X, RAIN X!
    After washing your shower doors, mirrors or exterior windows, apply Rain X as instructed on the bottle. It eliminates water spots and reduces cleaning time. I use it on my exterior windows of the house in the spring, and it keeps them spot free until fall cleaning. I also use it on my stainless steel faucets to eliminate the water spotting that we all know, and on my bathroom mirrors it prevents water spotting and the fog-up after showering.

  115. The windows that had significant sheeting did super. Others just spotted. I added more jet dry, changed soap but to no avail. All windows were of the same manufacturer. Any other ideas? cj

  116. Hi CJ,

    Thanks for giving this a try, sorry to hear it didn’t work well for you. Some people have found cleaning their windows during the hottest time of the day worked best, while others found cooler temperatures were more effective. I’d suggest trying a different time of day and see if it helps. Best of luck, Tracy


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