Skeleton Fridge Magnet

How cute is this pin from Better Homes & Gardens?

All you need is white computer paper, black cardstock, scissors, tape and self adhesive magnet strips. The big question was will mine look at good as the one from BH&G?


Go to BH&G site, register with them (it’s free!) so you can download the free pattern. Then print it out on white paper. Cut out the pieces and glue them onto thick black cardstock; cut out again, leaving a small border of black cardstock around the pieces. Add self-adhesive magnet strips to the back of each piece and arrange on your fridge.

It took about 40 minutes to print, cut out and tape together. Then up on my fridge he went. Right away Landon (9) asked if he could “re-arrange” our skeleton. I told him to go for it! Next thing I see the skeleton is randomly spread out all over our fridge. I asked Landon what happened, his response one word…..tornado. Below are just some of the “poses” he has been in the past couple of days.

I wasn’t sure if this would turn out very cute. I was pleasantly surprised!  This was so easy that even I couldn’t mess it up. Our skeleton looks great which means……

This Pin Rocks!


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