Pretty Summer Feet Care

If you are like me, you ignore your feet for the winter. When spring hits and it’s time to wear sandals, I look at my feet and think “ugh”, I can’t been seen in sandals with feet that look like this! I have two options. One is to pay a small fortune for an expensive salon pedicure or two, use a home remedy to get my feet looking great for flip flop season.

I’ve seen both of these methods on Pinterest and always wondered if either worked at all or if one worked better than the other. Let’s get testing!

Method #1 Listerine and Shaving Cream

Put  shaving cream on the bottom of your feet.

Mix equal portions of very warm water and Listerine. Soak a hand towel in the Listerine and water mixture. Wrap around your feet and soak in mixture for 30 minutes.

I somehow managed to delete the picture with my daughters foot wrapped in a hand towel soaking in water and Listerine. Please use your imagination here! You will know we really did this when you see her after picture below!

After 30 minutes rub your feet with the towel and some of the calloused skin should come off.


Here is our after picture. As you can tell my daughter has a BLUE foot! About half of it came off with one cleaning. She is headed to a swim party tonight and I’m pretty sure the chlorine from the pool will remove the rest of blue color and she will not come home with a Smurf foot. She mentioned that her foot was tingling and burned slightly while it was soaking. She said “it didn’t hurt but it didn’t feel good”. Her left foot was softer, smelled fresh and minty. Did it remove some of the dead calloused skin? A little but not very much. Sorry to say that good old Listerine and shaving cream for calloused feet…….

Is a Flop!

Let’s move on to our next method, Epsom Salt and Vaseline. This pin comes from How – Living Well Articles.

  1. Mix 1/4 cup Vaseline with 2 cups Epsom Salts. Set aside to use later.

Here is how it looks mixed together.

  1. Pour 1 cup Epsom salt into 3 cups water and soak feet for 30 minutes.
  2. Scrub with Vaseline and Epsom salt scrub. Some of the calloused skin should come off.



As you can tell from the before and after photo from above at least half of the calloused skin was removed from the left heal/foot. We used cocoa butter scented Vaseline, so not only did this method remove dead skin and soften the foot, it also smelled like cocoa butter! What do you do to remove all of the calloused skin? Use this method first and then get out your pumice stone to finish the job! Then it is important to moisturize your feet on a regular basis to avoid calloused feet in the future. If you are like me, you will forget to moisturize your feet on a regular basis. Which means each spring you will need to use this method to get your feet pretty for sandal season. Good thing…….

This Pin Totally Rocks!

For a great healing foot balm, click HERE!


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  1. I always wonder about those pins. Thanks for trying them out and sharing!

    • Susu,

      You are welcome! We love finding out if a pin will or will not work. Thanks for commenting. Tracy – The Middle Sister

  2. Great post – very unique tips and much needed because I think foot health is an ignored aspect of healthy living and taking care of yourself.

    • Ryan,

      Thanks for your kind comment. I always feel better about myself when my feet feel and look good! Tracy – The Middle Sister

  3. Skin hydration is important. It is helpful in rejuvenating the skin. Thank you for sharing on skin cleansing. It removes the skin dirt.

    • Allen,

      This post was really fun to do and I learned a lot! Skin hydration is a part of my regular routine. Thanks for stopping by! Tracy (the middle sister)

  4. Search listernine and vinegar footsoak on Pinterest……it worked amazing for me and my feet are nightmare

    • We love hearing the experiences of our readers. Thanks for sharing yours. We may have to do another foot soak run!

  5. Thanks for these tips. I was told by a doctor the best cure for athletes foot and nail fungus is to soak nightly in vinegar and water every night for two weeks. much cheaper than all those creams and nail polishes.

  6. I think you’re supposed to use the plain ol’ original Listerine. The gold colored one? So you’re feet don’t turn blue. I tried this method and it didn’t work for me. I’ll try the other one you have posted here :)

    • Hi April!

      Yes gold Listerine would have been a better choice, but of course we didn’t think of it until after we had tried the blue Listerine. We would love to hear how the other method works for you, thanks so much for commenting! Hope you have a great week! Tracy (the middle sister)

  7. I have really majorly calloused feet complete with cracks that go as deep as 1/2 inch. I did the following. 1/4 cup Listerine, 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar, 1/2 cup very warm water. Soak for 10 minutes per foot. The container I use will only fit one foot at a time. So I used a pumice stone on the one I’d just soaked while the other foot soaked. After the first treatment, the cracks were closing up. I didn’t see callouses “wipe off” but they weren’t as bad. By the second treatment, the cracks are closed & the excess callouses could be trimmed off. I moisturize with Jergens Ultra Healing.

    I’ve fought with this issue for 20 years but since we moved to the desert, it’s gotten really bad. I’ve tried every treatment I come across to fix my feet. At the point I tried this I was physically unable to walk without being in extreme pain. Since that first soak, I have not had pain when walking. Whoo-hoo!!

    • Robin,

      Thanks so much for sharing your foot soak solution, I think I will try the Listerine with the apple cider vinegar and update the post. I sure hope I get the same results that you do! Great to hear that you found some relief from your severe foot pain. Have a great week, Tracy (the middle sister)

  8. I have tried both of these but what I found worked best is listerine and epsom salts in warm water, soak for 10 minutes and I noticed quit a bit of dead skin roll off then used a pumice stone…just another idea for those that want to try…thanks for posting the results :)

    • Hi Jayne,

      My feet are ready for a Pedicure, I’ll try the Listerine and Epsom salts, I would love to see quite a bit of dead skin roll off when I use a pumice stone! So glad you are one of our followers, thanks for commenting! Tracy (the middle sister)

  9. The Listerine method worked well for me when I followed it with a pumice stone. However, my unexpected reaction to this method is that on all uncalloused areas, I broke out in a painful, itchy rash that lated a few days! I would not suggest this method for sensitive skin or be very carefull to ONLY get it on calloused areas!

    • Hi Jackie!

      Thanks for the tip about being careful when using Listerine if you have sensitive skin. We love it when our readers share their experiences and advice with us! Have a great day – Tracy

  10. Just to share a extra, really simple, step that works wonders for me, apply Vaseline and immediately put socks on, at least three nights a week, to achieve a super soft deep moisturizer results. Before I had to do a lot of work to obtain ‘ok’ results from my pedicures, just because I keep squiping the daily moisturizing step, since I read this super simple tip, I have “sandals ready feet” at all times, and I just do a quick pedi every couple of weeks.


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