Red Potato Salad

Are you looking for an easy Red Potato Salad recipe? My husband is NOT a picky eater.  He will eat my burnt grilled cheese sandwiches without a word.  He will eat my brownies even when they are overcooked and are as hard as a hockey puck.  Have I mentioned that I really love my husband? […]

Hawaiian Macaroni Salad Recipe

Hawaiian Macaroni Salad This week we are celebrating my little grandsons first birthday.  My daughter is part Tongan and her husband is Samoan.  So a Polynesian celebration is in order for this momentous birthday! A common Polynesian dish is Hawaiian Macaroni Salad.  They are often served in a Hawaiian Plate Lunch.  Have you heard of […]

Magic No Ammonia Way to Clean Your BBQ Grill

Household Ammonia…….some people have been using it for household cleaning for years and wouldn’t use anything else. It works wonders when used to clean stove burners, ovens and BBQ grills. What makes cleaning with household ammonia so wonderful? It does all the dirty work for you! (pun intended).  I love using ammonia to clean because […]

Cleaning BBQ Grills the Magic Way

My husband just told me that it is going to be in the eighties this weekend. I’m REALLY excited and ready for summer to officially arrive. Since summer is almost here, we spent last week getting the pool in tip top shape. Now we are ready to spend some time swimming and BBQing with friends […]

Spiral Hot Dogs

Who doesn’t go through the summer without having a barbecue? My son got married on Aug. 17th and with the many family and friends that were here to celebrate his upcoming marital bliss, (marital bliss….is that an oxymoron?  Not even going there!) a barbecue seemed just in order.  What a better time than to try […]