Make a Bow Tie in 5 minutes

Hey guys! March sure is coming in like a lion at our house! We got struck by a white-out blizzard that totally messed up my entire week! Good thing I have tons of sewing projects to keep me busy, like how to make a bow tie in 5 minutes as a scrap buster project. I make these all during March for my friends’ kids for Easter. It’s a good time to stock up for the rest of the year. {You can see all these other fun bowtie inspiration: Littles Fashion on Pinterest.}

I attempted my first video tutorial for you guys here and although it’s very poorly done I think you’ll get the gist of how easy these bowties are.

How to make a bow tie in 5 minutes or less:


Just in case you want a quick visual, here’s the steps broken down
What you need:
Scrap fabric, cut to 6″x9″ and 2″x4.5″
3/8″ elastic cut to neck measurement
fabric tac
sewing machine
Carissa Miss: Make a bowtie in 5 minutes or less
1. Cut your fabric at about 6″x 9″ and another about 2″ x 4.5″
2. Right sides together sew the long strip together
3. Sew the hook and loop pieces of velcro to your elastic on opposite sides of the elastic
4. I use a zigzag stitch
5. Turn right side out and press, seam down the center
6. View of elastic with velcro on opposite sides so it closes in a circle
7. Fold in ends of long piece and glue with fabric tac
8. View of glued piece
Carissa Miss: Make a bowtie in 5 minutes or less
9. Fold in edges of small fabric piece and iron
10. Pinch larger piece in the middle and wrap the smaller piece around, trimming off extra.
11. Fold in edges and glue
12. Thread elastic through the front of the small piece and move to the top part of the back piece as shown in 13.

Put on that smooshy of your choosing and enjoy. Here are some other stash busting projects I love:

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