Pop Top Cans for Valentine’s

Okey dokey, today is Part Two from yesterday’s post.  We posted a yummy recipe for Zebra Caramel Corn and now we have a cute and easy way to package your popcorn to present as a gift.

Items needed:

Cans with a pop top lid

Valentine’s scrapbook paper

Coordinating ribbon

Tissue paper

Scissors and glue stick

Glue gun and glue

Most of the pop top cans that I use either have pineapple or mandarin oranges in them.  So make some kind of fruit salad but save the cans.  Don’t you feel good about re-purposing aluminum cans instead of tossing them?  I thought so.

When you initially cut open your can, DO NOT cut the top.  Cut the bottom but leave it attached just a teenie weenie bit and leave the top intact like this.  Remove the wrappers to get them ready for their new skin.  Take your valentine scrapbook paper and measure what size you will need for your can. Cut to fit making sure you have a little overlap so you can glue together.

After gluing on your paper, here is a free printable from Our Best Bites that you can glue on the front.  Isn’t it darling? “Just Popping through with a Valentine for You.”

Next take your pop top can and pour in some of your nummy Zebra Caramel Corn

Take your tissue paper and lightly put on top of your nummy caramel corn:

Next you gently close the bottom lid and hot glue it closed.Hang in there.  We’re almost done.  For the finishing touch, take some coordinating ribbon and carefully tie around the pop top ring and Voila!  A cute little popcorn themed Valentine’s gift.

These Valentine’s Pop Top Cans would make a great little gift for teachers, neighbors or your BFF!

I am so excited to pass some of these out and also excited to report that This Pin Rocks!


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  1. Now this is a great idea for just about any small gift, edible or not. Great way to repurpose and easy. I never thought to keep the lids/bottom and then gluing shut. Many of my friends have pets, and I always give them treats for various holidays. This would work. The can’s contents and decorations could be endless.

  2. Hi Nanette, You are right. The possibilities are endless. I try to keep these cans handy so I can grab them at a moments notice when I need to give a gift. I’m glad you liked the idea and thanks for stopping by!

  3. What a cute idea! I’ll have to start remembering to open my flip top cans from the bottom and saving them!

    • Hi Jillian! I have made this a couple of times now. Whenever I make something out of a pop top can, I just set the can aside underneath my sink until I need it for gift giving. You will love it!

  4. Great ideas! thank you for sharing.

  5. What an excellent ideas! Since Feb. 14 is a day of dating and giving gifts to love ones then this will be the perfect gift to give.


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