My Wonderful Family

When I die I would like my headstone to read, “Her life was like one very long episode of “I Love Lucy”.  I love that show.  Lucy is so passionate that she can convince otherwise sane people to go along  with her crazy schemes. Suddenly, her plans go very differently than she intended, everything is a mess, and then it all ends well.  Really well. I can identify with that.  I am always getting myself into nutty situations, but somehow things turn out (I am mostly an optimist. I say mostly because sometimes I panic over what a mess I have created.).

In college, I met a man I fell for right away.  Okay, not right away.  At first I thought he was a stuffed shirt (That means I thought he was boring.  He thinks it means I thought he was stuck up.  Either way, it is an insult.). For months I thought that.  Then I got to know him. For a few minutes. That is all it took and I didn’t think that anymore.  Then I went on a date with him. That is all it took and I fell HARD.  Then I saw him EVERY DAY. For about three weeks.  Then I got  engaged to him. For about 4 months.  That is crazy fast, right!?! Then we got married.

One of the stories people most enjoy about us is our wedding day story.  On our wedding day things were very “I Love Lucy” like.   Here is the condensed version of some of the things that happened on our wedding day.  The train on my dress got all wrinkled, so I stayed up ironing it most of the night.  My husband’s car broke down on the way to the wedding.  The ceremony was perfect, and beautiful.  I passed out during pictures.  Our caterer was confused and thought the wedding was the next day, so they had all the food, but it was not prepared.  So we had Domino’s Pizza and Popeye’s Fried Chicken instead of canapes and finger sandwiches.  Why the weird combination?  Neither of establishment could put out enough food that fast and they were next door to each other, so we combined what they could put out as fast as possible.  We got lost on the way to our hotel.  Really lost.  Then the car broke down.  I was popping the clutch while my husband was pushing the car, and nothing worked. Some kind stranger gave us a ride to the hotel only to find out our room had been given away.  Apparently, there was a scout jamboree in town that needed last minute accommodations and since we were late, they gave our room away.  My husband was mad. The hotel clerk was kind of intimidated by him.  We got a better room at no additional charge.

People used to feel sorry for us when we would tell them the story.  They would say things like, “Awww! Your wedding day was ruined!”  Did you catch the one part that went well?  ”The ceremony was perfect and beautiful.”  We don’t feel like it was ruined.  It has been 20 years. 20 terrific years.  He stands by me with all my of my crazy schemes, and helps me put things back together when they don’t go the way I planned them.

We now have two wonderful kids.  Our son is a senior this year, and we are thrilled to see the man he is becoming.  But at the same time, I hate the thought this time in our lives with him coming to an end.  He plays the trumpet, loves to read, and keeps getting taller!

Our daughter is in middle school.  She loves to swim, swim, swim!  She loves to be in the water.  She also loves music and is often composing music on the piano or singing favorite songs from the radio.  She keeps getting prettier!

When I am not busy running a home, I love to read, spend time with family (especially outdoors, especially at the lake, especially water skiing, wakeboarding or tubing!), and cook.  If you love to cook you also love to eat.  I love to eat.  So you might see some cooking posts coming from me!  I also love to sew, but I never manage to get to it like I do my other hobbies. Time flies when you are having fun!  I am having a lot of fun….