Shaving Cream Marbled Easter Eggs

How many posts should I have on coloring Easter eggs the week before Easter? Eggsactly 2! Earlier this week I posted about Kool Aid colored Easter eggs, today is all about shaving cream colored eggs. It’s no wonder kids would love to color eggs this way. Shaving cream has such a soft fun feel. I remember when I was a teenager I loved to steal my Dad’s shaving cream and use it to shave my legs. His was the kind that came out as a gel and you had to rub  a little for it to change into shaving cream form. Funny how it never bothered me that I smelled like a man on those days!  . My Dad would get so frustrated when he would find his can of shaving cream almost empty. I always knew when he found it, because he would call me with both my first and middle name! Some things never change! It was about 5 years later that they came out with shaving cream for women to use. This pin was the first time I’d ever seen the concept of coloring eggs this way. Thank you Jamie at Hands on: as we grow for the great idea!

You will need:

  • Wooden or hard boiled eggs 
  • Shaving cream
  • 3 or 4 colors of liquid water or food coloring
  • Jelly roll pan or disposable pan
  • Paintbrush or pencil to swirl your colors
  • Tongs
  • Cooking cooling rack
  • Paper towels or wax paper for under the cooling rack to catch the paint drips
  • Towel to clean up messes
  • Apron or old shirt
  • Sealing spray (optional for wooden eggs)


Set your cooling rack up with paper towel or wax paper below

Fill a section of your pan with shaving cream – I did 3 sections, each section had two colors that gave us 3 different color combinations

Sprinkle several drops of each color of food coloring on the shaving cream

Swirl your shaving cream and food coloring. Don’t over swirl or the colors will mix too much and will not be as bright.Place your egg in the pan, and swirl the egg around until is is covered with colored shaving cream

If shaving cream becomes overly mixed just make another section and add food coloring and swirl again

Allow eggs to dry over night. Shaving cream will partially dry, leaving a nice mess that needs to be cleaned up.

Using a paper towel rub off the dried shaving cream from each egg.

Show your beautiful eggs off!

This was a fun way to do eggs. I asked Landon if he wanted to color his eggs with shaving cream this year. He thought the SC was very cool but still wants to color his eggs the old fashioned dip them in liquid way! I prefer the SC method . So… I’d have to say that….

This Pin ROCKS!

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  1. Lillian (My Recipe Journey) says:

    That is so cool! So you just wipe the shaving cream off…you don’t rinse it off? Can you still eat these eggs? I would love to try this! Great post!

    • The directions have you wipe off the shaving cream instead of rinsing. They are still moist the next morning. If you rinsed off the shaving cream I think the colors would not be as vibrant. I wouldn’t eat them, just to be on the safe side! They are a lot of fun to make.

    • Andrea Myers says:

      Use cool whip instead of the shaving cream if you want to eat the eggs. That’s what we did and it turned out pretty good. The cool whip stays moist so it wipes off pretty easy with a dry paper towel. My kids loved it…got to lick their “cream whip” fingers and everything!

      • Andrea,

        What a great solution, I never would have thought of cool whip instead of the shaving cream! Thanks for sharing with us, we will try this method out next year. Have a happy Easter, Tracy (the middle child)

  2. How awesome! Wish I had read this BEFORE Easter. LOL! I’ll have to pin this for next year! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Becky Heck says:

    Looks like fun. I think i will use the Cool Whip as I am taking the Devilled Eggs to our family Easter this year.

  4. Use hand blown eggs instead of boiled eggs…beautiful results…and no yucky flavor.
    Egg shells are porous and chemicals and flavors transfer into the white/yolk easily.

  5. What a great egg coloring idea.And the peeling with a spoon technique is amazing especially if it works on very fresh eggs. Has anyone tried it? You know how hard it is to peel a fresh egg. I LOVE PINTEREST !!!

    • Hi Shirley,

      We had a great time coloring our Easter eggs with this method. My sister Sherri did a post on peeling hardboiled eggs with a spoon, it worked great for her. So happy to have you following us, Tracy


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