Magnetic Strip for Hair Pin Storage

She won, and I missed it. My daughter swims competitively and when all the swimmers are wearing the same suits and same caps it is hard to figure out which child is yours. As a result, I missed one of her triumphs. Gratefully, she has done well more than once. And since then I have not missed it. Several parents bought their children a unique swim cap so it was easier to spot them. But, I don’t need to pull that hat out of the bag! I have learned to look for the “bump”. My daughter has a ton of hair. Even when it is short, she has a hard time keeping her swim cap on over that gorgeous mane of thick, curly hair. I just look for the “bump” created by her ponytail and then I know, that one is mine. Then I do the same silly thing that all parents and coaches of swimmers do. Cheer, and yell and whoop like crazy for my girl. If you think that is not just a little bit silly, I will let you in on a secret. They can’t hear you. She says she can hear general yelling, but nothing specific. Makes sense, she is under the water most of the time. That fact isn’t going to stop me. That’s my baby. I can’t help myself.To tame her mane she has her own bag of tricks. And hair pins are part of her repertoire. Until…we lose them all. Presumably a good portion of them make their way to the vacuum. It’s strange that when you don’t want to find them, they are everywhere, and when you do want to find them, they are nowhere. This pinterest tip has helped me hold on to them a little longer. I bought adhesive backed magnetic strips from Walmart. In each bathroom I put a magnetic strip in a drawer or cupboard. Then, when I find yet another pin, the magnetic strip for hair pin storage holds in place. It is convenient because the straggler pins are all over the house, and now there are convenient, hidden places to store them all over the house too. This Pin Rocks!

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  1. I figured using magnets would make it easy to grab the pin instead of rummaging around a cup… :)

  2. This is such a great idea. I have very thick hair, too, so I end up using lots of pins when I put my hair up…and then I take them out in random places at night and they get lost or played with by the cats…pretty sure I need to do this!! :)

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